Monday, February 24, 2014


Well family... Starting with the sad news firstly... My best friend Elder Mangum is leaving me.. These past 3 months have been some of the greatest memories, learning experiences, and fun I have had in my whole life. I'm gonna miss my bud Elder Mangum.  I am going to be staying here in Tierra Amarilla and I'm District Leader and Training a new missionary coming to the mission. I leave tomorrow on a bus to Antofagasta ( 8 hours) to go pick up my kid. I am so excited for the opportunity to help some of the other Elders here in my Zone, show a good example to them, and also learn from my Zone Leaders, Elder McCusker and Elder Soto ( Studs ) . As a District Leader you teach a little class every Tuesday to the 8 missionaries in the District and also we go on transfers with the Zone Leaders to learn from them a few times a cambio, and transfers with the Elders in my zone. I couldn't be more excited for the things to come from this new opportunity and am humbled for what the mission President and the Lord wants from me. Lots of thoughts going through my mind. Very excited though. I will find out if my companion is Latin or Gringo on Wednesday when I'm in Antofagasta.

This past Saturday went perfect with the baptism of Luis José. Short, simple, and spiritual. Elder Mangum baptized him and the next day I gave Luis José the Holy Ghost. Elder Mangum and I finished strong to end our last week together with a baptism. I guess you could have called it a ¨Super Baptism¨ I´ll explain that in 2 years to you guys hahah. Luis José is awesome. There is nothing better than baptizing!!! 

More Bolivians came over from Bolivia to work here in Chile. So we have some more Bolivian investigators. 1 who is really good is Juan Pablo. He is the cousin of Andres who we recently baptized. Juan Pablo came to the baptism of Luis José and also came to church the next day. He is very very interested and with the help of our recent converts Andres, Lizzeth, and Luis José it will help Juan Pablo a ton of making his decision to maybe one day get baptized. We are getting poured with blessings like him! Just as it seems we are running out of investigators to teach more come into our path. I honestly CAN'T DENY the help of the Lord. So many tiny miracles happen daily. It amazes me and couldn't be more humble with what we are seeing here in Tierra Amarilla. 

We get tested every once in a while though. The mission isn't all flowers and butterflies hahah. The other day we left the pension at 4 and tried getting into a house for 6 hours.... with no luck hahaha even our Mamita was busy. Days like that humble you and it's like baseball. You gotta have a short term memory. Some games you might go 0-4 with 4 strikeouts but your team still wins. It's like here. Sometimes we can't find a single person that wants to listen to us but yet we're still on the winning team. You just gotta shake it off and go onto to the next day and look at the positives. My feet got a real good workout that day haha. I love the mission baby!!!!!!!!!! 

This Past P Day we went to the mine where ¨The 33 Miners¨ happened. When the 33 miners were stuck underground for 73 days and it was like a national thing.... We went there and took some pictures. It was very cool to learn more of the history of what has happened here in our awesome town of Tierra Amarilla and Copiapó Chile. They are filming a ton of scenes from the movie here in Tierra Amarilla. And a few of the Members from our Branch are gonna be in it. In 2 years when we watch it together I´ll show you the streets I walked on and the people I taught hahah. Tierra Amarilla is famous :) 

I don't got much more to say other than how excited I am to train a new missionary (Hopefully a Latin to help with my Spanish) and also to learn from the other 8 Missionaries in my District and Zone as District Leader. I am humbled and confident of what's ahead of me. But like I said before, I am going to miss my best friend Elder Mangum. Such a stud missionary. Never saw him sad, upset, trunky, or anything negative. He is thee example of a missionary I strive to be. And working along side him for the past 3 months was the greatest time I have had. Seeing the change in the branch, seeing many of our friends change with the decison for baptism. I will never forget this time I had with Elder Mangum. We are gonna see each other again. When I'm in the stands at the Universtity Of Utah game against BYU. Him as quarterback and me yelling our funny Spanish phrases at each other hahaha. Gonna miss the kid. Not much more to say. Lots of strange feelings at this time. But the Lord will be with me. That I do know. Love you all so much! 

Con Amor Elder Paxman

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear John...

Pretty Tranquilo week. It was the week of Stake Conference so Saturday and Sunday we were in Copiapó in the Stake Center enjoying hearing great, spiritual talks from our beloved studs of the Stake Presidency. I love seeing good members of the church that fulfill their callings. It's hard to find here. All 35 of the missionaries here in Copiapó sang in a little choir during the Saturday session of Stake Conference. I'm not the best singer but hey... it's okay... you still love me... I hope... On Thursday we had a talent show in our little branch. We had an alright turn out. About 30 people came. Elder Mangum and I sang A Childs Prayer hahah 2 grown men singing a Primary song... But hey it was fun. Elder Carreon rapped hahah Freaken Carreon silly guy..... We did a few more little acts with our Mamita and their family. It turned out really well. It's always good to have a little fun and laugh a little. Show the people that we're not all spiritual all the time.

Luis José (18) is all good for this weekend for his baptism. He is the brother of Andrea and Lizzeth, who recently got baptized. We were planning on 2 baptisms this weekend... But Osvaldo needs a little more time.... Pucha... But Lu Jo is super pumped and has been hearing the lessons for the past 2 months... You can tell he just wants to be baptized already hahah. I love the kid such a dope guy.... Soooo funny. We are super excited to finish off the transfer with a baptism! There is nothing better!!!!!! We have a few other investigators who are progressing towards hopefully a fecha for baptism in March. Christopher, who has been to church twice and also a baptism yet we haven't been able to have a lesson with him... hahaha People here work in the grapes... They like box the grapes up and they do it ALLLL DAY.. They work so long so for Christopher its pretty tough to find him. Marcelo didn't believe in God when we first started talking to him, finally said his first prayer!!!!!!!!!!!! So crazy how some of the basic things we do everyday is so strange to others. It was such an awesome feeling hearing him pray. He even said Amen after our prayer for the first time in 2 months!!! We couldn't help but smile. It is so awesome see the progress day by day that we are helping people make. Can you believe that 19-20 year old kids have such an influence on people, usually older than us, that they actually do what we say!!!! It would be impossible if we didn't have the spirit... I love the Holy Ghost!!!!!!!!! I love the Mission!!!!!! 

I will give all of you a brief schedule of what we do here in our Mission! Its a little different than any other mission in the world because Chileans are a little lazy so we go out an hour later than normal places. 

7:30 am  We wake up, say our prayers
7:40 - 8:10  We work out
8:10 - 9:00  We shower, eat breakfast, get ready for the day
9:00 - 10:00 Personal study (Right now I'm reading the Book of Mormon)
10:00 - 11:00 Companionship study, (Freaken Elder Mangum... Gonna miss him)
2:00 - 3:00  Lunch Time (Every Chilean is eating lunch at this time so its impossible to teach)
3:00 - 4:00  Spanish Study because now the Chileans are taking their daily nap... Silly Chile
10:30 - 11:00 Plan for the next day
11:00 - 11:30 Relax, eat a snack, talk, write in journal, prayers
11:30 Bed Time


Nothing like the mission baby!!!! I love it. Love you all. I'm happy. I pray a lot for yal. Be happy too.
 Elder Peck Completed a Year, As Tradicion you gotta burn a shirt.
 Luis José is the one in the Blue, and Lizzeth the girl next to me. They both came to Stake Conf.
 Ice cream and bread don't go too well together

Elder Paxman

Monday, February 10, 2014

We Have Been Born as Nephi of Old

Ayyy Loco, Estoy Disfrutando mi Tiempo Acá Con Elder Mangum, No Hay Ningún Lugar como La Misión. Me Encanta Y No Quiero Irme. VIVA CHILE!!!

All is well here in Tierra Amarilla. Pretty low key week. Lots of emotions, ups and downs... But hey life goes on. The biggest news that's happening here right now is that here in Tierra Amarilla - Copiapo They are filming a new movie called Los 33. About the 33 miners that got trapped a few years ago in the mine. I guess it's huge or something like the other day someone saw Antonio Banderes buying a swimming suit and a water bottle.... There are a lot of big names that are gonna be in the movie. Maybe it's just the Chileans making a big deal about nothing like always but who knows. You guys know more than me. But ya that's cool, Go Tierra Amarilla! 

Sad news, Dalmer.... Our stud Bolivian notified us last Friday that he is going back to Bolivia tomorrow.... NOOOOO DALMER NOOOOOO He wasn't able to finish up his papers to become legal here so the government or whoever is sending him to Iquique (more Northern Chile) To finish his papers to get him legal than he is gonna go back to Bolivia to look for a better job.... Super super sad news. Especially because he was progressing sooooooooo well towards his baptism on the 22nd. He has been to church about 5 or 6 times and has stayed all 3 hours every time.... He was so excited about his baptism. We got his email and phone number for when he is in Bolivia so we can help him get him to church - Meet the missionaries there. I'm sure they will love having a perfectly prepared potential priesthood holder walk up to them telling them he wants to get baptized ha ha. Dalmer is such a stud. I will send a pic. It was hard talking about leaving for him just cause he has grown to love the church, members, and Elder Mangum and I a ton. Seeing a grown man tear up while talking to him really shows what this gospel does to people. Changes for the better! We know that Dalmer will be baptized one day. Just frustrating we couldn't be here to see that awesome moment in his life. The Lord does things for a reason. I will keep you updated on Dalmer later on in the mission.

I wish I could explain in detail the difference you can see in our little Rama. About 6 months when Elder Mangum arrived here there weren't too many people with callings other than the Branch President. But with lots of diligence President Castillo and also our substitute, President Zarate right now, while President Castillo is on vacation, have really started giving our recent converts - Members opportunities to serve, We now have basically every organization with a president and a counselor Wooot Woooot. I'm sure the people in church are getting tired of having us missionaries teach Gospel Principals, Young Mens and Womens, Sunday School, and Priesthood hahaha. Now with teachers and presidents we're hoping people will enjoy the classes more haha. Nah but I like teaching. It helps my Spanish and teaching skills. 

I still dread the thought of lunch everyday... People just make fun of me cause I never finish my plate... IT'S NOT MY FAULT MY STOMACH IS THE SIZE OF A 3 YEAR OLD GIRL..... One of the members in our branch has a 4 year old daughter and she finished her completo (hot dog) and I couldn't.... Silly Paxman.... But hey! Yesterday I finished so props to me! I´ll keep yal informed on my progress ;)

We have been teaching this guy named Marcelo for the past 2 months. At first he didn't believe in God or Jesus Christ. With our visits weekly you have seen a marvelous change in him. He say that he loves how he feels when we read the scriptures and talk about the gospel. He has quit smoking, drinking, and going to the club. He said he went the other day but had the temptation to smoke so he went home!!!!!!! WOOOO Go Marcelo... Ever since we have started teaching him he has always said, "when I feel ready to go to church I´ll go...." We visited him on Saturday and he said, "tomorrow I'm going to church" and HE WENT..... Everyone usually just lies to us so they don't hurt our feelings about going to church ... Silly Latins.... But he came and loved it. Go Marcelo! I love seeing people change for the best. You can't see this change any other place quite like here on the mission! There are countless of other small stories where we see small miracles everyday! I love the mission. 

Yesterday it was missionary Sunday. All 4 of us gave little talks in church and also sang a musical number. We sang We´ll Bring The World His Truth. First and 3rd verses in Spanish and 2nd and 4th in English... The members liked that hahah It was fun. We didn't practice but it went so well basically cause my comp has the voice of an angel..... Freaken Mangum.... Gotta Love him hahaha. The people clapped after the song.... You can tell it's been a while since someone has given a musical number in the branch.... hahah. I gave my talk on how we can be the happiest people in the world. Chase showed me his insight on this so I read 4 Nephi vs. 16 and explained that with doing those things (the exact things in our gospel ) we can be the happiest people in the world. Then I read the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15 vs 3-7. I explained how we are here to BAPTIZE! As members, as missionaries and even as people who aren't part of the church. We are here to help people make these sacred covenants and find that lost sheep and put it on your shoulders and carry it home. My talk was short and sweet and the other 3 missionaries tore it up as well. The song was the best part. Everyone crying and stuff. That's the best feeling when you can see people feeling the spirit so much that they cry! I love this church!!!!!!! 

It's getting a little more fresco outside. Not too much sun and heat... Still a lot but it's livable at least :) I eat granola and yogurt with bananas every morning for breakfast.... It never gets old :) We are in the work of the Lord. He will never let us down If we give it our all. The Church is true and the only one on the earth that has EVERY part restored like it was in the time of our Savior, Jesucristo. Love you all. Haz Lo Justo!

Elder Paxman