Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Livin on the Moon

What a week.... There`s too much to say... Y Tengo Flojera to write yal errything that happened, Entonces Pucha po... Cachai....

I could name this week, week of miracles. Small miracles. Big miracles. It's all the same for me. It's just another brick added to my testimony... Brick? I don`t know why I used brick as an analogy but I guess it works... jajaj. My testimony grows day after day of this work, of this gospel, of my family, of my future... Words can`t explain it. 

Alejandra Ortiz. One of my most favorite families here in the sector of Las Arenas. She has the heart the size of my mom`s heart. Thee most thoughtful, loving, unselfish person to us missionaries. She has been meeting with missionaries for exactly 1 year. She is convive (Living with her Partner) and he is still technically married (very very common here in Chile) His Wife-Ex Wife-Confusing situation hasn`t wanted to sign the divorce papers, so he was needing to pay a giant fee of like 6 Millones de Pesos (About 12,000 Dollars) which obviously he couldn`t in order for him to get divorced and then Get married to Alejandra and then Alejandra could get baptized.... She is converted. Comes to church every week, (except for the weeks she gets lazy and sleeps but that's okay I don`t blame her too much) She was a huge believing evangelica (I don`t know what that is in English). But now adores the missionaries for what they have taught her. I'm just another missionary who was blessed to get to know such a prepared person. Juan (her partner) has a little trouble with smoking, As an inactive member for many years, he has the will to come back, we have been joking around of when he will stop smoking every time we go over, I hide his cigarettes and stuff like that. This past week, Juan received a call from him Wife-Exwife asking him why they don`t just get divorced already.... Tears came into his eyes when he told us this, He said thee most spiritual prayer, Thanking God for the Miracle to Soften the Heart of his Ex Wife... Alejandra is now soooo excited to finally after 13 years of Living together, Get married with Juan, they have a 16 year old son, Fabian who is a stud, Recent Convert and a 5 year old, Patty. The Day we went over for them to tell us the great news, Juan Handed over his last pack of cigarettes to me and I handed him the rest of my sunflower seeds, Thee greatest switch I could have ever made. He committed to never smoke again and prepare so he can baptize his wife in the upcoming months. A miracle. I love that family. I will never forget that night! The sunflower seeds have helped him these past few days and now has 3 days without smoking and the urge to smoke hasn`t been too strong. I love them. and I love our father in heaven for making all that happen. Softening the heart of the Ex Wife. 

Dayanna said the opening prayer in sacrament meeting. I was a proud missionary that day. So spiritual and ready.

I have become a professional at receiving personal revelation 5 minutes before I have to give a talk in sacrament meeting because one of the people didn`t show up who was prepared to speak... I love that about the mission. I could talk about this gospel for days. I spoke about all of you guys :) I love my family and the examples I have. People like hearing I have 12 Siblings, even though not all are blood, I still tell people I have 12 Siblings haha. 

We saw another great miracle, (Sorry I'm running out of time, I won`t be able to tell you everything) Lets just say, offering service and helping build an addition to a new families house was able to soften their hearts to come to church, and the Dad asking us, When Can I Get Baptized? Such an awesome family. He has to get divorced and married as well... Go figure. But It was awesome to see that family of 3 come to church with us. And P.S. I'm a baller constructor. I have a good future in Construction ;) 

Today we hiked up the highest mountain here in Antofagasta. Overlooking the whole city. I literally live on the moon. Thee driest desert in the world. But it's so gorgeous! I love Antofagasta. 

That's all the time I got Family. I'm happy. Cambios this upcoming week, They call us on Saturday, so we will see what happens. I have 6 months in my sector so its possible que me voy.

Love yal with all my heart. Mom you are an angel.

Elder Paxman


Monday, October 20, 2014

Dayanna's Baptism

The baptism went great.. After a little drama that is better left un said, Abraham baptized his girlfriend Dayanna. Abraham is a total stud, preparing for the mission and has changed completely these past few months was able to have the opportunity that not a lot of people have, to baptize his girlfriend. The baptism was very spiritual and the whole family of Dayanna Jaime was able to come. Literally everyone. The Sacrament room was full of Non members. Dayanna bore a strong testimony where tears fell testifying of how she knows her family as well will accept this message. The Mom and Dad will come around so that her other siblings will be able to be baptized. The parents are the key, the baptismal service was great, zero distractions. I was a proud missionary that day. Dayanna had asked me to give her the Holy Ghost on Sunday. I will never get old of feeling the power of giving someone such a marvelous gift.... I have so much love for her family, Its hard for me to express. Great Weekend. 

Daily we are finding more and more and really trying to pick out the Elect and prepared. Chile is a great place to Find people to teach, The People are very loving. At times. Its just all about being able to discern who really wants to progress or will Progress. 

The Sector is getting better, We have a few more families that are showing more interest and Are committed to coming to church in these next few days. Our Companionship goals for the Cambio are in the process of being completed. We are working very hard to complete them. 2 Baptisms in the zone was great this week but The zone showed really low Lessons with Members lessons. It just seems like They like taking the easy way, Which is the Other Lessons without finding an Hermanador. We now have our 4 Families that are showing the most potential with Their Hermanadores and their plan to conversion. The Other families we have we have in mind and our Following your guidance and praying who could be their Hermanadores, so soon every Investigator that we have will have that plan of conversion. Its working well, but will only get better. 

For the past few weeks we have been planning a Family History Class, We have an Hermana in charge of the Family History in our ward, We set a date and a time where she could come to the church, we had a bunch of Tables set up Where the members-Non members would bring their Laptops (If they had one, If not we had a table set up with the Computer of a member of the church) And the Hermana would go around and First help them fill our their ¨Mi Familia¨ Folleto and after help them set up their account on FamilySearch. The planning was great, the Bishop announced it the week before, we reminded all the members throughout the week and were doing Contacts with cualquier gente for them to get to know more of their antepasados. All of our Investigators as well. The time came for the Activity and Lamentablemente No one showed up til about 30 Minutos then slowly about 45 minutos there was only 4 people.... We were a little sad and upset that no one came, but the Hermana was helping those who came, 2 Jovenes Recent Converts and 2 Investigators. At about 8:00 p.m Elder Boullangguer and I decided to go outside and do some street contacts while the other Elders Helped inside with the class and those who wanted to know more. After a few Rejections of Inviting people in to our Activity Someone agreed to come in and see. Al Tiro we left out side of the church again, And saw the Lord bless us with our Faith of Jumping out of the Boat and another person coming home from work decided he would love to take part in the Activity for a few minutes. Although it was very basic what We decided to do in a moment of Saddness after very little people coming to our Activity, we were able to see the Lord Bless us in helping 2 New People, That we wouldn't have meet if we would have trudged around the church all sad, get to know the church and FamilySearch. Tender Mercy. Although there was only 8 Or so People in the whole Activity, I call it a success from the Testimony I received In not ever giving up, and those 8 People Really enjoyed the Class. Cool Experience.

As we were walking in the streets yesterday after a Giant Classic Soccer game from La U and Colo Colo, 2 Chilean Soccer teams, I once again realized how much Chileans love soccer. Colo Colo and La U is like The Yankees vs. Red Sox except Times is by 300... Many Beer Bottles were dodged on our interesting journey back to the Apartment... Don´t worry Im protected. We hurried home after the game. 

I had the amazing priveledge (Privaledge , Privelege ... You know what I mean) to read the talk from Lawerence E. Corbridge, The Fourth Missionary. Famous amongst all missionaries and its my 6th or so time reading it. This time reading it, a few lines really hit me.. Im at the point where I can´t not be the 4th Missionary... and to be 100% honest I still fell like a 3rd missionary at times... It kills me to say that, But I will have to make some changes to become where I know is possible to become. That's the point of life, A quote i loved from Lawerence E. Corbridge was 

´´To Believe that weakness and Dificiencies in your character are unchangeable is to reject the central truth of the plan of Salvation´´ 
Im getting there. I'm on my way. I'm not there yet but I know I will get there. I honestly feel and admire the prayers I receive. Every single small one of them. 

That's what we are asking in every house we enter.. A change in them... Whether it be a change in the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, or even saying a prayer when you wake up in the morning. We preach the Plan of Salvation, We preach change and Repentance and Faith. I love nothing more than to see change. This past week, I was able to see a change in an Investigator who we have been teaching for 5 months... A change for the good, Baptism is around the corner for her... She´s just in a rough situation with her Partner that doesnt want to get married. But Change is good. The Church is all about Change... Think about what you need to do to change. I love you all so much

Con mucho Amor 
Elder Paxman Tomen Suerte

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Como Estay!!!!!!!!! Familia espero que todo este bien allá en Gringolandia (America, Chilean Style). 
Well I feel like it should be known to all that I received my first Email from a woman other than my mom, sister, or Grandma in over a year... I am taken off guard.... ¿what do I do?.... Jk I still got it ;) #AintNoHollerBackGirl 

The baptism will be going down this week. Its been a long wait but I will give you more of the details next week on how it all went. I'm so ready to see a baptism... This mission is hard when they don´t come like you want them to. But The Lord knows more than I do so I should just shut my mouth. Day in and day out I gain a stronger testimony that this is HIS work... I will remember these experiences the rest of my life. 

Today I got burnt... That's not a good sign... That means that summer is just around the corner... I remember last summer in Tierra Amarilla.... Not a fun time here in the Atacama Desert, hottest desert in the world... Pray for my Gringo skin please... Sun block will be applied multiple times a day.... #AntofagastaOZoneLayerThatDoesn´tExist

I'm the most blessed person in the world. I ask daily Why me? In everything I see go down here in the North of Antofagasta.... It gets ugly... I will spare the details for the sake of my worried mother... Let's just say the Lord protects missionaries. Keep praying for me and these people. Their living situation gets me every time I walk into a new house. I love these Chilean people and the Columbians, Peruvians, and Bolivians that are here in Antofagasta. Misión Chile Antofalumbia #ColumbianSwag 

We had some really solid Lessons this past week. We were able to enter lots of houses. Find some New Investigators, Challenge some people to get baptized, get rejected at times (But that's okay), and really just help people repent of what they are doing in their lives. It's amazing amazing amazing to go out of a lesson with a 60 year old couple that just committed to stop drinking tea and coffee for a week to see how they feel.... People get touched by the spirit and actually accept to follow Jesus Christ. I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE. Thee best part of the mission. I love completing my purpose to invite others to come unto Christ I love seeing the repentance process work in these investigators. It's truly the Lord's work. 

God is giving me the trials to learn and become better. I love these trials and receiving the strength to overcome them. I am so blessed. I like my comp, he´s a cool guy. He likes to itch himself but I just laugh and we have a good time. We are working good together. I was able to do some intercambios with some stud missionaries, one who recently got here less than 2 weeks ago. Poor kid. I remember those struggling times. But we had a great talk and we got each other animated to become better and put more of an effort here in the mission. Intercambios are thee best. An Elder just got to my zone that signed at Salt Lake Community College for Baseball and is looking to play at The U... We became instant Best Friends. He´s like 6 foot 7 and throws 92 MPH. We had our fun talking about baseball... Oh the good times. 

I'm focused. We are overcoming some big big challenges with some of our investigators and problems with the Ward Leadership... That's never fun... but the investigators will come around soon. We are hoping and praying for some more prepared people in these next few days to appear in our path. I'm happy and working hard to the end. This is the best time of my mission. 

Les Amo Caleta 
Elder Paxman

The 50 dollar Chilean Sweats I bought (Deff worth it)
Elder Francis. Newbie in the mission 


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spiritual High

Wow.... I haven´t wept like this in my whole time here... Hearing about Chase running the marathon and what he went through, the support my amazing familia gave to him, and his determination really just hit me... 3 different times reading it hahaha. I can´t express my love and how proud I am to have a brother who is a straight G. I have watched the video you sent me of you finishing more than 7 times and I cry even more every time I watch it.... I'm weird I know. I'm a missionary so its okay... #SwaggyMissionaryAwkwardCrying My companion probably thinks my family died or something. I should probably tell him or something..  HE PUT THE TEAM ON HIS BACK. I love my big brother. Role model.

I would like to start this email to my close friends and great family members expressing the love I have for my Savior. I believe in prophets, seers, and revelators more than I have in my entire life. This last special Conferencia General as a missionary spoke to me, The 10 hours sitting in the Gringo room with my fellow Soldiars was thee most rewarding, uplifting, spirit filling, junk food eating, testimony cemented experience. I love this church. I believe in revelation. Many South America inhabitants and other parts of the world look at the church as a North American church, Una Iglesia Gringa, as the people here always say. Being able to hear 4 different talks in different languages (2 in Spanish Holler) was straight revelation to the prophet and the QOT12 Apostles. Too many talks to write about but I do invite all of you to go re listen- re read. These inspired men and women give us what we need to endure these next 6 months in this world that is being overtaken by the adversary. Something that Tad R. Callister taught me was that I need to start praying for my future wife ;) The Priesthood Session, President Eyring made me think about my Compañero Hno. Mark Draper who did just that, Take care of the Aaronic Priesthood. Being a Home teacher I don´t remember a month not visiting my families with him... It didn´t hit me til Saturday the revelation the Bishop received putting such a strong worthy priesthood holder with such a weak, on the edge Aaronic Priesthood holder... Thank you Mark Draper for helping me complete my Priesthood responsibilities. 

At the Start of the week I was privileged to be able to go to the Leadership Council to hear how the mission can apply the Saviors tools in our daily work to reach our goal of baptizing 240 monthly... I love those meetings with all my heart.. Our President, President Dalton is a servant of the Lord who has all the confidence in us... Even when some of us show a lack of that. He receives direct revelation. The Mission is on the right path with him behind the wheel steering us in the right direction. I love my President so much. I also love the Leadership Councils because I am blessed to see some of my best friends in the mission that I can only see once a month. My 2 best friends in the mission and in my life Elder Sargent along with Elder Mangum #GoUtes make my life so much more enjoyable. I am so blessed. 

The Familia Jaime is Mas o menos no mas.... The 2 daughters Barbara and Dayana are doing so great they both were able to attend Conferencia General and loved it. They will be getting baptized on the 18th of October. The Mom is going to be a little more work and without the mom, the 2 younger ones will not be baptized due to a high rate of inactivation without a parent. So we will wait and pray. The Mom is sooo good but is just nervous. We will give it our all with her. COME ON ALEJANDRA. Hector Figuroa didn´t miss any of the Conference either... He´s ready... We find out about his last divorce paper tonight. Divorce takes soooooo long here. 

I bought these sick new Chilean Fútbol Sweats for 50 Bucks today #YOLO I love Chile. I have no complaints about the people, food, culture, nothing.... absolutely nothing... except for the divorce process ;)

No regrets like my Boy Elder Mangum encouraged me this past week in a note that will be with me til the day I die. No regrets. My ex companion Elder Rogers is doing so good right now... Soo good... I love him. 

Elder Mason C. Paxman

Mision Chile Antofagasta (MCA)
My Group at Leadership Council (Sorry its a bit blurry)