Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bolivians and Baptisms

While all yal were watching a boring Super Bowl Game Mangum and I were out here in the North of Chile baptizing and confirming 2 new people into the church baby!!! I have it better ;) Honestly we can see the hand of the Lord giving us blessings and miracles. We couldn't be happier with the changes and new people that are being handed to us. The baptismal service went perfect. Baptisms should be simple, short, and spiritual. And that it was. Elder Mangum baptized Lizzeth (I have been spelling her name wrong this whole time) and I baptized Andrea. They both have been waiting for that day for a month and a half and were super super excited when it finally came. Lizzeth took out her tongue ring before entering the font, and as she set it down it fell down the drain at the top of the font hahaha IT'S A SIGN!!! She knew she shouldn't be wearing it but now she can´t wear it cause it's gone hahaha. The Lord helped her out with that one a little bit.

Lizzeth is 19 years old and has talked with the sister missionaries in Copiapó about doing visits with them. She has such a strong desire to serve a mission! Her and Andrea were planning on going back to Bolivia to study at the end of the summer, March, but she walked up to our Branch President yesterday and told him, ¨I don't want to go back to Bolivia, I want to stay here and prepare for a mission¨.... Our Branch President was shocked hahaha. How dope is that though.... A fully converted member. So we will see what happens with Lizzeth, Such a sweet girl.

Also Andrea is just 13 but loves the Young Womens and loves the church, Never wants to miss another Sunday. I LOVE BOLIVIANS!!!!!!! Their brother, Luis José is a stud. He is 18 years old and is the funniest kid ever. He is me in Bolivian form. We get along very well, He is teaching us all these Bolivian terms to use here. TAKE THAT CHILEANS NOW YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING. The tables have turned ;) Luis José has a baptismal date for the 22nd of February along with their Uncle Osvaldo, and their Good Friend Dalmer. The whole family are such great people. We get along with all of them sooo well. and guess what, Andres, our convert from 2 weeks ago, (part of the Bolivian family) Blessed the Sacrament this week!!!! How sick is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BOLIVIANS AND THE LORD FOR HELPING US MEET THEM!!!! Andres was so excited and had been studying the Sacrament prayers all week and he did it PERFECTLY. White shirt and tie and all baby! Yesterday at church was a great day. 2 confirmations as members of the church and also seeing our convert bless the Sacrament!

During the Baptism we watched the Mormon Message ¨Standing in Holy Places¨ ... Go watch it. It made me think of Ciera, Mom, Pam, Grandma.. etc... basically all the women in my life and also my future wife ;) Go watch it you´ll understand. Lizzeth and Andrea loved it.

So I guess when I first got here one of the members fed us cow tongue..... and they just told us yesterday.... I knew something was wrong with that, what I thought was steak... Chile....

I have really came to love everyone here in Tierra Amarilla. Especially the members and basically everyone we meet. Even the flaite kids who yell English swear words at us in the streets. Silly flaite (thug) kids.... I love this area! We are singing in a missionary choir in 2 weeks for Stake Conference here in Copiapó, Mangum has a voice of an angel. He is singing in a solo with 3 other missionaries. So I guess it wouldn't be called a solo but I don't know what to call that but ya he´s doing that. hahahah He´s gonna get mad at me for saying this hahaha. Freaken Mangum silly guy Thinks he knows how to sing.... Jk that was mean.... ;)

Mangum just finished 6 months so he burned a tie... He´s getting so big ;(  I´m loving life, Found out some sad news about people back at home but hey.... I'm on the mission. I'm happy:) You all are awesome. I sent a package to Ciera with a few knick knacks for a few of you. Love you all. I'm reading in Alma 17 when Ammon cuts of all the arms of the people hahaha Ammon, He´s a funny guy. Don't fight against the Lord or you will lose your arms! 

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Paxman


Julie said...

What an exciting week! I sure love hearing about the gospel growing in Chile. Nice work Mason!

Claudine Cable said...

Such a great letter. Nothing better than baptizing families. Keep up the good work.