Monday, September 29, 2014

La Portada Antofagasta

I shed a few tears hearing that I wasn´t able to see the last game of my hero, Derek Jeter.... A walk off single.... wow.... That hurts...

Hermana Alejandra, the mother of the familia Jaime, CAME TO CHURH. I love seeing the faces of the people on their first time in church. The daughter Dayana is being baptized on the 18th and we hope that it will be a white night along with the whole family. The boyfriend of Dayana bore such a powerful, indescribable, spirit filled Testimony that hit the whole family, especially the mom. I wish you all could be in these lessons... It's impossible not to feel the Lord in there with us. This is His work... Wow.... Obviously it hit the mom hard enough that she was able to come to church and I know she loved that as well. Pray for the Familia Jaime, 5 Souls that need to be saved!!! 

Hector Figueroa recieved the information that his divorce papers are progressing... The system here in Chile is soooooo slow, a few years ago here in Chile it was illegal to get divorced so at least its not to that extent right now... but still, he is hoping by the end of October he will be able to have his papers ready and the marraige and the Baptism will come AL TIRO (At once). He really is a trooper, being a missionary, reading the Book of Mormon for the 2nd time, Prepared!

We had some really spiritual lessons this past week, we are finding finding finding, we have a few Investigators who know the Book Of mormon is true and that José Smith was a Prophet but for x reason they just don´t want to come to church... we have tried everything with them. My soul hurts for them. One of our Investigators Regaló (Help?)  me a 120 Painting that his Brother in Law painted... He wouldn´t accept a No for an Answer... So wow that was cool. Its amazing to find those people with the heart that just explodes with Love for the people that Preach about Jesucristo... So.... ummm. who wants a dope Painting?

We were more than privelaged this past week to have our Conferencia De Zona. All of the Missionaries in Antofagasta (about 50 of us) Got together to hear President Dalton teach us the revelations from God he recieves on the daily. He is a genius and is a servent of the Lord. MISSIONARY WORK FOR THE MEMBERS IS EASY!!!!!!!! All it is, is finding a way that the missionaries and your non member friends/family are in the same place at the same time as the missionaries.... thats it.... nothing more..... How easy is it to be a member missionary!!!!!!!!!! In an environment that is very natural without the members even saying anything the non members ask us who we are... Innevotable (that is spelled completely wrong) that they don´t say something and thats when we explain and politely ask if they would like us to pass by their house.... It works.... We have put it into action this past week and it truely works!  Now for you people at home... Go make it happen.... Its so easy and it doesnt damage the relationship you have with your friends.... We learned a ton of other things that we are applying and that work.... I love Revelation... especially seeing the work advance. 

The New Zone La Portada is amazing we have such amazing stud missionaries. I love being able to see my Son Elder Malan every Tuesday. Such a good kid, he makes me proud. I love the missionaries so much. My New Companion is a funny kid. He is a convert of 5 years and is a spiritual giant. He is a chubby Chilean, we get along pretty well. I'm just always tranquilo (Calm?)  Nothing to complain about. Working hard on the daily grind. 

I'm on my Spiritual/Temporal high right now. I'm leaving nothing behind in these next few months I have left. I'm getting spiritually sexy as well as my body.. T.M.I? My study journal has been pretty empty my whole mission but that is something I have been ripping up these past few days. I'm writing down any spiritual revelation I recieve in my Study Journal... I love my Study Journal... You all should make one.. It helps 140% better. I'm on a spiritual high and I have also gained 8 pounds in the past month and a half;) I spent 65$ on food last week... Don´t judge me... GET SWOLL!!! I'm happy... I will be even more happy when I see the Familia Jaime and Hector Get baptised!!! I miss Yal Caleta (A boat Load). Thank the Lord for your trials.

Les Amo muchísimo 
Elder Paxman

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I can´t write too much. We were in Tur Bus all day making sure all the missionaries left and got here without a problem. Like always there are always problems and we/I had to fix all of them. Our mission is special due to the fact of how big it is. It is the biggest mission (land wise) in all of Chile. And Chile is the longest Country in the world, so you can imagine. It takes about 24 hours in bus to get from the bottom of the mission to the top. There are about 9 major cities that everyone knows that are in our mission. Cambio times are INSANE because of all the missionaries coming and going from any part of the mission. Very complicated process especially cause all of the missionaries usually carry 2 or 3 Suitcases and Tur Bus literally hates us for that and yells at us every time we travel... It's a pain, but someones gotta do it.

I am staying here in Antofagasta for my 4th cambio. My companion Elder Antonio is going up to Arica to be with Elder Mangum haha. It was a very surprising cambio because I have more time here in the ward but President felt like I am needed for more time here. It's funny how the Lord works. My New Companion is Elder Mendéz, My first Chilean Comp. I am super excited for this. I am with him right now and I'm just excited to work calmly now. He seems like a cool guy. He is from the South of Chile. I can´t remember the city but its close to Talca. He has about 1 year in the mission and this is his first time as a Zone Leader. I'm excited to teach, and work with him. We have so much potential here in our sector. 

This past week was a tough one... After battling and fighting for these past 4 months, The Chilean, The old comp of Elder Sargent, decided to go home. We spent night after night, talking to him, Trying to let him think it out. The week consisted of us trying to help him, calls from his mom, Stake President, and Bishop down in Santiago... We had so many spiritual moments, rough moments. This past week seemed like it lasted an eternity... One of the worst feelings was seeing someone pack his bags to go home early.. Can´t explain much more. Hard week. 

The Missionary work this week basically didn´t exist... It was impossible to get into houses all week long was party, after party, Asado after Asado, drunk person after drunk person. So during the 18 we had to just stay in the house of a member who taught us how to make Empenadas, gave us mote con Huesillo, and we ate LOOOOOOTS of Meat hahaha. One of the best days eating all the Chilean meals. We then came to our mamitas house to find another Asado waiting for us with more meat. I was able to eat rabbit for the first time in my life and have to say it was theee greatest meat I have ever tasted in my life. A peruvian Elder that I live with tells me its very similar to the meat of a Cat... He eats Cat hahah... I have a huge desire now to try Cat.... I loved Rabbit... (That's what the picture is below). 

Sorry I don´t have much time. Up and down week with not a lot of missionary work because of all the Chileans enjoying their week long Independence. I am excited for the challenge that's on it's way. All the Elders that heard who my new comp was told me ´´Good Luck´´. I have learned to not care what others say. I have a new vision and am excited for this opportunity to love and serve along with Elder Mendez. 

Elder Paxman


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I have officially caught the Chilean Fever.... The month of September is a month like no other here in Chile, even with all of the Peruvians, Bolivians, and Colombians here in the north of Chile the Chileans are showing their country pride. The 18th of September is their Independence Day but they take it to another level and party all September long with Asados (Barbeques) Dancing Cueca (Chilean National Dance, Google it) and the kids and even the parents playing with their Trompos (Chilean Game, played at this time of the year, Google it as well). I'm officially addicted to playing Trompos. So much fun to do tricks and stuff. I`ll bring a few back so we can all play together. Also during this time of the year, what little Chilean food exists, we eat it, some of that includes Empanads de Pino, Sopaipilla, Cazuela, Choripan,  Pastel de Choclo, Mote con Huesillo, and Completos. (You can google all those to see what they look like) I have been enjoying eating all of that lately. Gotta love Chile #VamosChile

We had the privilege to play some soccer today. The youth in our ward are on vacations for the week, so we took advantage and played some good competition in some Fùtbol. 

This past week was a little rough getting into the houses with all the people going crazy with their Asados and flags and drinking and stuff like that.. Normal Chilean stuff. But we had some amazing lessons with investigators and also menos activos. Our investigator, Hector Figuroa, who has been waiting patiently for his divorce papers to come through finished the Book of Mormon this past week... He is converted 100%. We are still just waiting on his papers so he can get married, get in the water, and receive his calling as our new Bishop. I love Hector. Our recent convert did it again, blessing the sacrament for the 2nd time. He looked to good up there standing next to a 17 year old priest and him being 67.. Something special I`ll tell you that... A special man. The Familia Jaime is doing alright. Dayana (16 Years old) and Hugo (10 years old) are amazing, they come all by themselves, without us even reminding them. Last week thinking the family was at a scout trip, Hugo came and surprised us staying all 3 hours all by himself. They are special people.. They make my day happy. We put a Date for them for the 18th of October to be baptized for one last push for the mom and the other 2 sisters to show some desire to come to church  and achieve the commitments we leave them. If the mom doesn't get baptized we won`t baptize Hugo because as time goes on and his sisters get married and move out, he won`t have the support. The mom is necessary. Dayana is prepared and her boyfriend (19 years old) who is preparing for his mission is going to baptize her. She is the catalyst of the family, such a good example. Pray for the mom and the 2 sisters of Hugo and Dayana. They are our family that is progressing the most. We have a stock of about 17 different families that we are teaching, they all just don`t seem to like waking up to come to church.... It's something I have seen my whole mission that it's sooo difficult for me to get the people to church. But we aren`t nervous, we will continue finding finding finding, the more we find, the more people like Hector, Victor, Dayana and Hugo we will find. 

Everyone enjoy your 18th of September with a little barbeque of your own. Join in on the spirit of Chile. 

I find out cambios this Saturday. I am up in the air with what might happen. Stay tuned. I'm excited to see where and with who the Lord needs me for these upcoming 6 weeks. 

I have been studying a lot in 3rd Nephi this past week. I love El Libro De Mormon. Do your family night, family-personal scripture study, and family-personal prayer. The Lord asks very little of us compared to what he asked his son to do.
Les quiero muchísimo 

Elder Paxman

 I made my comp French Toast this week, he loved it hahah Silly Latins trying American food, gotta love it. He made me Breakfast as well. The thing with the Guacamole sauce on it is a Sopaipilla.

 The dog we always pass by that we named Marta because it looks like the dog from the show Martha speaks, she was sleeping.

 Chilean Atardecer (Sunset)

The trophy is the trophy for the Libertador, a huuuuge tournement of all the South American soccer teams that a team here in Chile won. The Team is called Colo Colo, booo it's my rival ;)

Monday, September 8, 2014


¨I love you Elder. Keep pushing, keep going. It´ll all be worth it. We have such a short time here in the field and eternity to look back and reflect on how we served. I know if we just dedicate ourselves to being the best we can be, if we just give it our all, we´ll be able to look back with no regrets. Thanks for pushing me. Thanks for helping me. Thanks for your example. Can´t wait to see you next month!¨ 

Nothing like a good pump up letter from my good friend Elder Mangum... I needed it. I have put many personal goals lately. Im in the moment where I want NOTHING more than to complete them and be the best missionary I can be. Its hard at times but I can do it. I need to forget about myself more.. Plain and simple. I'm learning so much here... 

I was able to play some Fútbol for the first time in a month and a half today... Boy was it good to get out and run for a bit, Sports are necessary in life... and ESPECIALLY in the mission once a week. I missed Soccer. I scored like 89 goals... I lost track... nah Mentira, Pero la Verdad;) 

The Highlight of the week was yesterday at church. Our Baller Recent Convert Victor Araya  was able to bless the sacrament along side of our Elders quromn president. It took him a few tries  and a little help from the Bishop but he did it!!!! Seeing a Recent Convert bless the sacrament, Like i´ve said before, is undescribable. Go Victor, I love that old man. He was calm and happy like always during church. He makes it worth it.

The second Highlight of the week was an Intercambio I was able to do with one of the Elders who is training. Elder Stratford, Ex Zone Leader 22 months in the mission and he´s got the vision. I love sitting back and just watching those missionaries who... just get it... Taking notes and applying what those missionaries know. we were able to have 3 Heart crushing lessons due to the circumstances, the people we found, live in. 1. Drug Addict who abuses his mom 2. Mom and Dad with 12 year old son who are getting kicked out of their house and who are going through a Divorce 3. Mom and Dad with 3 Daughters, 2 of them Twins who also are having problems in their Marraige... As a 20 year old Young ¨Cabra Chico¨ (Little Goat, what the adults call us young people here) Its amazing what the Lord trusts in such young people... To Find the Necessities of these people with real problems and to convert it some way into the Gosple.. Its amazing how much we succeed in this. The Teachings of Jesus honestly help in any situation... I love it. I love Jesus. So sad though during these visits with these people... My heart crushes listening to their challenges... The Blessings will come, early, maybe a little later, or even in the heavens, but I promise the blessings will come. We need to have that in mind. I was able to stay in the same Pension (Apartment) during the Intercambio with 2 previous companions, Elder Cardozo, Argentine, and Elder Malan, My son. Nothing like having talks with old friends of things you can apoligize for and resolve... I love all my companions Especially those 2. My son is such a Stellar missionary, proud Dad;) Its good getting old feelings off your chest. 

We had some really spiritual lessons this past week, Finding Families that really need our help, Its amazing the Trust the Lord has in us to help them like I said before. This next week is going to be a good one, The familia Jaime Si o Si is going to come to church along with a few new families we have. Baptisms on the way. Saving souls! 

I also figured out how to use the phrase ´I wonder or Probably´ Correctly in Spanish. We have to use the Future Tense for phrases like that... so that was a fun fact for this week. I love Spanish The Language is amazingly beautiful, Daily learning more and more. jajaj

I think thats all. Last 6 months. The Burners are on to give it my all. #NoRegrets. #MakeGoodmemories. 
Onward and Upward 

Elder Paxman
oh ps. The Mission Address has changed. Don´t send any packages or letters to the other Address. Send everything to 

Elder Mason Paxman
Casilla de Correo 70
Antofagasta Chile

Not that you were gonna send me anything in the first place ;) Although one last package would be awesome with a bunch of small little knick knack presents for the kids here for Christmas, Puzzles, Crayons, American Stuff,... You all are smart... The kids here would love that. and also I need more floss sticks... Not normal floss but floss on a stick hahah I dont know how to explain it but you know what im saying, make sure they are good and not crappy floss sticks, and candy I miss American candy gummy stuff.. :) hahah Thats all ... wait, and money lots and lots of money:) Thanks bye:)


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Highlights of the week... Too many to write, That's always a good way to start an email.

I'm able to go out to work with short sleeves for the first hour of the day... That makes me happy. I'm tired of the cold even though I love it more than the hot... I´ll be eating my words in a few months. But for now, I'm happy with wearing my short sleeves in this upcoming spring in good ol Antofagasta Chile. My sector is too ghetto.. Pray for me. I´ll tell ya when you´re older...unforgettable

This past week I have been enlightened with many different types of emotions.. The majority have built me up into a better, stronger, more dedicated, losing myself in the work missionary. But however many times I say it, doesn't mean anything If I can´t put all that I have learned into action. So that's what I'm in right now. The time for action. I'm sick of all these goals I put and just not being able to keep myself focused, being too lazy, Satan getting in the way... I don´t know what it is... But I'm in the moment of acting. During a great period of companionship study I came across the Chapter 13 in 1 Corinthians. Many of the verses in this chapter hit me hard, 2-4, 4-7, but the one that hit me the most was verse 11. I´ll let you all read the chapter.. It's not too long... Read it, you wont! I'm putting my effort in being the man I want to be ALL of the time, not just at times... That chapter might be my favorite. Don´t you just love Study time, receiving nuggets of knowledge.. unforgettable

This past Thursday was the monthly Leadership Council with all the ZL´s.. You don´t know how pleased I was to be able to come in contact with some of my best friends here on the mission, that recently got called up to a ZL. Elder Mangum, Sargent, Funaro,Laulu-Pututao, Butler, Storey. It was tough holding in the emotions seeing these friends of mine, especially Mangum and Sargent. I haven´t seen Mangum since being his comp about 7 months back... He´s doing great like always, on my paper of motivation that I have above my desk one quote says ¿were you being an Elder Mangum today? The dudes a machine here, role model and brother for life. Go Utes. President Dalton gave us some great new changes that will occur here in the mission some that the missionaries are going to have to adjust to, one including No more drinking Mate... It's hard to explain what Mate is. Google it.. The Latin and now the Gringo Missionaries are addicted to it... The mission is going to have a rough time giving up Mate, but Iré y Haré Lo que El señor Me ha Mandado.. Pray for the Argentines... The Leadership Changed my Vision for the better, No time to explain it all... I'm remotivated on a monthly basis from these meetings.. pure Spirit... unforgettable

I taught the sickest member family, the family Fernandez, how to make brownies, (Picture Below). Their son is in the mission. I love this family so much, we had a good Family Night with them. unforgettable

I was able to do an Intercambio This past week with a great friend of mine, Elder Wooten. He has about 3 months on the mission. His Spanish is getting better on the daily. We had a blast doing street contacts, talking about goals he has for his mission, What he has a hard time adjusting to, what he likes.. It was a great Intercambio.. I love this part of the mission.. One of the best parts, Unforgettable 

Victor Araya is now a proud Priesthood Holder, He is preparing this upcoming week to bless the sacrament and he is more than pleased to see where he has come these past few months. I love this man with all my heart. He hasn´t missed a day of church in over 2 months. Better than all of the other members. Victor... 

We were dedicated this past week to find some new families. and the lord blessed us with our good desires and hard work being able to find 4 new Families to teach. 2 columbian families. The first time in my mission being able to teach Columbians... That's really weird because there are so many of them here, but Columbians are awesome, they remind me of Chris Whetten and Tyler. Except with Dope Spanish Accents. We have some great potential with these new families and the families we have been working with. Yesterday we had a great lesson with the Family Jaime, They weren´t able to come to church because of a Catholic Parade that was Obligatorio to go to... Chile.. But we were able to watch José Smith, The Restoration with the whole family and the Boyfriend of Dayana (16), who is preparing for his mission... Spirit filled room with him testifying of the truth. Nothing better than those types of lessons. At times I come out of Lessons and Just look up and can´t comprehend the blessings I have to be able to serve as a worthy servant.. Its a once in a lifetime chance and too many young missionaries take advantage of it. I'm so blessed to be here, I wish that you all could take part in these experiences I have daily.. Its truely amazing seeing the Lords hand in the work... unforgettable

Today I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to visit 2 families that I was able to visit a little over a year ago. My first baptism-convert, Elisa... I get emotional thinking about the experience that happened today. Knocking on her door and seeing her open the door after more than a year and seeing her light up, smile ear to ear... She remembered me for the ¨Pollito que no Hablaba´´ The little chicken that didn´t talk. hahah We shared some great memories, a few close tears thinking of the wonderful times. After 10 years of investigating the church, fighting cancer, her son has Autism, and me being able to be apart of her teaching and baptizing her, even though I had no clue what was going on hahah. I can´t explain the feeling while talking with her. Her hair grew back, she goes to church every week with her whole family, she´s happy. Visiting a convert was by far the most weird sensation I have felt. I have never felt like that in my whole life... I loved it. I feel like she has always been my friend, even before this life, my Eternal Friend. Unforgettable experience with her this morning. I was also able to visit the converts of my Papito Elder Smith that we visited a ton, Once again same feelings came back. They treated me like so nice even though I had no idea what was happening haha. I don´t know how to explain myself right now. I'm just on top of the world with being able to visit my first baptism and seeing her faithful in the church... I'm happy with where I am... I love the mission more than anything. unforgettable

Elder Paxman

 (I told Elisa not to hug me, but she couldn´t help it)