Monday, June 30, 2014


It's true what they say. The older you get in the mission the less and less emails you get hahaha. But it's okay. I'm totally fine with it. First of all, gotta wish a Happy Birthday to my hermano Mayor Chase. Happy 22nd big boy. Go buy yourself a nice steak dinner or somethin...

This week has been a wild one. First of all, I think I might be allergic to chocolate so that blows.... Wednesday night I started having an allergic reaction. My whole life I have never been allergic to anything. So I woke up Thursday morning and my whole body was full of bumps and itchy and all that fun stuff... Actually it wasn't all that fun. We went to the hospital which actually surprisingly was pretty nice, and the doctor came in looked at my back for 4 seconds then left... He got 66 dollars for that hahah I wanna be a doctor haha. Anyways, they gave me a shot and put me on a diet for 3 days from anything that I could possibly be allergic to. They couldn't give me a test to see what I'm allergic to just yet. I think I might have to wait another 9 months for that test til i get home. Unless the allergic reaction comes back. Anyways that night I totally forgot chocolate was on my list of things not to eat. So Friday morning I woke up with the same pain, same bumps on my body, but I took my medicine that should have helped me and a few hours later the bumps went away.... It was a joyful experience.... So looking at the 2 things I ate Wednesday night and Thursday night the only things that matched up was chocolate.... Well that sucks.... No Oreos for 60 years..... I really hope it was something else... but I guess we will have to see when I get back or if it happens again...

I was blessed this week to do an intercambio for the day with the assistants of the mission. Elder Cazier came to my sector to work with me. Elder Cazier is so awesome from Logan, Utah, does the Decathalon for Utah State. He´s a cool guy. We had one of the greatest days in my mission together. We are focusing on a mission with our prayers. Lots of missionaries aren't praying to see miracles everyday and some don´t even have the faith that we will be led to those people. Elder Cazier said a great prayer to start off the day hoping for just 1 family that will want to listen to us. A couple appointments fell through quickly and we saw a little girl in the street that always calls us ¨Tio¨, Uncle in English. Basically anyone is a Tio even if they really aren´t your Tio. haha Silly Chileans. They make me laugh.. Ps. It's freezing here lately and air conditioners or heaters don´t exist, the internet shop is freezing and my fingers are typing super slow. It's actually quite amusing... Anyways Elder Cazier and I decided to contact the house where the little ¨Tio¨ girl always yells at us. Outside was the Grandma of her... We started talking and immediately the subject came up of her being baptized when she was 3 weeks old and it was her parents who chose, not her. (We hear that a lot. There are so many Catholics here... Basically everyone....) While Doing a street contact we asked this Lady if she would like to get baptized for her decision and not her parents. She was all for it and Elder Cazier put a baptismal fecha for the 26th while doing a street contact haha. It was awesome, a few seconds later the mom of ¨Tio¨ came out and was just as prepared as the Grandma... She didn´t accept a Fecha just yet but they both have been looking for a church to start coming to. We invited them to church and told them we would pass by Sunday morning to bring them... Sadly they weren't able to come this Sunday... BUT I still have so much faith for them. It was amazing to see that the Lord put his trust in us to talk to them and find that family that we earnestly asked to find.

We found another family to end the night that also has desires to come to church. 2 families who were prepared and put in our Path... I wish you all could have been there. It doesn't sound as cool through an Email... But it was just amazing to see these miracles happening right in front of our eyes. Elder Cazier gave me excitement and great counsel throughout the intercambio. I learned so much from him that I am very excited to apply. ALWAYS PRAY WITH FAITH, KNOWING THE LORD WILL PUT THE PERSON IN YOUR PATH. Something you all can apply back at home is really think during your prayers, and really ask the Lord what you WANT because if it's something he wants you to have as well He will give it to you... Please never stop praying daily but also give thanks for what the Lord does give you. We are sooo blessed with the situation we have. I see 90% of the people here and they just don´t get it, what its like to have carpet, have food for a day, own a car... I feel soooo embarrassed for the things I took advantage of... Please don´t stop giving to others. It's one of my hardest things to overcome. I love these experiences I am having. I just love these people so much, even if they yell at me and call me ¨Gringo 1, 2, 3, Hello Hello¨ hahaha I love these people. 

Sunday President Dalton visited our ward with Sister Dalton, They stayed all 3 hours. This was a once in a mission thing haha. President is always soo busy with all 250 missionaries and all the other hundreds of wards to visit. It was great to have him there, meet our investigators in person and show the ward the support the mission has for all of them. He gave an amazing talk on saving just one soul and Hermana Dalton gave a great message on the Sacrament. The Members loved it. The ward has so much potential... Just no one likes to go out and do their visits... Please... go out and do your visits family... It really does make a difference.

We are finding new people day in and day out. Sorting through the ones that don't want anything and working with the ones that do! Yesterday we received our cambio call. My Companion, Elder Choque is going to finish his last transfer training a new missionary in Arica!!!! He has not once in his mission trained so he is soooo excited. I'm happy for him. I'm going to be training a new Zone Leader, Elder Antonio, also from Bolivia haha 2 Bolivians in a row. I'm glad I get along with the Bolivians. Elder Antonio is from Cochabamba Bolivia. They have a gorgeous temple... He gets here tonight. I'm excited to lead the sector and help the zone get more animated for these upcoming months! I'm excited for this next transfer. Elder Sargent is going to finish the training of his companion so we are going to be together another 6 weeks.... BOOOOO..... Jk Im happy... sorta... not really... Jk I love him hahah we have too much fun together.

Chile is very sad right now. We lost in a shoot out with Brazil to get eliminated... so sad... I wanted them to win so badly... Poor Chile. They had a chance to win it all this year... Chileans are crazy about their soccer. 4 more years. Can´t wait to cheer them on for the rest of my life. It's okay life goes on. 

I'm doing great, making the best of the time I have. Love yal so much. Please don´t forget to do the Family Night... Its really important! Read your scriptures too!! Love you

Elder Paxman

Monday, June 23, 2014

....Mundial....World Cup....

Chile!!!! I can´t really explain to you the insaneness I experienced this week with these soccer games going on.... Our mission president talked with the Quorum of the 70 in charge of our area and they gave all the missionaries permission to watch the Chile vs. Netherlands game today.... I felt sooooo weird watching... Chile is tearing it up in the World Cup but today sadly they had nothing going for them. But nonetheless it was still a blast to wear my Chile jersey and cheer on the team. They got beat 2-0 but they are still advancing to the next round.

During the week Chile played against Spain who took 2nd last year overall and we won.... We weren't able to enter any of the houses that day and the streets were silent... Even the dogs were watching the game.... and every goal Chile scored people would run out into the streets light a few tires on fire, chuck some beer cans and each other, kiss random women, then go back to watching the game. I will forever have respect and take seriously this amazing sporting event that happens every 4 years... This is literally the Chileans and all of South Americas life right now... They have sooooo much passion and love for a game of FĂștbol.... I have been hit with the soccer fever even though we cant watch the games... When we were in the streets silent as ever the game finished.... We beat Spain to advance to the next round and the streets turned into 30,000 Chileans acting like it's recess time at a pre school... but with beer... I'm sorry but I just cant explain the atmosphere in the street after that win... Cop cars getting tipped over. Fires in the middle of the street... soooo many insane people. Don´t worry we got out of there as fast as we could (after taking a few pictures and videos hahah) I´ll show yal in 2 years or so... sooo crazy....

Last pday I picked up a bowling ball for the first time in 15 months.... I don´t really want to explain how my first throw went hahaha. I blame it on the un oiled lane;) I bowled about a 300 or something like that can´t really remember hahah. I bowled with my 2 good friends from St. George and Hurricane Utah Elder Sargent and Church... I'm glad I found out Antofagasta has a bowling alley. So much fun! That night we went to contact we did in the street, 2 Bolivians who are from the same city as my companion so that was awesome. They let us right in and both of them were sooooo receptive we taught them Lesson 1 about the Restoration and also read a little of Alma 22. I´ll leave that for you all to read but I´ll just say that the wife was basically exactly like the King... go read it... Eric and Janet... they both are so prepared!! We put a baptismal date with them for the 26th of July. They weren't able to come to church though... Super sad but we have so much hope with them... They are convive. We gotta get them married but they are willing to do anything to follow God... I love finding prepared people. And to think we could have walked right by them like we do to a lot of people, something told us to go talk to them so we did... Street contacts are working so well for us... no more touching doors, all about dem street contacts. 

We had our Zone Conference  with President Dalton this week. What a great man. So humble. I came to realize this week that he is filthy rich hahaha he invented Turbo Tax... He is thee richest man I know and yet is sooo humble and loving towards us missionaries. I'm so happy with the new responsibility I have to be around him more, just to feel his spirit and learn more from our amazing Mission President. 

This past week was a little rough with getting into houses. Other than finding Eric and Janet on Monday We did a looooooooooooooot of walking... I woke up Thursday morning with so much pain in my legs... but hey... Just keep swimming just keep swimming.... Lots of walking but it was worth it to find even 1 person we was waiting for us. The zone is still struggling. Obedience... Some missionaries just like being rebellious... It's so sad to see them waste their 2 years... Just go home if you want to sleep in or watch t.v.... IDK I don't get missionaries like that... but we are working hard with them to help them get back on the right track... I won´t ever stop trying no matter how many times they keep disobeying... 

Sunday was great. 95 people came to church and 4 investigators. I gave a talk on a subject I love about humility and the heart. I tied them 2 together... It went really well I think... Elder Sargent said it sucked but he doesn't know anything ;)  haha I would be lying if I said we don´t talk a lot about back at home in St. George, the golf course, the bowling alley, the baseball diamond... I'm not trunky but... I just love the kid hahah, good Elder.. we ran to the beach the other day for exercise in the morning. 

Other than that... I forgot my agenda that says what I did during the week... so I probably forgot a lot of information oops... oh well... I'm doing good. They call us this week for Transfers, I think my companion is going to train to finish his mission so I'm gonna get a new comp... but that's just my guess.... President came up to him at the conference and said.. Elder I don't usually ask this question but what do you want to do this last transfer of your mission and he has never trained so he said, humbly that he would like to train... That's what you get for being an obedient missionary like my companion... He´s a great Elder. We´ll see what happens. I'm happy, working hard, I just want to see the Baptisms come and the zone have success too... Les Quiero, a Columbian just came into the internet shop and started screaming 2-0 because Chile lost today hahaha the Chileans got so mad hahaha they are still fighting... I love Columbians.
Love you mom you´re the best

Elder Paxman not Elder Sargent

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fireworks, Fire, Beer, Riots, Chile....Viva Merica

Gooooooooooooooooal. World Cup fever has hit Chile. Literally this time here in Chile is INSANNNNE. I have never seen so many fires in the streets, people running around with the Chilean flag drunk out of their minds, yelling at the top of their lungs.... I feel like we are in a Pre School during recess time.... It's literally out of control at times hahaha. I`ll take some pics when they play again on Wednesday. I prayed that they would lose so we could get into houses.... The Chilean elder that is comps with Elder Sargent wasn`t too happy with that hahahahah... I found it pretty funny... But it's okay they beat Austrailia 3-0. I'm not going to lie the temptation was there to watch the game. The country shuts down when Chile plays. The streets are empty (until they score a goal). Every house has the game on.... I was praying for strength hahaha you all know me... Anything sports I'm there... It was hard but I had faith that we would find some people to teach. and we found her. An inactive in the ward who doesnt own a T.V had a friend over during the game so we taught her with her best friend. Found a new and also a reference. 
At 5 o clock during the preparation for the game we knocked a house and without hesitating the family that we talked to in the street let us in. They are Evangelical and love to talk about God. It was a great lesson and were able to find 3 new investigators with them. The day turned out with 2 lessons with members present and 4 news with 4 references. The day that I thought would be the hardest because of Chile playing actually turned out to be a miracle of finding 4 new`s. This week we were blessed to find 8 new investigators and receive 9 references and have 11 Lessons with a member present. All of them records for me in the mission. Obviously it's not about the numbers but it was a week full of success. Something I did feel bad about is that while we were in the house with the Evangelicals we went over 15 minutes on the lesson because they talked too much and during that 15 minutes they missed the first 15 minutes of the soccer game and during that time Chile scored 2 goals... If I were them I would have shot us in the face for making me miss 2 goals during the World Cup... hahah I felt terrible but they didn't care too much. 
Our sector is doing so great. We have so many potential people to teach. Found some prepared people doing street contacts and 4 people were able to come to church. Ester and her partner, Jorge, accepted to get married before the 19th of July so Ester will be baptized that day. Lets hope all goes well. She is so awesome and absolutely loved church she is so ready for baptism!!! 

I was able to do 2 intercambios this past week with our District Leaders in the Zone. Elder Church who is from Hurricane Utah and Elder Sargent who is from well.... you know... St. Geezy. I learned a lot and with Elder Church we had 2 amazing miracles happen. We put 3 fechas and 1 in pending until he gets married. When we're obedient we receive miracles. I testify of that!!! Elder Sargent and I had so much fun together. Lots of contacts with the people and even found a new who had a gauge in his ear and I told him hey man I like your earing and then he let us in hahaha. He said he wants to learn more but he only had 5 minutes... It seems like every Chilean doesn't have 5 minutes of their time for us... It's quite amazing how busy these people are not to be able to have 5 minutes hahaha. Silly Chileans.... Elder Sargent is such a good missionary. It was awesome to be able to work with him for 24 hours. Can`t wait till we're comps to finish my mission!!!! #EPandESComps2015 I love the kid so much... Ye ye shout out! 

My comp is great. Sometimes he doesn't think I know how to be a missionary and treats me like a new missionary but it's aiiiight. My comp has a huge goal of learning English because his goal in life is to be a Pilot. So we practice a lot I have taught him some words like dope, sick, awesome, awesome possum, and where she at. hahaha He is getting really good at English. 

With Elder Sargent and I we have been talking a lot of our future self. Not in a trunky way but a way to help us right now in the mission, establish good customs for our life. I have been focusing on the things I need to change to get to that point  in my life of being that worthy priesthood holder that I want. I am so scared of returning to be the Mason Paxman I was before the mission. Daily I pray not to go back to him. I feel like I'm progressing and the mission hasn`t changed me to the point where I'm satisfied. But I'm on the correct path. I'm moving in the correct direction. I'm happy where I am and cringe when I think of where I was or where I might be if I don`t keep to this gospel. All is good. Miss you all. The zone here is struggling with obedience. As a Zone Leader it's hard to know to what extent I need to involve myself. But the Zone isn't having the success we could. I just want the best for these Elders and Hermanas... 

Mom you`re the best

Elder Paxman


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le Viva Chile

Well.... mmmm..... yaa....... soooooo.... ya..... awkward pause....

Livin the dream here in Antofagasta Chile... This past week was lots and lots of finding. Any person that is basically a living creature we talk to them.. Or at least you could say try to talk to them sometimes they don`t like us... I'm not sure why. I'm a nice guy haha Jk. But seriously. Any person that isn`t walking we try and give them a brief 1 minute summary of the Restoration emphasizing the life of Jesucristo, the apostasy, the restoration and the Book of Mormon as evidence of all this occurring. Then we ask them the next time we can come to their house. Most people say never and they are OCUPADITA (a little occupied..) I can`t tell you how many times I have heard that word... Too many... But others who really are prepared give us their address and we set a date to return and about 80% they aren`t at the house when they tell us but we keep trying in hopes of sharing our message. We were blessed this past week with 3 amazing new people to teach that showed real interest in the message. 
Our 2 investigators that are progressing Ester Garcia, and Hector Figuroa. Ester (22 years old) told us this week about a dream she had. Her mother recently passed away and growing up she always listened and obeyed her mom. Ester wanted to know for sure that the Libro De Mormon was the truth and that she needed to keep listening to us. She had a dream that her mom told her to keep reading the Book of Mormon because it will help her in her life and to not stop taking the lessons from us missionaries. Hahah literally the exact words that she wanted to know her mom told her in a dream. Ester is now super extra ultra hiper mega (by the way the Chileans use all those words the same here hahaha silly Chileans) converted with the Book of Mormon. She is awesome all she needs to do now is what every Chilean needs to do, get married! But she`s on the right track. Go Ester Garcia!!! 
We knocked the door the other day of Hector and him and his soon to be wife and son in law, who is a great member of the church, were doing their family scripture study!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!! hahaha we were sooo pumped. He has been coming to church for 4 months straight without missing a Sunday. He is theee most ready person ever, He is just waiting on his papers for divorce to arrive from Santiago so he can get married... He is hoping this week they will arrive we will see. But Honestly he is so insanely prepared. Go Hector!!! Other than that we have a lot of menos activo work and we are reactivating a few great people who need the help and the invitation to get back on the right path.. I love this area. 

We did an activity this past week called Noche De Luz. We shared in the Bible Daniel 2 about the vision of the king and how the apostasy would happen and then how the restoration came to life. We all had candles and when the apostasy happened we all blew out our candles and when the restoration happened we shared our light. One person passed their light to the next. Us missionaries were in charge, and when I say us I mean my companion because he is a genius haha. We asked all the members (only 10 came) who they wanted to share their light with.. and we got some good references. It turned out good. If only more came... but its okay... 

On Thursday I had my First Consejo De Liderazgo, Leadership council for all the Zone Leaders in the mission as well as the sister Trainer Leaders. There are 14 zones in the mission so there are 28 of us and about 250 Missionaries in total. Our Mission is pretty big. The biggest in area here in Chile. The council is run by President Dalton and the assistants give us council for what the missionaries in the mission need and then tomorrow Elder Choque and I are going to have a meeting with all 16 missionaries in the zone to update them on the new changes, new rules, doctrine to help them be better missionaries and all that fun stuff. I'm super excited. I was soooo animated after the council with President, sharing success stories and learning new things... It's hard for me to explain but I loved it. I have all the energy in the world to make our zone la portada the best! 

Other than that nothing too big happened... Chile plays their first game this upcoming week in Mundial (The World Cup). The town shuts down when Chile plays.... It's gonna be rough during this next month trying to get into houses where the game isn`t on... I have a love for soccer now so its gonna kill me but hey... Gotta be obedient hahah. 

Its freezing outside.... I thought I was in the Atacama Desert the hottest desert in the world.... 

My Boy Elder Sargent and I are having fun hahah. Silly guy...
Mom you`re the best.

Love you all thanks for the prayers. Pray for Hector and Ester please.
Elder Sargent


Monday, June 2, 2014


Well... Some freaken weird things happened this week.... My sector is so Flaite...

1. Tuesday morning started off with 2 people smoking week outside of our pension and 2 undercover cops came and arrested them... I`ll send a pic... They need to arrest every person here in my sector... So much weed it's insane.... Mary Jane it`ll getcha... 
2. Elder Choque and I were walking down the street as a dog came up behind me but obviously has something against us white people. So it didn't want to bite me and then it bit my comp on the back of the thigh-knee-leg-not really important... So he hobbled home and cleaned out the wound and we went to the gnarly Chilean Hospital Clinic thing... Soooo sketchy. I wouldn't trust that place... I took a video of the hospital... But ya so he had to get rabies shots and it's like a 28 day process... That dog was not having it us walking on his street... With all the dogs in the streets you would think we would get bit more... 
3. Late at night the other day I heard a LOUD tire screech and then saw a head on collision with 2 cars going about 35 MPH. Then all of the sudden the white car backs up really fast and drives away speeding.. 3 second later there were 4 cop cars-motorcycles chasing him... There was a high speed chase right in front of me... The car that had nothing to do with it was alright... I just couldn't believe what I saw... It probably had something to do with drugs... I don`t know if the white car got away or not... Cray Cray
4. I stepped in poop like 5 times this week.... And my shoes have a hole in them where my big toe is... soooo ya... That was awkward... But it's okay a member gave me shoes for free.... I have money but I'm super cheap... Silly Paxman... The new shoes don`t fit but I`m still going to use them cause YOLO... 
5. Elder Sargent and I have too much fun together... It's awesome living with your best friend... We`re focused when we need to be though. He`s beating me in ping pong 3 games to 2.... I`ll get him don`t worry He`s got nothing on me...
6. We were knocking a house of a member when 20 feet away we heard a window shatter and then a car drive away... 10 Seconds later the members neighbor came out screaming *Where`s my car*... Except maybe perhaps used some other choice words... It was insane... A robbery 4 houses down... The houses here are so small that 20 feet away is 4 houses down hahah Silly Chileans.
7. The fleas 1. Elder Paxman 0. The fleas this past week demolished me... I don`t know whats up with me and Antofagasta but I am the only one in the pension getting bit... I think It was my blanket or my amazingly tasting blood that the Fleas love so much. I counted, 1003 Bites... Just kidding that's an exaggeration but its a lot... 

So ya... Pretty crazy week in my awesome tree house flaite sector!. The tree house is doing good... Still super small hahah, I like it. Elder Choque and Elder Sargent are super super funny. I literally am laughing 45% of the time when I'm in the pension... We are serious when we have to be though. The ward is doing so great. 
We had about 9 inactive members show up this week and 3 investigators... The testimony meeting went sooo well so many members bore their testimonies... It was a spirit filled room. I loved it. Our 2 investigators who are doing great Hector and Ester both need to get married! It's hard to feel to what extent us as missionaries help them and not feel like we are pressuring. But we obviously have to give a little Push or they won`t get it done. We just have to do it with love.. We are waiting for the papers from Hector so he can divorce his previous wife then marry his new one haha. Ester is 22 and her partner is 32 so there is some things there but she is sooo good in the gospel and she will get married... They just aren`t 100% sure as of right now... Pray for them please. 
I have a huge testimony of fasting. When the Lord fasted for 40 days Satan tempted him... I felt the same way yesterday... Missionaries still get tempted but obviously Satan tempts because he knows there is something good that will come from the sacrifice to the Lord... I came out with the victory... If we have the vision and the plan ahead of us the finish line is so much more clear then if we`re just going along for the ride... Have a vision of who you want to be so that when the temptation comes... Overcoming will be much easier... I promise. I fasted about a month ago cause I lost my wallet... I didn't get an answer to my fast till 2 weeks later... sometimes our time isn`t the Lord's time... If it were my time I would have wanted to find the wallet the day after... But obviously I wouldn't have learned such a great lesson if that would have happened... I lost my wallet in a taxi and here in Chile... That basically means you will never see it again... 2 weeks later I saw a miracle... Miracles do happen... Now I have my wallet:) 

This ward is sooo awesome the bishop is super super super strict but I'm glad we are on his good side.. He does everything by the book which is good. There are some awesome youth. One who`s name is Omner... He`s receiving his mission call next week. He comes and leaves with us to visit about twice a week I love the kid to death. Speaking of that Taylor Strehlow (Tyler's little big brother) is going to receive his mission call next week!!!!!!

We are doing lots and lots and lots of street contacts because if we do door contacts the people never let us in... That's why we are only allowed to do street contacts because there the people actually have to listen... Well most of them... Unless they just keep walking hahah. That happens a lot. Anyways we need more people to teach... We are very low on investigators... But it will work out. I have all the faith in the world that this ward will grow double its size! I'm trying my best as a missionary and Zone Leader especially... Sometimes it stresses me out with the added responsibility but hey... I'm aiiiight:) I'm doing good. 
We played ping pong today for P Day... Bringing back old times with Elder Sargent and Trevor and Ty in Trevor's basement. Also when Chase and I would always play and yell at each other hahah I love Chase hahah I have an awesome family and friends.. Love you all. Don`t forget to say your daily prayers and read the scriptures... They are fun to read! I'm glad They found out what's the problem with Dave I was praying a lot for that.. Happy Birthday Seth. Love you Mom. You`re the best.

Elder Paxman

I asked my companion for 1 Picture... The process was long and hard... but we finally got a good one hahaha