Monday, December 29, 2014

My Eternal Friend Andres Van Rey Vera Escalante

Best news of the week, My Convert Andrès Van Rey Vera Escalante from Arica who got baptized a little over a year ago has been called to serve a mission in the Perú Lima South mission and reports to the MTC the day I finish my mission.... Wow... Not many words that I can express what I´m feeling. I love making eternal friends... I love that kid so much.... Pray for him. He is a special person for me...  wow... (pic attached when he went to receive his endownments in Lima Peru).

Bueno, It was good to see you family this week. Weird emotions... But I'm focused... The sector is doing great, the visits even better and the investigators progressing is blowing me away. Even with all the success we are having, the adversary is very strong... Too strong at times, but that's when we just have to buckle up and take the blows at times without falling. I learn something special and unique from each and every one of my companions... I´m learning.... That's the good thing about this life, this gospel, this mission, and the eternities. We never stop learning and never stop progressing if that's where our focus is... God won`t ever obligate us but he does have the faith in us we will continue on that path of progressing... I´m on the path, sometimes I'm crawling on that path but I´m never giving in... I don`t know if that made any sense but its just what left my mind and what I felt like sharing... 

The family of 5 familia Cáceres Mom, Dad, and 3 sons (ages 12, 9 and 7) came to church for the second week in a row... They are such a special family to me... Willing... Hungry... Prepared... Pray for them. 

Alejandro was able to come a baptism we had in the ward next to us and he loved it. He is progressing so well, but something popped up that he wasn`t able to come to church... But that's life. He has a baptismal fecha for the 24th of January. Great friend.. okayyyyyy (jajaj Inside joke)

Like I told a few of ya. This was by far the most memorable Christmas I have ever spent, so humble, amazing experience with a family that was in need of some company from friends... Amazing... I will never forget it. 

George Marincovich (Gringo from Cali, 30 years living in Chile) Made us Christmas lunch and let us speak to all yal at his house. Bless his soul. Most amazing ribs I´ve had in years.... Our Papito also on the 24th made us pizza in his restaurant. People love us. We are watched over don't worry.

I bought a Christmas present for me from the money mom sent me... My collection of soccer jerseys is now up to 17. It is official that I won`t be able to bring home anything except Jerseys haha.  I also bought some tan pants, lookin swaggy fresh up in hurr... We went to the Agro and Zofri, I´ll explain in 2 years what those are... Love ya fam and Friends...

Sorry my emails are lame. I have less and less ganas (desires) to write every week, but I will continue because I know its something you all need from me.

Con Amor Elder Paxman



Thursday, December 25, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Hi family, Its gonna be a quick email. Its been an up and down week. ANIMO ANIMAL. Just gotta keep tellin myself that. We were able to see some great success this week. We found 5 PREPARED families. Alejandro, who is from Brasil, Ended up crying twice in our lesson, the spirit was so strong, he was able to come to church. We have a lesson with him tomorrow, He found what he was looking for. He is about 30 years old, amazing guy. The Familia Caceres, a family of 5 the mom is a less active, her dad is a Bishop in Santiago, the Partner of her is sooo dope, He is a non member, His name is Braulio, He seems so prepared it almost seems unreal. They have 3 kids, the youngest 7 years old has Autism... He looks so much Like Tanner, it makes me so happy to see them, His Autism is a lot more severe than Tanners (Or does Tanner have asburgers, IDK).... But anyways the whole family was able to come to church. what a blessing, they loved it, We have a cita with them tomorrow with their Hermanadores, Next step marraige! Other than that, we had a great week hearing from Presidente Dalton and Hermana Dalton give us some Council, They never seem to surprise me with the way they teach us. Amazing meeting, we had a little Christmas program where we exchanged gifts and all that fun crap. The Viejos (Oldies) missionaries gave their final testimony in front of the 2 zones that where there, that was including me, That was hard... Its hittin me... I just want to sprint.... its a fight, But i`m gonna win it. I will talk to yal tomorrow,

Just barely reading some of my letters from my mom and Dad gave me some extra boost I needed... I love you all more than you will ever comprehend, even if its hard for me to show it. Im trying to do the same with those around me as well. I feel like I need to better my Personal Study and Dedication. Please never stop Reading the Scriptures as a family, Daily is what the Prophet asks, nothing less... Something that hit me hard was something Presidente Dalton said in the Conference, *While holding up the missionary handbook* (All the rules we have) He said, A missionary who really understands the Atonement, will have no problem with this book. It hit me hard. Obedience is what we are asked, nothing less. When we fall, repent and be better... Simple as that. 

I know the Lord is with me fighting along side the temptations daily. When I fall, he helps me up, I will never stay down... Its amazing how that happens... I just want to help these people recieve the blessings awaiting them. A very Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad to every one of you. 

Skype call, Final Details, Approximately

Mom I will call your Skype about 4:00 pm chilean time. On The 25th Of Dec.
Dad I will call your Skype about 4:40 pm Chilean Time. On the 25th of Dec. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Surprise... Cambios were this Saturday. I wasn`t expecting any changes to be happening, but my little Peruvian pal Elder Cómena is leaving me. I will be getting a new comp that I will be helping for his first time as a ZL, He is a great missionary, His name is Elder Contreras, He was born in Bolivia but has lived in Argentina all his life, He has the same time in the mission as me, 21 months, so that should be interesting because we both will be finishing our mission in 2 cambios and they most likely won`t be closing our sector because its the Zone Leader Sector so that was unexpected, from the looks of it, I will be finishing my mission somewhere else... But thats not something to be thinking about, just a thought. All we can do is work! My mind is 100 % focused on El Es La Dádiva (He is the Gift) we have so much potential for new investigators that we have been blessed with through talking with Everyone in the street about this wonderful Video. Elder Cómena and I prayed, and Even fasted for help to find a certain number of New Investigators this upcoming week through El Es La Dádiva.... 17.... Thats the goal. I would love prayers from all you to be able to find 17 New Investigators this week. Im giving it my all, These last few months!

I don`t got much to say, and don`t have much time. But I`m just ready to find some people to get in the water and help them change their lives. 

Details for the skype call. no more than 40 minutes per call, since I have 2 families I can still get 2 calls, We were thinking about starting our call at 5 o clock in the afternoon in Chilean time on the 25th of Dec. I`m not sure what the time difference is in Texas and in Utah in comparison, but you all can google it, I`m a missionary I can`t. If 5 O clock my time works out for you all, let me know, If not, next week let me know a time that would be better. But try to make it work haha. If you don`t want a call from me I`m also fine with that hahah, I`m just doing this for mom cause I know she wants to see me. and fix some final details for when I get home. So I guess we will plan at 
5:00 pm - 5:40 pm (Chilean Time) I will call Utah, Mom and everyone
5:50 pm - 6:30 pm (Chilean Time) I will call Texas, Dad and Chase Etc... 

If not I`ll see yal in a few months. Tell me If that sounds good. 

Nothing much more to report. Im happy, Tired but happy. Working as hard as I can.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Surprise Baptisms

Surprise Baptism!!! hahah Mario Bruna received an Answer to his prayer that the 6th of December was the day he needed to be baptized... He said, "I know this is true so why wait?" hahah The Lord is guiding this work... After some quick adjustments, calls and planning. We had a great simple, but spirit filled baptism on Saturday. Mario had his mom and younger brother support him which was a giant step for them 2. I know they felt the Spirit during the Baptism. The Hermanador (I don´t know what that is in English... Friend sorta thing?) Was able to baptize Mario. He was so content and came up to us after and said to us that he has never felt so calm and relaxed in his whole life... This can´t be scripted... He is so sensitive to the spirit, He is a special man. He received the Holy Ghost and also the Aaronic Priesthood, as a Presbitero, yesterday as well. The Bishop has already taken Mario under his wing to help him in this process as a new convert to the church. Meet the newest member of the Barrio Lynch, Iquique! I live for saving souls... It gets me so sickly pumped hahah. #BaptizeIsLife

I haven´t had a scripture hit me as hard as 1 Corinthians 10:13 hit me this past week in maybe my whole life. While studying-praying-pleading for help for one of our investigators who recently told us a major challenge that she has been battling lately, I felt like the Lord put the answer in that scripture to me. I have read that scripture over 100 times, I have that scripture memorized from reading it so much, yet I have never felt so strongly about the atonement or the love of our Father in heaven than during my personal study a few days ago. We shared this scripture with our investigator. She is moving forward... Slowly but is not giving up on asking for help. She knows all this is true. I love these people so much, I just want them to feel the same happiness I have now. 

We have been focusing on El es La Dádiva (He is the Gift) lately... Inviting everyone to Youtube and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Wassup (Latin Texting app that without a doubt will use in my future) to watch the short clip of the First Gift of Navidad. Gettin our Street contacts on... I love the rejection, its worth it knowing finding 1 could change the life of them and your own. Dedicated only on finding through this, now that we have 0 people with Fecha... It came at a perfect time... Pray for new Investigators for our sector and the mission, and the world.... 

I love these Latin people. They love brownies... They think they are thee coolest and most delicious thing ever... Either I'm by far the best cook in the world or they really just like brownies because they freak out over the brownies hahah I have become an expert at making brownies because I do it 3 times a month at least. Silly Latins. I love them. 

I recently was informed from mi Amigazo Elder Sargent that Iquique is ranked #1 in the world for drinking Soda.... Correct me if I´m wrong but that just aint healthy. I am so sick of Coca Cola... But its so delicious so I don´t say no jajaja. I miss my Gatorade.... My Body is screaming for water.... I should probably give it some... Maybe later... Aint no body got time for that. 

The fleas have strucken again... My body is full of bites. We have a gringo from California in my sector who is a member... I love him to death... He´s a story for another day...  I´ll just say that I love testifying in my native language... But he is a doctor and he explained to me that my PH level in my body is very low so for that reason the fleas find me delicious... I knew it... I´ve always had that thought in my head if It was just me that thought I was delicious, now its confirmed... Yes... #LameMissionaryJokes but George (The Gringo that I am able to speak English to) gave me a paper to take to the pharmacy to buy a special soap to rise my PH Level... So hopefully the Fleas stop molesting me (Molestar = Annoy in spanish, Funny I know haha) So T.B.A. on the Flea situation. Iss all good though, not too bothersome. 

Chase and Ciera start looking for my future wife for me. Don´t blow it. 
Mom you´re the Best, Patience with dem Jóvenes of yours
Dad, keep being swaggy. 

Chase just boggled my mind again of what I´m doing after the mission by inviting me to live with him in SLC.... Devil Child.... I thought I was set... More praying for the future it looks like.... 

Elder Mason. C. Paxman Sr. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

El Es La Dadiva (He is the Gift)

El Es La Dàdiva, (He is the Gift). If you guys haven`t heard of this campaign the church has put millions and millions of dollars in yet, go to the website and get ready for the Christmas of your Lives. The whole project is focused on a short video that will be blown up all over the world. Remember the promise that says before Christ comes again, The Gospel will be known to all the world.... It's here.. Jk but it's getting close. This past Thursday while with our President in Leadership Council in Antofagasta, We were instructed and Edified by this campaign that is going to be happening for the month of December, letting the world know what the First gift of Christmas really was. Please go check it out, and share it, share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, Wikipedia, Whatsupp, vine, and whatever other Waste of time social network is out there. This video will be put at the header of Youtube, on December 7th. Whoever opens YouTube will be able to watch this video, its projected that over 220,000,000 will view the Video. It will be on Youtube all the other days, just not the header. In Time square New York as well, they have bought a giant billboard with the message as well, I hope I explained myself, because this initiative will be the whole worlds missionaries focus for the next month to SHARE THE GIFT. COMPARTIR LA DÁDIVA. I couldn´t be more excited and blessed to be called to be a missionary at such a time in the history of the church, we will be putting all of our forces to find new Investigators through this initiative, to help them accept our message. So excited for the greatest christmas of my life. Its hard to beat last years Christmas spending it with my Amigo Elder Mangum, But thats how life goes, we always gotta be getting better, so Así es. 

While in Antofagasta we also recieved some Instruction of some new rules occuring that we will be presenting to the zone tomorrow in our Meeting with our zone, The biggest news including no more Soccer, Basketball, Football, Etc... here in the mission. Its going to be a principal of Obedience and the missionaries understanding their true purpose as a servant of our Lord. The Mission might not take it very well, but we have to deliver the message in full support of our President and how he feels about the recent Big Injuries we have had here in the mission with some of my really close friends that had to end the mission early from such sports. It will be good to recieve more blessings for being more obedient. I will go and Do what the Lord has commanded me, We are planning on going Fishing next week for P Day haha, we will be able to play sports the rest of our lives, Anything to keep us here in the mission field for our full 2 years will be a blessing to us all. 

Up and Down week here in our Sector, Remember Mario Bruna from Last week, We started the week off good with him, His Hermanador in the church who we are having Baptise Mario won´t be here for work issues on the 13th of Dec. So we talked to Mario about getting Baptised a week Early so his friend could be here and because of his amazing progress, he was all for it, super excited. When we went back later on in the week he had a change of mind and obviously his family started talking, throwing out some rumors and stuff about the church, With his Sickness he is very easy to manipulate and thats what happened, his family convinced him not to take this step of Baptism. As we sat there thinking of what to say and how we could react in the best way for Mario, the only thing that came to our Mind was to bear wittness of the truthfulness of what he was about to do, Baptism, and the opening of the door to the Broad Path in front of him. We were very determined about the Invitation we left for him to do that very night which was put all the thoughts that we have said, that his mom has said to him, think for his OWN, and kneel to our Father in Heaven to ask him what to do... we left feeling sad, but also there was a glimmer of hope. As we returned the next day after a full day of stress and prayers. The Old Mario was back! hahah, oh how happy I was to see the same glow, He said he still would like a little more time to get to know more of the church but he was alright... still on the right path. He came to church yesterday for the 3rd time and this time he dressed up in a suite and Tie and everything. Better than most of the members hahah, so awesome. He loved the Church again and is happy to be apart of it. We´ll see how everything plays off this week. 

Some other great Miracles happening this past week as well, too many to count, like always, but A new family, a couple came to church, they are working on their Divorce Papers with previous Partners so they can get married, but they are progressing very well, José and Marcela. They loved church and even Downloaded the Church Library App to sing the hymns in sacrament Meeting. 

Another touching experience with an Investigator that has been coming to church for the past 2 months without fault, she just has 1 thing thats holding her back, she believes in the church, she loved the Book of Mormon, and after months of working with her Last night we found out what her Problem-Challenge is... now knowing how we can help her, even though its something I´ve never dealt with or have seen a problem with before in my mission, we can pray for her specifically, and teach to her needs... She is 23 years old, from Perú and needs help.... Its amazing the Love the Gospel brings when people just want to follow Christ... The only desire in their heart is to do good, even with Satan Right there. I grow so close to these people and especially this Investigator.

More Investigators progressing but Its hard for me to explain whats in my heart and the moments I have daily. I love being a missionary. My journal is going to be such a strength for me later on in my life remembering these moments I´m having. 

I bought a Fanny Pack today... I´m super cool hahaha. My way of thinking is just at the point Where I don´t care anymore hahah, I just want others to be happy, and I don´t care what people think of me helping them get there hahah, That was random... I also bought a Sick new Soccer Jersey today of a Chilean Soccer team.. My collection is now to 14 Soccer Jerseys and apporximidatly 200 Dollars spent.... but.... Like some famous dude always says... Go big or go home.... happy Christmas to me:) #SwaggyMcPaxman #CamNewtonStyle I finally bought Sunglasses for my lovely eyes... Its getting too hot here. The Summer Lovin here in Iquique, My new Glasses are Ray Bans, they costed me 3 Luca (about 6 Bucks) they defenitely are legit and not copies... dont yal worry. I look Fly but still professional like a missionary. I think thats all for today... I dont got much more to say other than I am content... Happy to be where I am. 

I would like to tell yal what I`m thankful for, because the Holiday of Thanksgiving doesn`t exist here I would like to let my feelings out. In no certain order... This Thanksgiving I`m thankful for...

.The Atonement
.My Father in Heaven and his love to send his Son
.The Prince of Peace
.My Giant Family of 11 Siblings and 2 Bonus Parents (Im lucky on that part)
.The Mission Chile Antofagasta, The mission that has changed my life
.Every last person that I have met here in Antofagasta, Arica, Tierra Amarilla, and Iquique
.My Dad, Brother, Bonus Brother, Grandparents, and Cousins examples of Serving missions. 
.Cameras, to take pics and remember these memories here
. A family that Prayers for me daily
. My Friends that support me
. Warm Showers whenever our Califon works, once a week usually
. My Soccer Jerseys
. A mission President that really cares
. A happy life
. and Much much more... But I am out of time... I love you all

Con Amor Elder Paxman


The City of Miracles

The Baptism of Thyare Lavìn went amazing... Her parents after years of being separated and out of activity in the church these past few months have came back so strong. With Thyare being 14 years old, we had the Dad come to the house of Thyare and the mom and we didn`t teach anything... We would have the parents teach all the lessons. Every little part, Its something that we have seen bring the family together even after so many years of being divorced it was so awesome seeing the parents of Thyare teach their daughter the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thyare has a friend in Church that they have grown super super close to in these past few months. I can`t say it enough how blessed I am to meet some of my best friends here. Thyare`s Dad and I have become such close friends and seeing him come back into activity in the church makes me so happy, He wrote me a letter after the Baptism of his Daughter in English saying `I couldn`t be happier, thanks` Simple but it hit me. It really was just another strong statement to my heart showing me that its not about me, Its not about what I say or do, Its the decision and Happiness that comes to these wonderful people and thier Family. I love that Family so much. It makes me so happy seeing them happy. After the Baptism of Thyare she came up to Elder Còmena and I and started Crying with her parents holding her and she said to us `I Feel So different, so much Lighter` Another Heart Wrenching Testimony Builder. This is not our work... The Lord is directing every step and every second of our time here. This gospel is true... so true. 

Here in the mission coming from our amazing Spirit filled President, We have been focusing more and more on something as a mission we call Trabajando Como una Sola Pelota (Working as just one Ball) which refers to Baptise, Retain, and Reactivate all in one. All at the same time, Which means with all our New Investigators we need to focus on getting them their Friend, here we call it an Hermanador, who can be with them in every lesson, sit with them at church, answer their questions, just be their friend through the process of getting to know the church. And working as just one Ball we focus on having those friends of our Investigators being Inactive members, or Members who were recently Baptised so that we can retain those members even better, Help the Inactive members come back to this Gospel WHILE Being able to Baptise a new member of the church. TRABAJANDO COMO UNA SOLA PELOTA. It works... Just look at the story of Thyare, We have other Recent Converts and Inactives who are helping us so much with some of our Investigators. Its the only way that our mission is going to see the success we need. The only way we can reach our goal of Baptising 240 monthly here in the Misiòn Chile Antofagasta. President Dalton is inspired, I don`t know how many times I`ve said that. but its true. 

I would like to Introduce you all to one of our Prepared incredible Investigators, Mario Bruna, He`s from here in Iquique, he is about 40 years old. We met Mario my second day here in the sector and ever since that day he has Skyrocketed into such a great Progressing Investigator. Mario has a slight Sickness of Epilepsia, but it doesnt impede him from Understanding or being able to progress. He reads every assignment we leave him, He is praying every night for an answer if Josè Smith was a prophet, If El Libro De Mormòn is true, and If this is the true church of God, and If he needs to be Baptised... And after a week or so of dilligently asking, he got his answer. After coming to church yesterday for the second time in a row he told us that the day before while saying a prayer he recieved his answer that this is where he needs to be, in this church. He felt something in his chest he said... Oh how I couldn`t stop smiling and thanking our Father in Heaven for help this amazing friend of mine get his answer. We showed Mario the Baptismal Font and He got all excited and asked if he could get baptised right there hahah. He has a baptismal Date for the 13th of December. Pray for him. He is such a good friend. Un Amigo Eterno. He has his Hermanador (Friend) who comes to every lesson. Go Mario. 

We have had some amazing lessons this past week. The Spirit seems stronger here in Iquique. jajaj I love it here. I`m not gonna lie I felt a little nervous my first few weeks about this sector and the members how I got recieved but i literally have come to adore this ward so much in this little time here. We have so much potential. I want to tell you another quick story. A mom who is a returned Missionary who has been a little far from the church these past few years is coming back strong, Her son is 8 years old and he is my best friend Jajaja Martin. He wants to get baptised so bad and his mom doesn`t want to force anything on him because her husband isn`t a member so she is letting the son do everything on his own. I gave him a book of mormon with Drawings inside it for little kids on Friday night, When we went back the next day he had read all the way to page 150. the book only has 156 pages hahaha what a stud. and he remembers what he read. Martin is such a good kid. I love him. We left an invitation for him to pray to see if he needs to be baptised. After coming back the next day he ran up to us and told us he recieved his answer, He told us and his mom he Felt like his Stomach was being Tickled after his prayer... Wow.... for this reason I love the little kids I meet here. Such sweet little spirits. So much closer to Feeling the Holy Ghost. Go Martin. The mom is happier than ever and so excited to have her little son get Baptised. Cool little story... Go Martin

Too many stories to write about, I`m enjoying every second here. Even though Summer is on its way here to Iquique I love leaving the Apartment to go out and work, It surprises me the amount of Miracles I see daily... Straight Miracles. Iquique has more people from other countries than Chileans, Bolivians, Peruvians, And columbians, and a few Gringo Missionaries haha. Like I`ve said before Working in my sector reminds me of what working in Miami would be like, I don`t know why but it does haha. The Pulgas (Fleas) have struck again, this past week They ate me alive. But its okay. I`m used to them. Every sector and city I go to, They seem to follow me haha But I`m fine. I sprayed the whole pension with Flea killer. 

Now for a little sad news. My Really good friend. Elder Adams who is from my group, from St. George as well, Went to Desert Hills, We were going to go home on the same day and meet up with our families in the Airport at the same time broke his leg the other day playing soccer. He had to go home and Get Surgery, He gave me a call the other day while he was in Santiago waiting for his flight home. He was bummed. So close to finishing his mission. So now here in the mission I feel like soccer will be banned because of the amount of Injuries that happen. Elder Adams told me he will be there at the airport waiting for me, So yal can meet him there. I love the kid. Good friend. 

I love you all. I`m happy. Blessings are being tossed my way daily. We have a family of 4 who all Have Fechas for baptism, and also Mario. The sector is looking great. I being a missionary! 

Hasta la Proxima Semana

Elder Sargent and a few other Gringo Elders went on an adventure to go find an abandoned Golf Course of only Dirt today... We failed. We ended up walking for about an hour just outside of Iquique. We had all the faith in the world to be able to find this Golf Course that I saw coming into Iquique a few weeks ago. But it was a fun Adventure we had. 

My Comp and I got pooped on yesterday by these Giant Birds... We were doing a contact at a door when We got demolished by these Birds... I`ll show you pictures later hahah it was hilarious but disgusting... So much poop.... jajaja. 

Elder Paxman


Friday, November 21, 2014

Semana De Intercambios

Wow... What a week family and friends.... Drained from all the spiritual experiences I am having here in the great city of Iquique... I have to literally ask myself why I`m so blessed to have grown so much here in these past months everyday. I can only show a small portion of my love to my Father in Heaven through giving it my all. For that reason it came to a point a few weeks ago where it hit me that the mission ends.... Talking with a few good friends the thought came to my mind whether it would be better to plan for the mission after life right now, or the last month of my mission. As hard as it was for me, and with lots of prayer, I came to the conclusion... and now I`m free.... I`m free of that thought of what do I do when I get home... I'm free to work these last 4 months the best I can. No distractions of the future. Just finding, teaching, getting our investigators married, baptizing, confirming, and doing everything in my power to keep them active and progressing.... That's my focus right now. Plans are made, mind is clear. It's better that way I felt. I don`t know why I thought to share that with you, but there it is.

I would like to start this email to yal with a few of the experiences of some intercambios I had with 3 amazing missionaries this past week. Intercambios are where I grow as a leader more. It not only gives me the ability to share stories of success with some of the younger missionaries, but also its a time to reevaluate myself and if i`m really implementing my time and literally everything I do, every lesson I have, in the best way possible. And obvio to help the missionaries see if they are doing the same, and if they aren`t, help them, with all the love in my heart, to start doing it. We have some Baller District Leaders here in the zone Iquique. All it comes down to what I have to teach them is that If we are obeying what President Dalton has taught us or not. If we are implementing the tools our amazing President has given us, we will see success, we will reach our goal of 240 Baptisms monthly here in the mission Chile Antofagasta. And that is what I saw with my intercambios. That Elder Ngatai, a missionary with 10 months in the mission, first time as District Leader, from Orem, Utah, is doing. He has all the Animo to get the things rolling in his sector and also to help those in his district. The same with Elder Cloward, also from Orem, Utah. I live with him, and we have came  close these past few weeks. Baseball player and Golfer and A bowler like me... We are the same person.... He has 7 months in the mission and as well his first time as District Leader... I learn so much from these young guns here in the mission. I always tell myself, to be like them, Always be one of those missionaries with the young spirit, the faith of baptizing the city that they have, that's what I need, and I love working along side some of these Elders for a Day or 2 to see the Animo rub off on me. 2 amazing intercambios that I will apply now into my work as a missionary to become even more blessed and see even more success here in Lynch. 

The last Intercambio was a special one.... I was able to work with a missionary who has 20 months in the mission like me, one of the Assistants to our President, Elder Palomino, from Cali, Columbia... 27 year old, always smiling, Speaks Fluent English... Amazing amazing missionary.. I will cherish what he taught me and how I felt walking along side him Saturday and all of Sunday. The cool thing about that was that him and his companion Elder Mangum were able to sleep in our pension FridaySaturday, and Sunday night, spending lots of time with us... Soooo great catching up with my Amigo Eterno Elder Mangum. So great to see how far we`ve come, and the relationship we have. Great intercambios this week. We saw miracles, that will take too long to explain them all, but know that I am changed from this past week full of intercambios and learning experiences. Wow.... Just wow...

Our Sector is exploding. With the extra focus in the only numbers we will be counting as a mission of baptisms, confirmations, fechas, Inv. in church, Lessons with Member Present, and New Investigators... We had amazing Results this past week, and to finish off the week of hard hard work finding a complete family of a mom and 3 daughters who all accepted to be baptized the 13th of December.... Amazing... Just amazing... I`m happy... The Lord blesses us when we are obedient.. 

The Zone Iquique is amazing all 24 missionaries are full of Faith and Animo to see success. We will be seeing 3 baptisms in the zone this next week, and here in our sector Thyare will be baptized this Saturday. She is amazing, so prepared and ready to make this step in her life. We are excited to see another Baptism here in the Sector. I still love my Companion Elder Còmena, Such a funny little Peruvian. I still see my best friend Tyler Strehlow everytime I see him. Focused and ready to baptize this City. Love you all so much

Elder Paxman 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Gorgeous Iquique

Familia Y Amigo, Donde Empiezo?¿? 
What a great Semana of getting to know my new sector here in Lynch, Iquique even more. By far thee most gorgeous sector I have been in. My sector is literally on the beach. Our pension as well. We live on the beach. It smells like fish all the time, but its something I'm worth sacrificing. Right outside of our pension there are lines of booths selling shark, fish, other sea monsters. As we go more inland, like I said last week, I feel like I'm downtown Miami, or if you can picture Downtown Disneyland where all the small shops and stuff are with the train tracks in the middle of the street, with the happy, tourist feeling... That's how I feel as I walk down the Main Street in my sector. Giant English looking buildings that somehow turn into houses as you knock the door. I'm lost at times just because of the elequince of the sector. The feel of the big buildings, New York rush as we walk down the streets. 
Something I have noted is that the people are more happy, more outgoing than they were the past 6 months in Antofagasta. A different feel and attitude to the people, I love it. With living in downtown Iquique we do have a lot of crazies in the street, but that's nothing I'm new to from what Chile has shown me especially coming from such a Flaite-Ghetto sector in Antofagasta. The crazy people are our friends haha. The one thing about working here and living in this downtown feel is that the ward is a floating ward, which refers to members coming and going, Which means baptisms but a little bit difficult for the members to stay for a while, but that doesn't stop us from giving this ward the best with our time here. The members we do have are amazing, hungry to work and bring family members and friends to church without us asking. Great Member Missionaries which means lots of work for us to do. 

Our Papito (Person who cooks for us) is a recent convert of my companion Elder Còmena and his previous Companion. The hard thing with coming to a new sector is that the members and investigators are always super sad to see a new face and not the missionary they are used to, but that's where the Elder Paxman Charm comes into place;) Jk Jk Lol....... But ya, I would have to say that is the hardest thing about missionary work for me right now... hahaha, It just goes to show HOW much I love being a missionary and have no complaints, If that's the hardest thing for me.. I'm doing pretty good. MY ANIMO IS HIGH. My companion Elder Còmena is a baller... literally reminds me of my best friend Tyler... Literally exactly the same... Except Elder Còmena never stops laughing hahaha Never! it makes me Laugh even more.. It is so funny when In a lesson and He Switches Immediately from his normal laugh-joking self to a Spiritual Giant.... hahaha It's hard for me to take him serious when we are in lessons.... I love the kid. I know I always say that the first week of transfers and then sometimes at the end of the cambio I don`t feel the same, but it's impossible with Elder Còmena hahah. My Little Peruvian Pal Pe. 

We were able to see the fruits of working hard this past week with 7 investigators in church, with 4 Fechas Bautismales. We have a baptism coming up this 22nd of Nov. A 16 year old whose mom recently is getting reactivated, Her name is Thyare (In English Tiari) The family is awesome, Thyare is prepared. 

We were able to find 5 new families this past week, Miracles. A few of them are ready and waiting for this message we had. Once again the feeling of someone getting to hear this message for the first time will never get old. La Restauraciòn Del Evengelio De Jesucristo. I love being a missionary. 

About 30 minutes away from Iquique on top of the giant hill is a city called Alto Hospico and that is where you will find my best friend Elder Sargent. I was able to see him a few times this past week, I love that Kid. We are in the same mission for a reason, I need him and he needs me cause I`m awesome. ;) Te Quiero Elder Sargent, He`s a Zone Leader as well and on that daily grind. 

This past week was time for my favorite meeting in all the mission we have, the Leadership council where all the Zone Leaders and Hermanas Lideres Entrenadores go to Antofagasta and hear the revelation from our President Dalton. I love the meeting being able to spend some time with my fellow ZL`s seeing some of the greatest friends I have made here in the mission, We were able to clarify some new rules and Asuntos here in the mission, Now we are only going to be reporting 5 Numbers to our Leaders. Baptisms, Baptismal Dates, Lessons With a Member Present, Investigators in the Sacrament meeting, and New Investigators... This will help the Mission Chile Antofagasta focus more on the correct purpose that we have. I'm Super excited to see the Success that we are going to see here in the mission to help the missionaries really focus on the end goal for the investigators. I receive more revelation in the leadership council than any other meeting. It was also amazing to see the new assistant of the Mission Chile Antofagasta My Boy Elder Tanner Mangum. I love the mission. Looking for the prepared people to give this message to. I miss you all.

Elder Mason C. Paxman

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bringing the Faith to Iquique!!!!

Cambios... Gotta love em. I was transferred to by far the most beautiful city I have been to here in the North of Chile. The city is called Iquique. Google it. Gorgeous. Right on the beach. My Sector is insane, downtown, I literally feel like I'm in Miami. The beaches are insane, some of the best ones down here in South America. A huge tourist city. I fell in love with this city from the second I got off the bus. I'm still a Zone Leader and from the looks of it will most likely finish my mission here in Iquique. My companion is such a funny Guy hahah Elder Còmena. From Perù! I love the kid, He reminds me so much of my Boy Tyler Strehlow, IGUALITO. I'm so stoked for I hope these 2 cambios With him. The zone is the biggest zone in the mission, 24 missionaries. My last zone only had 16, so the good thing is, more Baptisms here in the zone.

As my President told me I was sent here to bring back the faith to the city of Iquique. Lots of missionaries lack faith that they can find prepared people, There is a reason I'm here with Elder Còmena and I are together. He`s got the vision and the faith and I learned from the best about that topic (Elder Mangum (The new Assistant of the Mission Chile Antofagasta)) WE BE BRINGING FAITH BACK TO IQUIQUE BABYYY. I am soo stoked to be here and can`t wait to get to know the sector - Ward - Investigators. I love Cambios for this part but Also was just as hard as it was to say goodbye to Tierra Amarilla as it was to say goodbye to Antofagasta... Especially Dayanna and Her Family and some of the families that I Grew to love... The Fomè(Lame) about the Mission. But The Mission must go on.

Straight Miracles happened these past few weeks in Antofagasta. Investigators popping out of nowhere, prayers said and being answered for them about the true church.... Amazing... Just amazing... I'm going to miss my home town Antofagasta. A total of 9 months there in my mission. But like I said, the faith is now here in Iquique and I am so ready to find those people that the Lord has prepared for Elder Còmena and I to find.

Chilean Halloween was lame. Just half the people fighting the other half of the people that Halloween is the Devils holiday. Obviously if we tell our kids its the Devils holiday they will believe it, but if we tell them it's about candy and dressing up it's not bad.... Whatever... It's not a very popular holiday here in Chile.

I'm happy, full of animo (excitement) for this new city, new comp, new opportunity. I miss you all and I'm focused! Mom you`re the best. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Livin on the Moon

What a week.... There`s too much to say... Y Tengo Flojera to write yal errything that happened, Entonces Pucha po... Cachai....

I could name this week, week of miracles. Small miracles. Big miracles. It's all the same for me. It's just another brick added to my testimony... Brick? I don`t know why I used brick as an analogy but I guess it works... jajaj. My testimony grows day after day of this work, of this gospel, of my family, of my future... Words can`t explain it. 

Alejandra Ortiz. One of my most favorite families here in the sector of Las Arenas. She has the heart the size of my mom`s heart. Thee most thoughtful, loving, unselfish person to us missionaries. She has been meeting with missionaries for exactly 1 year. She is convive (Living with her Partner) and he is still technically married (very very common here in Chile) His Wife-Ex Wife-Confusing situation hasn`t wanted to sign the divorce papers, so he was needing to pay a giant fee of like 6 Millones de Pesos (About 12,000 Dollars) which obviously he couldn`t in order for him to get divorced and then Get married to Alejandra and then Alejandra could get baptized.... She is converted. Comes to church every week, (except for the weeks she gets lazy and sleeps but that's okay I don`t blame her too much) She was a huge believing evangelica (I don`t know what that is in English). But now adores the missionaries for what they have taught her. I'm just another missionary who was blessed to get to know such a prepared person. Juan (her partner) has a little trouble with smoking, As an inactive member for many years, he has the will to come back, we have been joking around of when he will stop smoking every time we go over, I hide his cigarettes and stuff like that. This past week, Juan received a call from him Wife-Exwife asking him why they don`t just get divorced already.... Tears came into his eyes when he told us this, He said thee most spiritual prayer, Thanking God for the Miracle to Soften the Heart of his Ex Wife... Alejandra is now soooo excited to finally after 13 years of Living together, Get married with Juan, they have a 16 year old son, Fabian who is a stud, Recent Convert and a 5 year old, Patty. The Day we went over for them to tell us the great news, Juan Handed over his last pack of cigarettes to me and I handed him the rest of my sunflower seeds, Thee greatest switch I could have ever made. He committed to never smoke again and prepare so he can baptize his wife in the upcoming months. A miracle. I love that family. I will never forget that night! The sunflower seeds have helped him these past few days and now has 3 days without smoking and the urge to smoke hasn`t been too strong. I love them. and I love our father in heaven for making all that happen. Softening the heart of the Ex Wife. 

Dayanna said the opening prayer in sacrament meeting. I was a proud missionary that day. So spiritual and ready.

I have become a professional at receiving personal revelation 5 minutes before I have to give a talk in sacrament meeting because one of the people didn`t show up who was prepared to speak... I love that about the mission. I could talk about this gospel for days. I spoke about all of you guys :) I love my family and the examples I have. People like hearing I have 12 Siblings, even though not all are blood, I still tell people I have 12 Siblings haha. 

We saw another great miracle, (Sorry I'm running out of time, I won`t be able to tell you everything) Lets just say, offering service and helping build an addition to a new families house was able to soften their hearts to come to church, and the Dad asking us, When Can I Get Baptized? Such an awesome family. He has to get divorced and married as well... Go figure. But It was awesome to see that family of 3 come to church with us. And P.S. I'm a baller constructor. I have a good future in Construction ;) 

Today we hiked up the highest mountain here in Antofagasta. Overlooking the whole city. I literally live on the moon. Thee driest desert in the world. But it's so gorgeous! I love Antofagasta. 

That's all the time I got Family. I'm happy. Cambios this upcoming week, They call us on Saturday, so we will see what happens. I have 6 months in my sector so its possible que me voy.

Love yal with all my heart. Mom you are an angel.

Elder Paxman