Monday, May 20, 2013

2nd Week

Quile Peliar?   I doubt I spelled that right.... Chileans have a lot of slang words and different words for a lot of things then regular Spanish. I dk... I´m still confused with all this different language stuff.... I think I went up from understanding 4% of what these crazy Chilean speakers speak to like 9%..... so looking at the brightside..... I´m getting better haha. sorta.... Jota Kay.... everything is starting to get better though. I´ve gotten in a routine so I now know where places are and sorta what I´m doing and also sharing a little more in the lessons. 
Our Baptism with Carolina (14 year old) and Ruth (45 year old) got postponed because the mom´s brother was in town.... shoot... I´ve learned in this short time that Satan is trying his very hardest to not have these people baptized. But we set the date for the 25th of this month (Mom´s birthday) so we will really really push to get them in this month... we can do it. But if not we might have to do it in June... ugh... We need to reach our goal this month of baptisms as a zone and we need these 2. I like reaching goals, we don´t focus on goals tooooo much because we want to do all this in the Lord's time but goals are good to have.
Ruth and Carolina are the only ones with baptismal dates but we have 4 really good potential investigators (Investigators with at least 2 or more lessons taught and are keeping committments). 
James and Rocio are Con Vive... they live with each other and aren´t married, usually these people are hard to work with but Elder Smith and I have a good feeling about them. They have been wanting to get married for years and we might have come into their life to fix all that. They have 2 beautiful kids and they live in a one room house that is as big as my room at home... its so humbling to see all these people and the crappy living conditions they have to deal with. But they seriously are such amazing people with the kindest hearts ever. Even when they slam doors in our faces they do it in a kind way hahah. 
Daniela is our other investigator. Her whole family are recent converts but her boyfriend is Catholic. She opened up to us our last visit and I think is changing her mind about how she is living her life. She is about 22 years old and has a 2 year old son, Martin. Martin is a fetching boss I love that kid so much!!! I want his mom baptized so he can have a good life. I´ll try and get a picture with him this week because we´re best friends haha. But he´s been having some really bad stomach pains and Daniela wanted us to give him a blessing this week so we did. What a great experience that was even though he was crying the whole time. Hopefully Daniela´s mind will be opened even more to know what she has to do. 
Naomi is our other Investigator. We were touching doors the other day and it was the VERY last door we touched, about 9:50 at night and we decided to knock one more and her mom answered. Her mom is 27 and got pregnant when she was 13, P.S. that is very very common here, and now the mom has 5 kids. Naomi is 14 and then 4 sibling under the age of 3... and the dad just left after the last one was born.... its so sad the circumstances of some of these people. But the mom is baptized and loves loves the church but she is working all the time and can´t go and since she got pregnant at 13 she hasn´t gone in years but she went from sunbeams up to 13 years old. so she wants Naomi baptized. So this week were gonna teach her and hopefully set a fetcha.
Chile is awesome!!! they love English music so walking in the streets I hear lots and lots of music hahaha oops... sinner.... and the Spanish music is awesome too. When I get home that´s all I´m going to listen to so be ready hahah. Barchata is the sickest kind of music hahah. The little kids here love the gringos.. they run up to us and yell, HELLO 1 2 3, cause that´s all the english they know. Then when they do that we say, "Oh my gosh you speak English I´ve been looking everywhere for someone who speaks English how are you? Where are you from? How old are you? Whats your favorite jello...." hahahahah were so mean. they just stare at us with a blank look.... suckers hahaha. 
Oh yeah I threw up this week... that night I was looking at my plate a member gave to me and I was praying that I would finish it.... You HAVE to eat everything on your plate or it´s very mean... I ate it all but 4 hours later I threw it up hahaha. I´ve prayed many times already that I could finish my plate haha. Chile is weird cause they have all their food and milk and condiments and EVERYTHING in bags... yeah bags... fetching weirdos but I love it. The Chilean people are such nice people, they love everyone we start church 15 minutes late every week cause all the members are kissing and hugging each other and shaking EVERYONE'S hands. haha I love it. I hope everyone is doing good. I love you so much.
Elder Paxman


Julie said...

Fun update! The pictures are awesome. Looks like such a beautiful area! Gotta love the ocean.

Wayne Cable said...

Elder Paxman,
I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work and stay just as positive as you are right now. I am happy to know that the Lord is already blessing with some success. I hope you get a little better with the food thing. That can be a real Toughie!!
Love you,
G-Pa Cable