Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mason Has Arrived in Chile!

Dear Family and friends.

I just wanted to quickly write to you and let you know that your missionary has arrived safely in Antofagasta, Chile!  We had a wonderful day today with a group of 21 missionaries that we welcomed into the mission.  What a wonderful spirit of enthusiasm and testimony they have brought with them from the MTC.  With the exception of a very few of them, most of them were put on overnight buses and sent out to their new sectors where senior companions await them.  Do not fear however, all of them are traveling with a former assistant from the office, or another experienced missionary that is traveling to their area with them.  We marveled at the greatness of this group!

Also, for the past several months we have maintained a mission website and a mission blog where we constantly updated photos, stories, and converts.  However, in our latest mission president seminar, we were asked to disband our “social media” and maintain a very “low profile” so that privacy issues were not divulged and so that the church did not incur any liability.  Thus, we have significantly curbed our social activity on the internet (unfortunately for all of you as it is very fun to see your missionary in action!) but do so in obeying our called church leaders.  We can testify to the wisdom and clairvoyance in this counsel!

For your immediate comfort, we have provided you a link to our first day together.  If you have any questions about your missionary, do not hesitate to respond back to me.  Also, in maintaining a low social media profile, Sister Bruce is very active in Facebook and I would recommend that you “friend” her (Tracy Taylor Bruce) as she often will post a photo or two throughout the week as we visit with missionaries. Thank you for all that you do in raising these fine missionaries!

Presidente Leland E. Bruce
MisiĆ³n Chile Antofagasta


Realtor Chantel said...

I have such a handsome son!! Everyone looks so happy! Antofagasta looks like a beautiful place to serve. I couldn't be more proud (and scared) :-)

Claudine Cable said...

His mission president seeme to be very good. I love the pictures. Hope all goes well.