Monday, June 3, 2013


Hello everyone. Im sitting in a Jumbo right now... it's like a Wal Mart. It's the first time ive seen actual American food so you can understand my excitement.... It's the first time I've seen Dr. Pepper..... Ya, I might have possibly over spent hahah. I flippin love Dr, Pepper.. I spent 26 Mil, which comes out to be like 52 dollars, but its okay because the first 3 weeks I was here I only spent 3.7 Mil (7dollars) on food because I had noooo idea what was going on hahaha silly Mason....So for that reason I have a loooot of extra money from last month. So i decided to go all out today now that I sorta know what's going on in life around me... not completely but a little....

The Baptism this week fell through again... I'm still really upset about it soooo I just will avoid the subject.... but this week we have Aliza... she is so perfect. She bore her testimony this week in church. She has been going to church for 12 years and she just got married on Friday so she said, "Now that I'm married, nothing will stop me from getting baptized." She is so awesome. We spent Friday helping her get ready for her wedding, so this saturday she will be getting baptized!!!! My first one. I'm super excited. 

The love I have for these people is really insane.... I hated everyone back at home... that was a joke... sorta. I just always loved being by myself and hated to talk to people. But since I've been on my mission I have gained such an amazing love for the people and want nothing more than for them to be baptized... That's why I'm here is to invite others to come unto Christ. And that is where I find all my happiness here is through the people. I've always asked myself why return missionaries or members of the church aren't out everyday showing that same love to people. Why aren't you still baptizing people after the mission? And I believe that it is because of me being SET APART as a missionary. I have a power right now and it gives me the ability to love and to care for these people. It's so amazing the feelings I have while I'm teaching the people. All I want is for them to be happy. Even the little kids who swear at me in the streets. I flippin love them hahaha.

I dont know if it's all of Chile, but here in the north they have very poor living conditions. Beat up houses, tiny tiny rooms, and yet amazingly you'll see the same houses with flat screen TVs and they ALL have iPhones hahaha it's quite funny to see where their priorities are. hahah. Thank you so much family for my birthday package. I believe everything got safe to me. I absolutely LOVED everything in there. So thank you sooo much. I had a great great birthday. The members and my companion took care of me very well. I'm using my candy as motivation. I'm not eating it until I complete my goal of 5 baptisms. And then I'll eat the next one when I get 10 baptisms haha. 

Chileans speech is very confusing at times. They have a lot of different slang words than Mexico and Argentina. It's like the US having all of our crazy slang words. So it's fun to learn them and to say them hahaha. The common ones are bacán which pretty much means cool. I tend to say that a lot. Another is Qué Foamy (That might not be how you spell it), which means "How Lame" hahaha. I like that one. And another one they say a lot is "Pucha" which is like "shucks, or shoot" And also one more is "Flayte" which is like the hood, or the thug part of town or how someone dresses is Flayte hahaha. I live where it is very Flayte hahah. Something that EVERY FLIPPING Chilean says is "Po".... Yes Po, It has no meaning... they just say it after their sentences.... Its so random and it was so hard for me to understand what they were saying because they talk so fast. They dont say the "S" if it's at the end of a word. And they say Po after every sentence. You guys are gonna have a hard time understanding me when I get home haha. It's a different world here in Chile. 

Everything is going good. Frustrated with my Spanish, but good. It will come... I hope. 
I miss you all so much. Thank you for the prayers. I think about you all the time.

Con Mucho Amor Elder Paxman


Julie said...

Great pictures--fun letter!

Wayne Cable said...

It is amazing to know how much we can learn to love people we share the gospel message with. I am happy you enjoyed some pleasure for your b-day. You are in our prayers daily. Keep working hard, and the Lord will multiply your efforts with great success.
G-Pa Cable

Claudine Cable said...

I feel so bad for you with your battle of the fleas. I hope you soon figure out how to make things better. I loved the photos you sent. I especially love the one of you above the playing field - was it soccer? I was also amazed at how quickly and easily an immense love came to me for the investigators, the members and just plain the people when we were on our mission. That is one of the things I loved the most about serving. I hope your baptism goes through and that others will come along who are prepared to receive your message. It makes all the difference in people's lives. Love you and love to hear how you are doing.