Monday, June 24, 2013

New Companion

Hola people. 

I don't know where to start and I have a lot of e-mails to write  back to. My companion is a flippin stud, we are still in the honeymoon stage but I'm doing everything I can to serve him. Elder Martinez. He is from Ecuador. He has been out on the mission for 7 months and he is a convert of just 3 and a half years. That helps so much when we are in lessons and trying to help our investigators change because he is proof that you can. He is so good at teaching and getting to know the investigators on a personal level, so they are comfortable to share with us. He is a straight up capo. I can´t speak English anymore hahah. He knows zeroooo English so at times I get frustrated trying to understand him and I'm sure it's the same for him with me being patient with me and my Spanish, but honestly this is the best thing for my Spanish. I'm learning sooooo much because I HAVE to hahah. We found 4 possible baptisms this week while touching doors. When the companionship is obedient you can really see the blessings. In just one week with him I can see so many blessings. I know my sector pretty well now. It's one of the smallest sectors in the mission and I've been here for 7 weeks so all is good. Hopefully things keep going up. 

I live with my zone leaders and they know that my best friend, Joey Sargent is coming in next cambio so they are telling EVERYONE that I'm ready to train...... A gringo who has 2 cambios NEVER trains hahahah but how awesome would that be if I trained Joey. So the assistants are aware and they are basically running the mission  because we get our new president in 4 days. So hey I could be the first Gringo to train hahahaha, LETS DO IT hahahah. 

We have 2 fetchas for baptisms right now. Leo is 21 and he loves me, not to brag or anything hahah. He is awesome. He is the boyfriend of the daughter of my last baptism, so this week we met with him and taught him the importance of baptism. He said he doesn't feel ready but he reallly wants me to baptize him :) so I bore my testimony very very strong spirit and basically said, "as a representative of Jesus Christ, I'm telling you, you are ready." Como Un Represente de Jesucristo, Yo se que usted es listo, Yo se... that's what I said and I have never felt the spirit more strong. That's not even the correct way to say it in Spanish but my point got across to him. He accepted the fetcha and is getting baptised the 13th of Julio. Such an awesome experience to set my first Fetcha:):) We found a few other active 9 and 10 year old members in the church where their parents just haven't baptized them.... Why you ask.... That's Chile for ya.... hahaha complete blessings that we are finding these amazing people to baptize. Gotta flippin love it!!!!!!

Whenever we are in a lesson people see me as the new gringo so they make fun of me for not being able to understand and stuff and its frustrating but it's not like I can't understand EVERYTHING they say. If someone is speaking for a long time I know the topic they are talking about. It's getting better, especially with my new companion having to speak allllll day in spanish. 

The people that told me it's always hot here lied. We are just now getting into winter and the mornings are FREEZING. I get bundled up in my scarf and jacket and blanket hahah. All is well. 

When people ask where I'm from I tell them I'm from Colorado hahah because all Gringos are from Utah so its the " Favorica" so they automatically hate you if you are from Utah. So I say I am from Colorado but I'm studying in Utah hahahha, darn Utah Mormons. Also I get really confused on how many people to say are in my family. It takes me a while to explain... I have a confusing family hahaha. Anyway, I dont have a lot of time. I love you all so much. Thank you for everything. I'm doing well. Hard to believe I have been out 3 months.

Elder Paxman


Julie said...

What? It's been THREE months? Wowzer! What a fun letter. Nothing like being thrown into the fire with a companion who only speaks Spanish!! That's awesome. Don't freeze to death--we love you (even if we are those Utah Mormons).

Julie (and Tom too)

Claudine Cable said...

Do you say you're from Colorado but your parents live in Texas and Missouri. You do have "a confusing family" but it is a great one and you just have that many more people to love you. I loved this email! So glad you are doing well. The work you are doing sounds exciting. Our Stake President is going to be the new Mission President of one of the missions in Ecuador. I hope you will love your new mission president. How lucky for you to be with the zone leaders. They will find out how awesome you are. Way to challenge that young man and I hope the 13th of July is fabulous. Katelyn is doing super well in the MTC. We saw her on the Broadcast on missionary work. She was in the MTC choir (gold sweater on the isle). This work is the Lord's and He is with you. Love you Mason. Grams

Wayne Cable said...

I loved reading your last e-mail. I am so happy that you now have a companion that requires you to learn the language. Heavenly Father knows how to answer our prayers. Love that you are having success. Keep working hard, and know that you are loved by at least two Utah Mormons that I know really well.