Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello Family and Friends.

I Have had lots of different feelings this week. Happiness for my awesome brother returning from his mission and a little sad I couldn't be there to share in the excitement. The more I think about it the harder it is for me. I feel like my job and vision as a missionary has been strengthened by Chase's example. I'm just a little 19 year old kid and the mission can be tough at times. But reading the messages from my sister, Dad, Mom, Aunt Julie, and Chase gives me SOOOO much joy to be here on a mission. It is such a weird feeling I get when I think about all my family and friends who have this gospel in their lives and how much I want to save the souls who might be falling away or don't have it in their lives. It's kinda a funny thing right now because I'm in an internet shop with about 20 teenage flaite kids who are swearing in Spanish every other word and yet thinking about all of you with the gospel in your lives I feel the spirit so strong here hahah. Silly Chilean teenagers. I have a profound love for all of you and I need to just forget myself and go to work for you all back home and the Lord. The mission brings blessings to you all so I will always keep that in mind when I'm feeling down here in Chile. Sorry. Random but ya, just felt like sharing that.
Things are good here in Arica, Chile. Fighting everyday to find people to come unto Christ. Love you all so much. A little summary of my best friends so you can know how they are doing. Tyler is playing college baseball at Salt Lake Community College and I couldn't be more excited for him to be living my dream. Trevor is serving a mission in 20 Days in Argentina!!!!! I am soooooo excited for his desire to serve the Lord. And Joey is here in Arica with me serving in this mission. Gosh I love my best friends. Okay. Love you all.

Elder Paxman

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Wayne Cable said...

Elder Paxman,
Please keep on serving, and depending upon Heavenly Father to keep you going. Chase is a wonderful example, but you have every strength of character to be just like him or even better. You have a great personality, and people find it easy to talk with you. Just know that you are in our prayers, and what you are doing is so incredibly important to everyone you meet. The work of salvation, is so needed at this time. The time is short, and all of us our needed in the work. I love you Mason.