Monday, August 12, 2013

Pacman Waka Waka

Hi People,

With a new president of our mission there are a few rule changes happening in our mission. One of my favorite is there is no limit on our internet time!!!!!!!! Score... So ya. E-mail me I guess. We still are only allowed on church websites but with ALLLL the people e-mailing me I can now write them back... That was a joke.... Ya okay...

I gave a talk yesterday in my new ward Pukarani. I wasn't nervous one little bit.. oh and the talk had to be in all Spanish too.... silly Chileans who don't know English.... I hope through e-mails people can catch my sarcasm and jokes... Oh well. I talked about, in Spanish, how the world is changing so much and how missionaries were enough in the past but President Monson has a different vision. He wants us to work with the members. So I talked to our members about how we NEED their help. The doors in our sector have been touched thousands of times...sarcasm... so we need the help of the members. I spent about 20 minutes talking in Spanish about missionary work... I'm getting to the point where my Spanish is flowing really well... Finally.... I'm proud of my accomplishment =)

Being a little new in this area and meeting all the people here it's really funny watching them try to say my name... I never thought Paxman was a hard name to pronounce but for them I guess it's close to impossible. They all call me PACMAN WAKA WAKA, and then follow up by laughing really loud at their joke.... silly Chileans. I don't mind being called Pacman. I've actually started introducing myself as Pacman... Silly Mason... As my Spanish and my accent is getting better more and more people sincerely ask me if I'm Chilean.... Compliment to the max.... Sorry I'm being very proud in this e-mail but whatever. YOLO... I have a face of a Chilean I guess.. Sick.

Life and the Mission is a lot better when you just have fun. Obviously I'm not disobedient but with Elder Rogers we like to find different ways of finding investigators to teach. We bought a broom the other day and would do door approaches asking if we could help them sweep their front porch. Chileans front porches get realllly dirty really fast because of all the dirt here. A lot of people looked at us weird but that's the mission. haha. Silly Elders... 
We have an Investigator named Fransisca, shes 20 and is really really good. We were teaching her the plan of salvation the other day and after she asked, "what do I have to do to live in the Celestial Kingdom?", and we obviously told her baptism. And then she asked if she needed to take a test to be baptized and we told her just a simple interview. She asked if she could do a pretend interview right there. So we did the baptismal interview and she said yes to every single question including if Josesph Smith was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon is the true book. She answered OBVIO to those.... and yet she didn't want to accept a fecha for Baptism but she is GOLDEN. All is well here. Working hard at having a positive attitude. The mission is difficult very very... but all is good.

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

It's so fun to hear that your Spanish is getting easier and easier. Awesome!!! I love the sweeping door approach. I'd let you sweep my porch! Keep up the good work.

Aunt Julie (and Tom too)