Monday, November 18, 2013

Convert Blesses The Sacrament

Hi Family,

Short email today sorry, a little stressed, but hey that's the mission.. This past week was pretty calm, doing the daily routine, trying to find people to teach and stuff. The mission routine is a rough one but its okay. It will all pay off in the end. Our convert from last week, Andres, was able to bless the Sacrament this Sunday. We practiced so much before and he was super super excited and nervous for his first time blessing the Sacrament. I can't really explain the feeling watching your convert bless the sacrament haha. It's like a dad's love for his son... I think... I don't have any sons that I know of, so I wouldn't be too sure, but I would imagine it's the same haha. Andres also went on intercambios and me and him worked together while my comp went with someone else. He´s already doing missionary work. He´ll be a Missionary in no time. What a stud he is. It makes me smile :)

Other than that, normal week of working hard. It is HOT HOT HOT here in Arica, Chile right now. Days are loooong walking in the heat. Everyday we come home and I just die in my bed from exhaustion. But it's a good thing don't worry. It means I'm working hard.
Our Fecha is going to have to run to another date in the future with our family of 3. There is some paper work we are going to have to help with dealing with divorce and marriage and stuff but it will all work out, no worries. 

To shower in the mornings I boil hot water in a little stove thing and put it in a water bottle and dump the water from the bottle on me.... Oh the struggle. Our pension only has cold water... The mission right ;) haha all is good though. I'm doing alright... Trying super super hard to have as much patience as possible with some things here... but the Lord is helping me.... 
We had a little tiny conference with our President of the Mission yesterday and I felt like it was exactly meant for me some of the words he said. The Lord knows what you need and he will make a way for you to get what you need... If that made sense... 
Love you all. So proud of all of you. Thanks for the love and support and I love my best friends Tyler, Trevor, Tanner, and Joey. They are studs. I saw Joey yesterday. I want to cry every time I see him.. My family and friends make me so happy... Okay ya I'm done now haha sorry. Love you. Chau.

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Oh boy. I LOVE hot showers, so I would certainly miss that a lot if I were over there. Plus my hair would look ridiculous all the time. Amazing what we take for granted here in the good 'ole U.S.A.! Keep up the good work Mason and remember as you're trudging through the heat that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! You'll be tough as nails when you finish your mission!!

Love you,
Aunt Julie (and Tom too)