Monday, November 4, 2013



Sorry I don't have much time today. We just got back from a place called Lago Chungara, the most high altitude lake in the world or something idk.... It's a long ways away so it was an all day P-day activity. It is so awesome. I´ll send some pics. I took a lot!!!!

Anyways this week was a pretty darn good one. We were blessed to find a whole bunch of new investigators with a little help from our other missionaries in our zone who helped knock doors and did a zone attack. We also set 4 more fechas (baptismal dates) this past week for the 16th of Nov. and the 30th for a family of 3. I´ll tell you more about them and the other fecha next week. I'm low on time. But ya, we had a very productive week and hopefully we can keep finding people who are ready and want to hear our message. I remember an Email from Chase about a year ago that said he had 12 people on date for baptism so I gotta catch up to that haha jk.... but 5 is really really good and doesn't happen very often so hopefully the Lord will help these families make it to their baptism and progress everyday. Their names are Kelly, Ivan, Ivania, Giorginia, and Andres.

Andres is a.... strange story of how we found him. I was on intercambios with a young man in our ward one night and we were on the street corner and Andres walks up to us and tells us he is an investigator in our church..... wellll okay hahah. so we went along with it and he said he wants to keep getting the lessons so I got his number and we planned on passing by his house the next day. The next day in the morning he called us and told us that he wants to be baptized..... okay.... that NEVER happens so obviously we were a little confused but we went along with it and told him the things he needs to do to be able to get baptized. He agreed to all of them and the next day he went to church and we had a lesson with him after sacrament and we put a fecha with him for the 16th, in 2 weeks.

It turns out that he has been investigating the church for 5 years and he just barely turned 18 and he needed his mom's permission and signature to get baptized under the age of 18. So he has been going to church for the past 5 years and wants to get baptized, but with the recent ward boundary change he was assisting in another ward so now he is in our ward and the missionaries from the other ward stopped passing by...... ummmm ok hahaha how awesome. So ya we have a fecha with him and another family so he will be having an interview with the Bishop this Wednesday to see if he needs anything else.. But ya awesome huh.. haha.

This past week we did a lot of intercambios with members and I left with the Stake President and our Bishop. So we are working super hard with members and our ward. It was awesome to leave with the Stake President. He is trying to show all the Bishops in the Stake the example that they should leave and go on intercambios with the missionaries so ya haha cool, he´s a stud, very direct, reminds me of Elder Holland except he speaks Spanish....

This past week was my comps birthday. I made him breakfast. I'm such a good companion I know ;) jk. But ya we had a few asados (barbaques) and we put 3 fechas on his birthday so it was a good day for him haha. There is an Elder in our ward who is leaving to Paraguay on Wednesday. His name is Malcoln, he´s a stud. So we had a little party for him to say goodbye. I look up to him like he´s my comp. We did a ton of intercambios with him, I´ll send a pic of him. I have a lot of pictures this week I might have to show you all the rest in 17 months cause I have too many to send home. mmmm but ya...

Good week. We are working hard and hopefully we can work just as hard this upcoming week. The Lord is blessing me with patience... I ask for patience every night. That's probably the hardest thing for me to have but it's getting better..... I think.... Anyways love you all. I'm happy.

JK... the pictures aren't loading.... sad day..... sorry. Pictures are my favorite part of the day :( I'm sad oh well. Next week I´ll send a bunch.

Elder Paxman


Julie said...

I love to hear about all this success!! Your successes mean the Lord is blessing his children in Chii with the gospel. How cool that you get to be a part of that.

Wayne Cable said...

You are incredible!! You must be doing something right to have Heavenly Father just drop a baptism at your feet. Keep up the good work, and He will continue to bless your efforts. I love you Mason, and I know you are doing a great job! Most of all, Heavenly Father is happy with all you are doing.
G-Pa Cable