Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Well family great news for us 4 missionaries down here in Tierra Amarilla! Our hard work is paying off and we are really seeing the Lord bless us because of our consistent obedience and desire to work and change this branch. Yesterday we had an assistance of 68 people in church. That might not sound like a lot but considering for the 40-50 years that this branch has been here the previous record was 55 and about 3 months ago only about 30 people were attending church... Tierra Amarilla was known as ¨the worst sector in the mission¨about 3 months ago. Every Elder did not want to get called here because there was NO success. The assistants of our mission sent us 4 Elders an email today congratulating us and said, ¨Soon everyone will want to be transferred there. You have truly proven that there are no “bad sectors”, it only requires the missionaries to find a way and bring obedience that then the Lord is “bound” to bless you with miracles. Continue to have the faith to see more miracles.¨ We are very happy with our hard and diligent work that Elder Keele and Mangum and now me and Elder Mangum are doing here in Tierra Amarilla. Our goal is to have 80 in church! We are very excited for the work we have ahead of us here in Tierra Amarilla. 

Elder Mangum and I are having a blast here together. It's always a great time on the mission when you are best friends with your companion. Ya we have our differences at times but we love each other and I'm glad to be able to work along side Elder Mangum. Elder Mangum and I get made fun of every day for have gaining so much weight... Mostly just Elder Mangum though hahaha He gets so mad at the Chileans when they call him ¨waton¨ which means fatty... hahaha it's so funny cause literally 99% of the Chileans have no room to talk.... hahah I just bust up laughing every time. Mangum doesn't think it's very funny.... hahaha Freaken Mangum. Here in Chile I would guess that the national food is tomatoes.... The people eat them with EVERYTHING.... Mangum and I both despise tomatoes so you guys can imagine the fun we have with trying to hide them in napkins and put them in our pockets without the Chileans seeing us.... hahah oh the joys of the mission... I think we got caught the other day... oops hahaha. 

Do you guys remember about 3 years ago when the 33 miners got stuck underground about 750 Yards for 2 months... Well that happened here in CopiapĆ³ about an hour away from Tierra Amarilla. We have an investigator, Luis, who is famous here in Chile for being one of the best chef´s in Chile. He was 1 of 4 chefs who cooked for the 33 miners during when they were underground. They had special tubes to send the food down to them and Luis has a bunch of cool things like the actual tubes and stuff. He literally cooks like theee best food in the world I have ever tasted.... he LOVES the missionaries and cooks for us every time we come over to teach him. He is a genius in the kitchen. Luis and his daughter and partner (soon to be wife) are more active than most of the members. He has only missed 2 Sundays in like 3 months, which is saying something for an investigator but we have to wait a bit for his divorce papers to finish up with his previous wife for him to get married and then baptize him and his daughter. His partner is already a member from when she was a kid. So ya. That's Luis. He´s awesome. 

We have 3 Fechas for January. Jackaline (Jacko) and Sofia for the 4th and Andres for the 11th. They are all soooo excited to change their lives and forget their past and to feel the work of the atonement in their lives through baptism. Andres is a Bolivian who came over from Bolivia to find a new life and to forget his past life he had in Bolivia. Guess who he met his first day here in Chile.... ;) The Missionaries..... hahah How awesome is that. He has a best friend who is the secretary in our branch so he is awesome. he has teary eyes every time we talk about the Gospel with him. I love it! Jacko and Sofia are the same way. They have came to church the past 2 weeks and absolutely love it. It's a mom and her daughter and they are very excited for the 4th for the baptism. We will keep on working hard with them to keep that excitement there. There is nothing like the mission. Seeing tiny miracles throughout the day are so amazing. Literally I believe it's because of our obedience to the mission rules which lots and lots of missionaries have problems with. The Lord will bless you when you do what he asks. I'm loving the mission right now. Couldn't be more excited to work and find new people who need the Gospel in their lives. 

I can't explain how weird it is to see Christmas lights up during the summer.... It's blistering hot here and yet there are Christmas lights and fake snowmen.... No Chile.... It just doesn't seem right..... Freaken Chile.... Anyways ya. Great week. We´re hoping for the same this upcoming week. Love you all. On the daily grind.

Elder Paxman

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