Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hashtag 2014

Hey everyone.

First of all it was the perfect Christmas present to be able to talk to and see most of you all. Being able to see you for that little time really helped boost my excitement and the realization of why I'm really here in Chile. I am so thankful for the love and support from all of you. I was a little ¨trunky¨ for about 20 Minutes after the Skype call but Elder Mangum and I quickly shook out of that and we were able to find a family of Bolivians, a total of 7 new investigators. They are family members of a member in our ward who will really help them with the support of coming to church, The family came here to Chile to look for a new life, a new start. The first night they were here, Elder Mangum and I just so happened to knock on their door.... Who woulda known!!!! Every single one of them were able to come to church this past week! We had a total of 11 investigators in church just from Mangum and I and the other 2 Elders brought 3 Investigators. 14 investigators in church with an assistance of 66 people in the Sacrament meeting.... You might not realize or understand how happy and exciting that is for Mangum and I as well for the branch. It is sooo awesome seeing the excitement on the faces of the members when they see all these new investigators or in actives who are starting to come to church again to take part in renewing their covenants. Elder Mangum and I are very very humbled with the work and the blessings that the Lord has lovingly given to us. I couldn't be more happy to be an instrument in the Lord's hands here in Tierra Amarilla. Especially during this exciting time for the branch. We have 5 Fechas as of right now, but we are planning on putting more with the Bolivian family for the 25th of January, to get up to 9 or so baptisms this upcoming month..... Unreal..... The Lord blesses the faithful and obedient. I couldn't be more humbled with what is happening here! 

With the good there is always the not so good. Our 11 year old fecha, Sofia came home the other day with a lip ring..... Her mom, our other fecha, said it was all her decision and would let her choose what she wanted.... When I was 11 I wanted to eat candy every meal but my mom told me no, cause she knew it was bad for me..... so ya that was a little frustrating with both the mom and the daughter. We taught the Law of Chastity in a very loving manner about how the body is a temple and all this stuff... but to no avail... Sofia came to an activity the next day and was very very embarrassed with her new piercing, covering it up while playing with her Primary friends..... yes Primary friends..... It still boggles me that our 11 year old investigator would be giving us problems, and not wanting to get baptized because she doesn't want to take her piercing out.... oh Chile.... oh Satan.... He´s good at tempting people..... It's all good though. We are still going to be working hard with her and the mom to get them ready for baptism this month. Our other Fecha, Andres is doing great. He is also family of the new Bolivians we found but we have known him for about a month. He´s excited for the 10th of January to be baptized! Woooo yaaaa. I love helping people make these awesome, necessary covenants with God! 

Elder Peck (other Elder we live with from Payson, Utah) and I went running in the morning. He ran Cross Country in High School. We decided that we wanted to push ourselves that day.... We ran about 5 miles in about 30 minutes..... That's a 6 minute mile 5 Times in a row if you didn't know math.... You all know me, I'm competitive and wouldn't let myself give up and let him beat me..... About 100 feet from the finish (our house) I stopped and threw up all of the sidewalk..... All the Chileans were watching me.... How embarrassing.... I was very upset. But it's okay cause now I have a rocking body cause I ran so fast.... I think that's how it works at least... Anyways. Love you guys. I'm happy. Chile is awesome.

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

You seriously ran 5 miles in 30 minutes? That's an all out SPRINT! You are crazy. Sad about the lip ring situation. I hope she comes around and decides her happiness and salvation are more important than such a silly thing! Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Happy 2014!!