Monday, January 27, 2014

Feeling The Blessings

Hello People.

Pretty Solid week. Feeling the blessings being poured down on us. Firstly, Andres (Bolivian we baptized last week) received the Priesthood and he is anxious and excited to bless the Sacrament this week. There really is no better feeling than seeing a complete 100% change in investigators after they are baptized. You can literally SEE the light in his eyes. You can see the difference in his countenance ever since his baptism. I cannot wait to see him be a leader in the church in a few years! Such a great guy, and knowing I was an instrument in this work makes it all worth it! Like I have been telling all of you, we have been working super hard with the family of Bolivians that live in the same house. 
There is about 10 Bolivians in total and 2 are now baptized and we have 5 others that are very very interested. How interested are they you ask? Yesterday we had the interviews for baptism for Andrea (13) and Lisel (19) and all went well and they will be getting baptized this Saturday, the 1st of February. Lisel is SET on serving a mission also. The sister missionaries in Copiapo came to our last baptism to meet Lisel and she is planning on doing splits with the sister missionaries... Lisel is sooo sensitive to the Spirit, cries while watching Mormon Messages and stuff. I love it!!! 
The Bolivians are awesome. And also we have the other Bolivians Luis Jose (18, We call him Lu Jo) Dalmer (35) and Osvaldo (26) 3 Future Priesthood holders for their baptism on the 22nd of February!!! They are all soooo stoked also. Its not 100% for that day but we are going to be working super super hard for that day for them. They need a little more help getting prepared but that's why Mangum and I are here right:) I LOVE BOLIVIANS. 

I ran out of long black socks so I'm wearing short ankle socks.... I look like a goon its funny. 
Go look up the Mormon Message, My Brother Hyrum, It's a good one. I cried. I love my little brother:)
We had Interviews this week with President Dalton. What a great man, so spiritual, so understandable. All went well, I'm happy, I'm pure, I'm loving the mission :)
Like I said last week we have goals to get in better shape. I knocked 3 seconds off my mile time to 5:42! I like running. Not as much as Elder Peck, but I enjoy it. 
There is a town called Nantoco that is in our area, about 20 minutes in bus to get there, and we have a recent convert, Mary, that lives there. She is awesome. Anyways we were out there waiting an hour and a half in the dry heat waiting for a Micro (Bus).... I love the sun..... It wasn't too enjoyable.... just thought I should share that with you.... Silly Chile with their Micros....
Nothing much more happening. Chile and Peru were gonna go to war, That woulda been cool. Peru wanted the Ocean..... I'm not quite sure why they want the ocean or HOW you can own the ocean but they want it.... So we might go to war... Is it even a big deal?... ALL the Chileans are talking about it. Have you heard anything about it? I doubt it's a big deal. Chileans are funny when It comes to things like this. Anyways ya... We are working hard. Excited to baptize! And can see the hand of the Lord in the work. I love being apart of this amazing work. All is good :)

Elder Paxman


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