Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2nd Week in the MTC

Hola Familia Y Amigos.
I GAINED 5 POUNDS... I'm so fat.... I'm up to 133 pounds. BOOOOM. If i keep this up I'll be like 350 pounds by the time I get back.... That is my new goal. I have "weigh in day" at Gym everyday to see how fat i've gotten, The food here is seriously so unhealthy and fattening and I eat SOOOO much of it hahahah. LOL out loud. I love gym time. I demolish little Elders In basketball and volleyball. My main goal is to embarrass them and cause as much pain as possible to their faces in volleyball... I am the Best (Nacho Libre) I'm very humble as you can see. I'm totally kidding... sorta...  
Everything this week has gone a lot better one of the most needed and best weekends of my life with General Conference. I feel like I could do 1,000,000 spiritual push ups right now. It seems like Elder Holland Knows exactly what to say to get me through everything. He has not once given a bad talk. Elder Bednar is the same and I absolutely loved President Eyring's talk about missionary work. Those talks were MUCH needed.
I'm becoming a lot more comfortable with all the Elders in my zone and have made some really good friends. All I can say is Elders are very weird in the MTC and between 9:30 and 10:30 it gets pretty Cray Cray in the MTC.... Nuff said.... Anytime the Elders see a cute girl, (which is 100% of the time) we all yell INIQUITY and run away cause girls are of the devil....missionaries are weird.... 
My departure date has been set to go to Chile, May 6th. That might change but that's a good estimate. That means I can talk to you on Mothers Day, Mom. Sweet! My coming home day is March 10th 2015. Not that I'm looking forward to that day or anything just for future reference ha ha. 
I miss all you guys so much. You are all in my prayers. Every night I look through all my pictures of you guys and just wish I could share all of my feelings with you all of the time... I'm getting the Language down pretty good. It's coming along slow and steady but looking back on my first day here to now, it really is an amazing difference. I can Pray in Spanish I can bear my whole testimony in Spanish I can keep a conversation going. The only thing that is difficult is the conjugation and a few key verbs that I don't know but that will all come in time with the Lords help. As soon as my head hits my pillow at 10:30 My mind goes INSANE with all the Spanish I learned that day. I'm going 1000 MPH throughout the day, when I finally relax my mind replays all the Spanish I learned and all the Emotions come out.... Oh well.  
We teach an Investigator everyday (fake Investigators) but we pretend they are real, they are just our teachers but they are playing people that they taught on their mission so it's real life people sorta not really, IDK whatever. Its such good learning experiences though. It helps with the language and also my ability to get to know people better through the spirit and Spanish.
I absolutely love Tuesdays and Sundays in the MTC because we get the opportunity to hear a devotional from someone awesome. There are always rumors saying a General Authority is going to come but it never happens ha ha ha. Yesterday one of the best messages I got out of the devotional was this, "If you want to talk to God get on your knees. If you want God to talk to you, read the scriptures"... Powerful. Prayer has helped me so much these past 2 weeks and I'm growing so much in my testimony. One of my favorite parts of my day is personal scripture study for an hour. I made it a goal to read the entire book of Mormon before I leave the MTC. I'm already in Alma Chapter 2. I love the scriptures. I can actually understand them now ha ha. Once again, I have never felt the Spirit quite like I have this week. I'm sure the Lord will throw a challenge at me soon to humble me but this work isn't easy. I can to it. Endure to the End. We have an hour on the computers now cause we can email friends and I've only used 25 minutes of it so I'm probably gonna get on Twitter or something. #SorryNotSorry JK EXACT OBEDIENCE.  


Claudine Cable said...

So good to hear about how you are doing and I am so pleased and excited that your Spanish is progressing so well. Prayer really does help, your own and those of all the other people who love you. Keep up the great work you are doing. I know when we taught pretend investigators, if we were speaking truth the Spirit testified to me that the truth was being spoken, even if it was just a role-playing experience. Truth is truth and the Holy Ghost testifies to us when it is spoken. I love your "exact obedience" goal. It will bring rich rewards. Love ya, Grams

Wayne Cable said...

I am so pleased to hear of the progress you are making. It is amazing what we can do with the Lord's help. I loved being in the MTC with your grandmother. We had an incredible time, but it was a load to take in with so little time. Hope you continue to do well. We love you.