Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Month Down

Hola Famila Y Amigos. Le Amas Muchas Y Orar a cerca de Ustedes Todos la dia.
First of all..... after being here a whole month and eating this food that I have come to realize is worthless, flavorless, repulsive food, that they probably could feed the cows. I just want to get out of the MTC mainly for that reason. I want to throw up threw my nose everytime I eat here. BLAHHHHH. That might be a little bit of an over reaction but ehhh Oh well...
I learned quite a bit this week. I feel like my knowledge of the language and my testimony are rapidly increasing. I'm probably gonna get demolished when I actually get to a country where they speak the 2nd fastest Spanish ever..... Who cares because I feel like with the knowledge I do have of this gospel and my knowledge of Spanish I feel I can baptize people with just what I have right now.... I don't baptize people, the spirit does.
My message today is something that hit me real deep this week. And pretend I'm sitting with you as I'm saying this.. As a representative of God I'm an instrument in His hands and I'm doing this work because Jesus Christ can't be down here right now and do it. My actions everyday need to be in harmony with what Jesus Christ would be doing and saying because I am a REPRESENTATIVE of Jesus Christ. Would Jesus Christ beat around the bush if His children weren't following His commandments and praying and reading and pondering His scriptures EVERY night? NO he wouldn't. Jesus Christ wants nothing more than for us to be happy. The only way for us to be truely happy is to live with him and God again. Can we live with them again if we're not keeping ALL his commandments..... My job and what I'm going to strive to be as a missionary is to be bold... I want to be an Elder Holland on my mission. I'm a zone leader, people are looking up to me so I need to and YOU all need to strive to be stern in keeping all of God's commandments. :) Okay That's my message haha. #Truth
In about 5 hours we are getting 10 new Elders who I'm gonna be zone leader for, for the next 2 weeks. I'm nervous but so excited for the opportunity to serve along side them and try my best to just help them out with any problem they might have. I just want to make them comfortable here so they can have a great experience at the MTC. I feel like I'm going to be able to talk and communicate with them well because of some of the challenges I had at the beginning of my MTC stay. I'm so excited AHHHH.
I've officially been out a month. I only have to do that 23 more times.... I GOT THIS!!!! Throughout the day I make goals to not speak ANY English and only Spanish. I have seen that with that my Spanish knowledge has grown tremendously. If I don't know a word then I look it up in the dictionary. I think the most I've gone is 7 hours without speaking any English which is flippin awesome. I've learned so much. My only problem really is conjugating the words... That is definitely the hardest thing for me but I know it will come in time.
I shaved my left leg..... Missionaries are weird, not me though... I'm just awesome. I found out that today there are 8 people going to Antofagasta the same day as me and my companion. That is so cool. It took me a month to find them but that's way cool. There is a kid from Desert Hills that opened his call the same day as me and were going to the same mission on the same date.. How weird. I didnt really recognize him, He played football, but all the Elders going to Antofagasta seem AWESOME.
By the way, missionaries aren't supposed to eat gum, so don't send me gum Por Favor. I do however love mints. :) and I don't need any more candy maybe when I get to Antofagasta but not now. I hear that letters take a month to get home and when you write back it takes about a month to get to me. So thats no good, unless i use the church mail system there. Whatever I'm confused I'm sure I'll figure it out when I'm there but just so you know it might take a while to get to me. I'll let you know in 2 weeks how to send letters to me in Chile. I am sooooooo excited to leave. 12 Days AHHHHHHHHHHHH I love you all so much. I'm sending My SD card or memory card whatever it is, with all my pictures on it today. So I'm sure if you go on my blog in a few days my wonderful, gorgeous sister will have put them up. Okay, that's all I think. I miss you so much :) #MTClife
Elder Paxman

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Claudine Cable said...

Sounds as though you are doing really well at the MTC but will be so happy to be finished there and on your way to Antofagasta. It will be over before you know it. Wishing you all the best.