Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hello Family and Friends What a great week here in the MTC. Surprise my P day changed to today for who knows why... but ya I got my flight plans to Chile. I leave next monday, 5 days AHHHHHHHH woooooooooo. Soooooo excited I can't wait. So this will probably be the last time I email you for about 13 days or so, it just depends on if they let me email when I'm there or whatever. I have a flight on Monday from Salt Lake to L.A at 7:05 to 7:55 LA time, so I'm going to try and call everyone I know there number. I have a 5 hour Layover in LA then I take a 12 hour flight to Santiago, Chile then a 2 hour layover in Chile to get to Antofagasta. SOOO AWESOMMEEE.
We got the new district of 10 Elders last week. Spending this whole week getting to know them was such a great experience, one of my most favorite times of the day have to be at 10:15 when I go to everyone's room and give them all goodnight hugs. I absolutely love every single one of these Elders here. They are giving up their life for 2 years just like I am. So I look up to all these Elders so much and love serving them as Zone Leader. I take this Zone Leader job as more of a blessing. I think of it as I get to serve 20 Elders and just be there friend for these past few weeks. I'm the kind of Elder that goes in late at night and just shares my experiences here with them, hoping in some way that they can relate to how they feel right now to how I felt my first few weeks in the MTC. I've had a couple Elders come up to me with teary eyes after I speak to them and just say how much that meant to them because that is exactly how they feel. Knowing that they have a leader that got through these hard times learing the language and learning to get along with your companion. A few of the Elders really I think needed someone to help them with that, and that's what I look at me being a Zone Leader for them is. That probably didn't make sense but I love these Elders soooo much. I think this opportunity to be a Zone Leader while in the MTC will strengthen my ability to be an example and just be a better missionary in the field. I know it will.
I love the MTC cafeteria food, sorta, not really but this week our District had the opportunity to do the sacrament meeting for the cafeteria workers on Sunday since they can't be at church. One of the workers said a prayer and in it he said that he's so thankful that we can serve all these amazing missionaries and give them the best, most nutrituous food that is possible. I kinda felt bad after that because these workers feed us so well and for 3,000 people every single day for 3 meals a day. They are seriously such amazing people so I'm learing to love the food. :) I gave a talk in that sacrament meeting too about the Book of Mormon in English, going from speaking Spanish to giving a talk in English was SOOO easy hahaha, English is so easy ughhhh. But Spanish is awesome and will get me the ladies. Just kidding, sorta, not really, Girls have cooties.
Something I learned this week was that "more important than what you say is who you are as a missionary". I'm striving everyday to become a better person so that in turn it will make me a better person. Unselfishness is a trait that I'm working so hard to get. Think about others before yourself. Something that is a lot harder said than done. I just got back from the temple. I love the temple. Oh crap, that was the last time I got to go through the temple for about 2 years though so that kinda stinks but I'll be alright. The temple breakfast is sooo delicious especially their biscuits and gravy OMG. 
I love you all so much, Dave is especially in my prayers every night and all of you as well. My prayers take about 15 minutes because I bless every single one of my family members and all my friends hahah and that they are in Spanish so they take a little longer. But just know I think about you all every night and I hope you feel that. Keep me in your prayers these next few weeks while I'm in Chile. It's going to be hard. I know it will but with the Lord's help I can do it. Thank you all so much for everything. Congrats Ciera on graduating You're sooo amazing and Tell Dave I love him more than any bonus dad can ever be loved. Dangit I just cried..... I turned into a crier. Jk only for Dave. Love you all
Elder Paxman

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TStevens said...

He will get to email you when he gets there with his new assignment and comp (it is a really short email). Then typically depending where he serves, he will write you by the next day. Plus the Mission President will write you and send a large photo file.

good fun - and good luck.