Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hey people. Sorry I don't have much time. My companion is really fervent on being here for only an hour and responding to 18 e-mails is hard (cough cough why am I so popular cough cough). Jk that was a joke. Anyways, this probably won't make any sense because I don't have much time. Sorry. Everything is good though. My companion, Elder Martinez, is pretty chill. Let's just say that Gringos and Latins have a COMPLETE different culture. The things they find normal are things that might really get on our nerves but it's just the way they are. My Zone leaders, who I live with, are really struggling to get along with him but he it's just a diffirent culture that Gringos and Latins have. All is well. I love him. I go forever without speaking any English. I'm learning Spanish so fast with him. Most times when I don't know how to say something in Spanish I just want to say it in English and have my companion interpret it but he can't cause he doesn't speak any English, so it's frustrating but also very good for me to force myself to learn.

We were riding on a Mecro today and I had an ultimate test of spanish... A couple of cute snakes (teenagers who are in love with Gringo Missionaries aka Me) ;) started talking to us. Usually you want to stay away from the snakes but I felt like I deserve to talk to a few girls since it's been so long. We started talking and they believed me that me and Justin Bieber are really good friends and we even called Justin Bieber and the snakes talked to him hahah. We called some other missionaries and told them to pretend to be JB.... sad Chilean people..... they are a sad people ahahah. I can understand so much more and it's weird cause I feel more comfortable talking to cute girls then actual people hahah I was able to keep a conversation with them for about 20 minutes on the bus. Pure Spanish... All the practice with talking with girls at home really payed off huh ;) They asked for my number within the first 45 seconds... I still got it.... hahaha

About the missionary broadcast last week. Well I had to listen to it in Spanish so I couldn´t catch everything that was being said but I do know that we aren't able to use Facebook in this mission just yet. Sad day... Who knows with the new president coming in last week. He might change the rules but for now, it's the same for us here. At the end of most days I'm so completely dead because it's really hard to interpret Spanish all day. It's a tough process and hurts my head a lot hahah. In the streets at night and especially on weekends the drunk people really really like talking to us... There are a lot of drunk people. It's weird they never want to talk to us during the day when we are trying to get in their house but when they are drunk they love us hahah.

I've been reading the Bible. That's something I wish I did at home. Most people here are Catholic and so knowing the Bible I know exactly what to show them to show that they aren't in the true church. That's not what I do but I just dont get it. They believe the Bible and yet in the Bible it explains exactly why their church isn't the true church.... silly people.

Elder Martinez is a finder of little kids. We have 4 baptism fetchas for this month and they are all under the age of 11... It's not my style and personally I think its chanta to look for little kids, but they are souls too and they need to be baptized so that's chill. Missionaries work different and he is senior comp so he is in charge hahh. All is well though. Just trying to save some souls.

I bought a new jacket. I look real good in it... okay ya that's all I think... love you all :)

Elder Paxman


Claudine Cable said...

Fun letter, Elder Paxman. Even if you lied to those cute girls who were flirting with you. ;-) I especially like the picture of you with all the lights behind you. I'm so glad your Spanish is doing so much better. I hope more and more people will listen to your message and that the Spirit will be able to testify to them that what you have for them is truth and light. Keep up the good work.


Wayne Cable said...

It is fun to see that you still have a sense of humor. You should never lose that, because it will open doors for you. Happy that your Spanish is coming along so well. As you improve, the Spirit will be able to use you even more effectively to do the work of Heavenly Father. Keep on keepin' on.
G-Pa Cable