Monday, September 9, 2013

Cambio Week

Well it's that wonderful time for Cambios again... I'm going to be staying here in Arica, Pukarani A but my companion Elder Rogers is leaving me (sad face). These past 6 weeks FLEW by and seems like the time just keeps going faster and faster. My new companion (I hope I'm spelling and saying his name right) is Elder Cordoozo. He is from Argentina and speaks zero English ahaha. VOY A APRENDER MUCHO MUCHO ESPAƑOL. haha I'm super super excited. With gringo comps it's very very difficult to speak Spanish to eachother cause we both speak English so this is going to help my Spanish a ton and solidify, I think, my Spanish for the rest of my mission.. If that made sense... I also got subed to be senior comp which I'm super excited about!!! But what our president is trying is something a little different. With good missionaries who he wants to be senior comp he is putting 2 missionaries like that in a companionship. So me and my comp will both be senior comp... kinda weird but still is a big honor for me. We´ll both make decisions and stuff like that. I'm excited to meet my comp later tonight and sad to see my good friend, Elder Rogers, leave.

We get around Arica as transportation using 4 different ways. Either a Taxi which takes you right to the place you want but it costs around 2 Mil (about 4 dollars). We use that if we have all 4 missionaries going somewhere so its only 500 Pesos each person. We get around by a Colectivo which is like a Taxi but it has certain routes. We don't use that much. Or there is a Mecro (a giant crappy bus). They have certain routes and are the cheapest and imagine the ride at Disneyland, Indiana Jones,... That's how it feels when we ride a Mecro ahaha really bumpy and fun... We use mecros the most haha. Silly Chile. The good thing about Arica is that it is also the cheapest city in Northern Chile so I'm buying lots and lots of knick knack stuff recuerdos and all that cause it's pretty cheap. And back in Antofagasta it is the most expensive city in the mission haha. So I'm glad to be here in Arica. 

I'm excited to be staying here in Arica. There are a few potential investigators that we are hoping we can get integrated in the ward to have some friends and have them take the step of baptism. There are 2 converts of Elder Rogers who we work with a lot. They got on Youtube and saw some videos of ex missionaries who fell away from the Church and tried proving our church wrong through¨facts¨and it is just sooo sad how much Satan works on people. They have sooo many doubts right now and are slowly losing their testimony of the church. Elder Rogers and I had to do a little ¨Bible bashing¨with them to answer and sorta prove them wrong... Which is never a good idea but it was necessary to answer their questions.. Yes it's so sad that they are recently baptized and already falling away from the church. But after our hour and half Bible bashing to show that Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon do show up in the Bible we both felt peace... Weird cause his converts are doing bad but we felt peace that we both know that this is the true church and only true church on the earth... Sad to say but I think this past week I gained my testimony and got converted to the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints... It only took me 19 years and 5 months on my mission hahaha. At least I got there. The mission changes you... and I have been changed for the better completely.

I have noticed recently how blessed I am with all of the people in my life and look at some of the people here and I feel just sad for the problems they are going through and I want you all to know how BLESSED we all are and to ALWAYS remember that. Please stay on the right path and hold to the iron rod and help others come and partake of the same fruit we have. It will bring people happiness and peace to know there is a life after this one, that they can live with their family forever, that they can be forgiven of ALL their sins. Help people and it will bring happiness and blessings to you as well. D&C 6:36, "doubt not Fear not".... the Lord will help you in all things. Love you all sooo much.

Elder Paxman

Elder Rogers and Elder Paxman

Elder Rogers and Elder Paxman

Elder Sargent and Elder Paxman--Best Friends!

Elder Sargent and Elder Paxman


Claudine Cable said...

Your email just gets better and better. I absolutely love your pictures; but even more than that I love your testimony. The Church is true and it will bring more long-term true happiness than any other way. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation or I could not abide losing Cherie for now I know she is not lost and we will be together again. Oh if people could only understand the importance of priesthood authority and all that the Savior provides. I love you Mason.

Julie said...

Oh man I loved this email. How awesome to hear that you have gained a solid testimony! I know that as you continue to serve (now and the rest of your life) that it will only get stronger and stronger! It always amazes me that the best way to be happy is to think outside ourselves and focus on helping other people. You lucky duck that you get to do that full time right now! Anyway, I am just so proud of you and grateful that I'm your aunt and get to read about your mission experiences each week. The church is true, and I don't say that lightly! I have asked the questions many times and as my life has unfolded have had to reassess what I believe. Each time that happens my testimony deepens and I only know with more surety that this is God's church. I am wishing you much success as you share what we have been blessed with our whole lives.

Lots of love,
Aunt Julie (and Tom too)