Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Ciera!!!!!!! 23

Bueno.... If I were to put a name on this week I would call it the ¨humbling week¨. Elder Mangum and I have been working super super hard and actually had the best week, number wise, our whole Cambio. But the results just didn't come. We basically look at Sundays as our ¨Game Day¨ and the week we prepare for our investigators and menos activos for Game Day (Church). During the Holiday season its a bit tough at times and it showed this week with only 1 of our investigators being able to make it to church. We still have our spirits high and haven't lost a drop of excitement!!!!!! WOOOOOOO YAAAAAAA (That was me showing my excitement).

Chile is a lot different in the States for New Years.... They burn little Monos they call them. Like stuffed scarecrows with newspaper in them..... Freaken Chile.... It's like symbolism that they are burning all the bad things that happened during the previous year...... ya.... Don't ask me.... IDK.... Chile.... But we decided to follow along with them so we burnt a little mono missionary.... hahaha. White shirt and all hahaha I have a video... I´ll show yal in 2 years... At 12  o'clock The Chileans got freaky with the fireworks. There was so many it was shaking our apartment. Literally like Disney Land quality fireworks... I was impressed. So we watched them for a bit. That was fun. But just a regular New Year here in Chile. Everyone asked us what we did back in the States for New Years and they got mad at us that we don't hug every person in sight - burn random stuffed human sized scarecrows. Latins are a lot different than Gringos.... a lot.... 

Lots of things happened with our fechas this week... Don't wanna say too much other than.... All is good.... They will get baptized sooner or later. We are working hard to help people save their souls! ESTAMOS AQUI PARA SALVAR ALMAS!! We are happy and healthy. I will be working on my New Years resolutions this next week, so be ready to be blown away with the new and defined Elder Paxman next week. We fasted a few times this week for help from the Lord showing we will sacrifice to help the people here in Tierra Amarilla, and I can tell all of you that the strength of my testimony of fasting grew 10 fold because of the things that happened during and after the days of fasting. I wish I could share more on that, but I cant... But ya... Fasting... It works! :) I want all yal to go and read Ether 12:27 and think of all the weaknesses that we have in our life right now. Or this past year of 2013 and look what the Lord promises us! I testify that our weaknesses can become our strengths. New Year, New You! 2014 Change your weaknesses to your strengths! Tengo Fe en Ustedes :) I appreciate your weekly emails to me and I love all your thoughts and advice! Love you.

Elder Paxman

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