Monday, March 17, 2014

Futbol Y Asado

Bueno Familia,

Una Semana Tranquila. We started off the week really well with a conference from our President, President Dalton. What an amazing man he is. He has so much love for us as missionaries. I can`t explain all that well what an affect it has on me hearing from someone like him every 3 months. We have some new rules in the mission coming from Elder Ballard of the 12 Apostles.... No more touching doors!!!!!!!! POR FIN!!!! hahaha nah that rule is going to help us as missionaries work with members, members, members!!! That's the goal. That's how the investigators really really get converted and stay in the church. So I'm really excited for that. It's not like I always touched doors, just when we had nothing to do. But it will help. Another rule is we have to talk to 20 contacts (random people in the street) everyday... That's a little tough but it's coming from an apostle so we gotta do it!
We had a great week in church this week. Richard came!!!!!!! Wooo He had so much temptation in his house this week. 3 different parties his brothers threw but we passed by 5 times this week and I gave him a call every single night just to see how he is doing. HE DID IT. He came and the members were sooo happy to see him and Richard was very happy to leave his past behind him and stay with the church. Our fecha Evelyn also came and stayed all 3 hours. She will be getting baptized this Saturday. Pray for her that she stays strong this week. We are getting my Son his First Baptism. That's what I like!!! Evelyn is so prepared and in her Baptismal Interview with Elder McCusker expressed her pure intent to finally change the course of her life for the better. She is awesome. I love Bolivians. 
Marcelo came to church again and loved it mainly because of the SICKEST talk I have ever heard from a recent convert named Ximena in sacrament meeting... She freaken tore it up.... She was sooo nervous and asked for our help so we helped her prepare a little and she literally dominated the room with the words coming out of her mouth.... I got teary eyed just seeing her up there... I DON'T GET TEARY EYED. She has grown so much. Alleen (her 17 year old daughter, also recent convert) is going to give a talk at the baptism this Saturday. Luis Josè received the Priesthood yesterday our recent convert blessed the Sacrament for the second time. Ahhh I love the recent Converts and their conversion in the church. I don't know where we would be without them. That's what makes the mission worth it. Seeing the change in the lives. 
The woman that I did my first interview for, Lesly, got baptized this Saturday. A little Peruvian 20 year old. So awesome. It was a great baptism. Elder Carreon got his first baptism here in Tierra Amarilla so it was a great day for all of us. I seriously love the feeling when I can feel the Holy Ghost... I honestly couldn't tell you before the mission of the feeling you get when you feel the Holy Ghost... But right now I yearn for that feeling. I search daily for that amazing peace. There is literally nothing like the Holy Ghost. I love it that's what testifies... Not me... The Holy Ghost... Earn the chance to have the Holy Ghost in your life. You won't regret it. 
I love it here in my mission. Here in the North of Chile about 90% of the men we talk to work in the Mines... That's all there is here... Mines... How awesome.... I am so good at talking about the Mines hahah cause that's all the men know. That and Fútbol. We had a great game of Fùtbol today and after an asado (barbeque) Man its been a while since I have had a good barbeque... Best P Day errrr. My Soccer skills are basically at the level of a beast.... Don't mess with me on the soccer field... I love Soccer... 
We got on a micro (public bus) the other day and this kid said... Hey you shouldn't be on here you're supposed to walk everywhere... Hahaha we have a reputation here! Caminando mas que un Mormon. haha I love the experiences I have everyday with the drunk people that want us to change their lives... Silly Chileans... Love you all I'm happy. 

Elder Paxman

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