Monday, March 3, 2014

My New Son Elder Malan

Hey Family.

I always write down little notes of what happened during the week in my planner but I forgot my planner. So hopefully I remember everything. I'm here with my son!!!!!!!! His Name is Elder Malan. A gringo!!!!! He is from Southern California, 19 years old. He is taller than me (like all my gringo comps). He is such a great Elder. He has all the excitement in the world. It's different because he still doesn't have very much time studying the language. So it's very hard for him to understand everything that the Chileans are saying. But everyday we are seeing an improvement in his Spanish. He is such a stud. He has very good Spanish for just starting the mission. It makes me reflect and remember my first few weeks in the mission. It's a completely difference experience. Right now I'm so used to it, it's my life. But for him it takes a little time to get used to.
 But we are working super super hard. Talking to tons of people in the street - at doors to help him get used to talking and being a missionary. He is a great Elder. We are gonna do great things these next few cambios together! We had some really great meetings in Antofagasta with President Dalton before meeting our kids. Basically telling us that we need to be perfect from here on out. We are helping our companions start their mission and how they start will have a great impact of how they will be the rest of their mission and also the rest of their lives!!! I have a big responsibility but I am so excited to help Elder Malan start off on the right step. After the meeting with president we ate some Pizza Hut..... It has been sooooo long since I have had Pizza Hut.... I was so happy..... After lunch at the trainers sat on one side of the room and all the newbies on the other and we put a chair in the middle of the room and the newbies would go one by one and read a letter saying where they are going to be serving and who their papito was. Then everyone yells and screams and we give giant hugs to our kids.. It was awesome!!! It was so intense every missionary that went to read who their papito is. And after you get down and the papito starts cleaning the shoes of the trainee because in these next few months we are going to be serving our kids all day everyday!!! It was an awesome experience.

We got back to Tierra Amarilla on Thursday at 6 A.M and we then woke up at 7:30 A.M and after an 8 hour bus ride from Antofagasta. We passed by a ton of members, inactives, investigators houses so they can all meet my new companion. It's always slow the first few days with a new comp. Getting to know them and stuff. On Saturday we had an activity with the primary kids from the stake. All 40 missionaries sang a few songs and then about 30 primary kids all came to the center of CopiapĆ³ and we did street contacts with 8-12 year olds.... Some people can be so mean.... Even to little 9 year old girls..... hahaha No but it was a great experience with the little kids to hand out little cards with a picture of Jesus on them. They all were little missionaries that day. It's amazing looking back on how I looked up to all the missionaries in the street growing up, back when I was in primary, and now they are doing the same thing with us!!! I love being a missionary!!!!!! 
As a District Leader one of the coolest things we get to do is interview the investigators in my district that are planning on getting baptized. Saturday afternoon I did my first interview with Lesly. An investigator of the other Elders here in Tierra Amarilla. It was such an awesome experience to talk to her, and talk a little about her conversion and why she wants to get baptized, and the difference she has seen these past few months investigating the church. One of the coolest experiences in the mission so far. 
Saturday night we had a Noche De hogar (Family Night) in the Church with a few members. We played some games, talked, didn't eat cause we were fasting. But it turned out great! I love when we do little activities where the members gain better relationships with each other!!! We talked a little with our recent convert, Lizzeth. She is going to try and study here in Chile so she can prepare for her mission here in Tierra Amarilla!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that.... GO LIZZETH. The Lord has helped prepare her heart to hopefully in a year go on a mission!!!!!! So cool.  
On Sunday we had a rough day in church. This past week was the last week of vacations so everyone left.... We didn't have very many people in church but it's okay.... It will be better next week! We had 2 great lessons with some inactive members who in 2 different occasions, cried while we were teaching them. We felt impressed to give a blessing to one of them who felt sick and once we ended the blessings we looked at her and she was bawling. I love when people feel the spirit! The other man is named Richard. He has had a hard time with drinking and smoking on the weekends. Not too long ago he was in the church blessing and passing the Sacrament. But Satan has a grip on him right now. We found him drunk in his house yesterday but yet still wanted to sit down and talk with us. First time we have talked with him in about a month. He feels terrible with what he is doing and wants everything in his power to come back. He couldn't stop crying during the lesson when my companion shared 2 Nephi 4. Take the demons out of you. My companion was inspired to share that.. My kid is a stud. But I feel like Richard, with a little help, will be able to overcome this recent problem of his. He is such a great guy. He is a family member of all the Bolivians! So he´s gotta help us be that example to everyone! He is awesome though! 

We had a great week. We are talking with everyone. In hope to find some people that are prepared to follow through with our commitments. Pray for the area here. We need to see some miracles!!! I love you family and friends so much. I'm happy. My son is happy. I'm training him the best I can. I'm turning into the best leader possible. Show through example. Like Chase always says, "Good People Learn From Great People, Great People Learn From Anyone"... I'm gonna learn and soak in everything from all the younger Elders in my District! Couldn't be more happy to be here on the mission. I never wanna leave.

Con Amor Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

This all sounds so exciting, and your enthusiasm is contagious! You will be a wonderful trainer and district leader and are learning and growing so much!! What an awesome difference I have witnessed from the first of your mission until now. Being a missionary has shaped you into quite the man, and I love so much hearing about the work you are doing in Chile. You are definitely in our prayers. Thank you for letting me share in this experience through your letters.

Love you,
Aunt Julie (and Tom too)