Monday, March 24, 2014

Pullay Parade, Completos, and Baptisms

Pretty normal week as a missionary.

The baptism of Evelin went amazing. She has so many fellowshippers in the ward. Our Mamita is literally the BEST with being so nice to the people that come into the church. Everyone feels so welcome because of the members. Few in number but they literally are so awesome. Evelin spent the whole day with Mamita yesterday after church and even went to the Stake Center in Copiapò for a Young Single Adults meeting or something. YAY FOR MEMBERS DOING THEIR JOB! Evelin is great. My Son did a great job for his first ever baptism in his life. He was happy. I was a happy father, we`re a happy family :) Yesterday I had the opportunity to give Evelin the Holy Ghost. I will never forget these experiences. Some of the greatest in my whole life. As I say amen seeing tears run down her cheeks puts into perspective how freaken awesome the church is. I love it. 

At this point now we don´t have much... We are working super super hard but we just don´t have many people progressing... or any.... But is that going to keep us down? NOOOOOO We are using this thing called the list. It's complicated but let's just say we basically have every address of every member that is now living in Tierra Amarilla. Even the ones who moved here without bringing their baptismal registry  from where they were originally baptized... We`re sneaky. So hopefully the work powers up soon! We need people. 

A great sight yesterday in church was having our 2 recent converts, Andres and Luis Josè, BOTH blessing the sacrament together. (The picture is with Luis Josè looking good in his white shirt and tie). I honestly couldn`t keep myself from smiling the whole time seeing my 2 Bolivian friends up there excising their priesthood, and also my other Bolivian friend, Evelin receiving the Holy Ghost.... Great sight in church yesterday. I love converts!!!!

There is this party-parade every year here in Tierra Amarilla. Really quite entertaining watching the Chileans trying to make these big floats to go down Main Street. There were some creative floats but some others that were very...... Chilean.... (2 transvestites pole dancing with little very clothes on). Silly Chileans... I love them hahaha. The parade was right after our baptism and we had to go get our traditional completos (Chilean hot dogs but better than hot dogs) like we always do after baptisms. And so we accidentally walked and took pictures by the parade... The parade is called Pullay.

Sorry not much more big news happening. I'm happy. I turn 1 year old in the mission in 3 days... That's depressing... I don't like thinking about it much. I don't want to come back. But I`ll send some pictures of me burning a shirt following the tradition of the mission. Luis Josè and Lizzeth both go back to Bolivia today... That's sad too. I'm gonna miss my Bolivian friends so much. I'm happy. I guess my package never came.. That also makes me sad. I sent some plaques for Mom, Dad, and Chase and some Chilean money holders for everyone, and watches to Chase and Seth, and also a Soccer Jersey to Chase... I Think the package got stolen. I sent it 2 months ago... That makes me sad... Oh well, worldly things... Love you all so much. 

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Such fun pictures!! I love that you are SAD it's your year mark. What a great job you're doing!! The silly Chileans are lucky to have you.