Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Well transfer week..... I'm being transferred to Antofagasta as a Zone Leader in the same zone where I started my mission... So many emotions in my head. Very hard to express them all right now... My new companion is Elder Choque. He is from Bolivia and actually was in Venezuela serving but they shut that mission down to some problems in the country and he got reassigned to this mission about 2 months ago. He was an assistant in that mission... So in other words he is an amazing missionary. 

I just barely got off of the bus after an 8 hour bus ride from Tierra Amarilla. Very very bitter sweet saying goodbye to all my converts, Mamitas family, members, everyone.... I had a rough time saying bye. But 6 months was a great amount of time there in Tierra Amarilla. 

I am sooo humbled for the trust the Lord and also the Mission President has for me to be a Zone Leader. I can`t express how excited I am though to serve these Elders and Sisters here in Antofagasta. I will write more next week, but I'm okay. I'm happy. Super glad to be here in Antofa again.... and guess what.... IM LIVING IN THE SAME PENSION AS MY BOY ELDER SARGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE GONNA BE ROOMIES. What are the odds out of 250 missionaries we are blessed to be in the same pension!!! I am sooooo pumped to be with him and also my amazing companion who I know will teach me soooo much.. 

So many emotions, its hard to explain. This past week was great. We put some more fechas, 46 people came to church, our sector is booming! I'm leaving my son Elder Malan and he is receiving an Argentine. He is excited to learn from him. But very sad to leave my city of Tierra Amarilla. I feel like it's my home... but hey.. it's the mission. I'm just happy for what lies ahead of me in my new sector Las Arenas here in Antofagasta with my best friend Elder Sargent and Elder Choque. Love you all so much.

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Nothing is as constant as change! How fun that you're back where you started, but this time as a zone leader. Wow!! You are awesome. Let'e see what the Lord has in store for you now. Sending prayers and love!

Aunt Julie (and Tom too)