Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We are seeing the blessings here in Tierra Amarilla. This past week was a good one! Lots and lots of work getting done. We had some great lessons with investigators and inactives. I usually write down in my planner notes to write to you all during my week but this week I guess we were working too hard I didn´t write down anything, So bear with me in this letter.

We have some really good inactive people that are really showing interest in returning. Alejandro has come 3 weeks now. He is 15 years old and is super funny. I love being around him haha. I love the people... I never thought I would. Silly Chileans. We are helping the branch out as much as possible. Lots of Visits with my Home Teacher, Since there are so little Priesthood Holders the Missionaries often do visiting teaching. And it's helping so much lately we are consistantly in the 50´s these past few weeks. Woooo Home Teaching Yaaaaaa.... Guess what my convert from Arica, Andres the little tiny Peruvian! He is preparing to recieve the Melchesedic Priesthood and he also is planning on serving a mission in about 7 months when he completes a year. He has already baptized someone!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing converts like him!!!!!!!!! GO ANDRES!!!!!! It made me so happy having him send me a quick email this week telling me all that:) He is such a great guy! 

This past Sunday was such an awesome day! Our convert Bastian that got baptized last week passed the Sacrament!!!!!!!!!! Wooooo go converts. He was so happy. His older cousin, Gustavo who also got baptized last week blessed the sacrament. They both were so nervous but so happy at the end. It took Gustavo a few times to get the prayer perfect but it turned out awesome! 

I went on an intercambio with an Elder De La Peña he is from Mexico. He knows English perfect hahah he is so funny! I love working with other Elders, especially Elders who are hungry to learn and young in the Mission. It was a great time together! The mission is so awesome! We had a family night the other day and we ate completos. By far completos are my favorite Chilean food. Basically they are hot dogs but with avocado and tomatoes and mayo and mustard and it's the most delicious thing ever. I love Chile for that reason.... #TeamCompletos

We cut down basically a whole tree in our Mamitas yard. It was fun. Mamita and Papito are insane. Papito came to church again 2 weeks in a row!!!!!!! First time in 20 years... Mamita is shining with joy because of that. It makes me so happy!!! I love my mamita here!!! 

I'm doing great. Starting to write in my study journal and my daily journal more. I recieve so much inspiration daily. I need to start writing it down hahah oops. Better now than never. I'm happy. The mission is awesome. I'm excited to talk to the family for Mothers Day. 

Mom and Dad you are the Best!

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Oh my goodness--that ladder DOES NOT look very safe. I'm glad you made it out of that job without getting hurt(except maybe sore muscles)! I'm all for you making us Completos when you get home. They sound deeeelicious to me! It's so fun to hear about all the successful missionary work going on there. Your enthusiasm and love for your mission makes it so fun to read your letters each week. Keep up the good work!