Monday, May 12, 2014

Feliz Dia De Mama

First of all it was great talking and seeing most of you. Especially my mother :) To be honest I didn`t even want to talk to any of you... That sounds mean. But I'm just super happy to be here. :) Everyone looks so grown up. Especially Zack, Tanner, Lydia and Teancum. I got a little emotional seeing how big Zack is. He`s a good kid! It was good spending a little time talking to all of you. Right after I hung up with all of you I got super sick. I think I talked too much. And right now I have a bad sore throut (I have no clue how to spell that). But it's okay. All is good.
I´ll keep this short cause I talked to most of you yesterday. The branch is doing really good. The 5th Sunday in a row where we have had 50 people in church. Very consistent! The branch has a ton of excitement. I have gotten so close to these people here. That's what 6 months in an area does to ya. It's gonna be tough leaving. We get transfer calls this Saturday. We`ll see what happens. 

Last week I made some brownies for a family that we forgot we had a Family Night set up with them so we made brownies to apologize hahah, Brownies are such a great treat here in Chile cause all their dessert is a little different (gross). Silly Chileans and their bad taste for desserts.. No but it was fun. People love our brownies since they have never seen them before. 

Here in South America-Chile. Everyone has their dinner which is called Tè Cito or in other words.. they drink tea and coffee and eat bread with avocado... and I love it.... I have fallen in love with drinking Ekko (Tea that's not against the word or wisdom) and eating bread and palta (avocado)... Chileans are geniuses... 

I went on an intercambio with an Elder this past week over in Paipote to do some interviews for people who were gonna get baptized... All I'm gonna say is...... The practice interview is VERRRY important before I do the real interview to solve any problems.... It was a very stressful time. Calling president and getting interviews with him worked out because of something that popped up... But in the end everything worked out. The couple got married on Friday and baptized right after their marriage and then a reception after their baptism... Satan worked hard to not let this couple get baptized... Even til the last minute. But they came out on top... Lots of stress but I'm glad it happened.!! 

Our sector is doing really well. We had some great lessons where people are finally just getting it! It's amazing to see the impact that love shows with the people we are teaching. We have a lot of investigators who we have been working with for months.... but really when we show love to these people their whole countenance changes. I just want nothing more than for these people to be happy. The world is FULLLL of temptation.... I hate Satan..... I'm sick of seeing people fall over and over into the trap of Satan. That's our message is that if we go look for Jesus Christ and his teachings... We will have the power to overcome the temptation of Satan. I see it day after day here. Both sides.. When people accept our message and when they don`t... They are more happy in the long run when they choose the first. All I want is for these people to be happy. It's very frustrating when the adversary is winning. But we all know in the end God will always win. 
We ran into a few people this week that wanted to do a little Bible bashing... I love those opportunities... It's something that helps with my testimony to build it knowing we are in the correct church. Obviously we don`t fight with the people, We are very respectful of their opinions but the part I love the most is bearing my testimony of the things I have felt in my personal life.. No one ever wins from Bible bashing but if you do it the correct way people can change their perspective a little more about the ¨Mormons¨. 

I'm happy. Working hard. Miss you all a ton! Read your scriptures and do your family nights every Monday... It will make you happy. It makes me super happy. 

Les Quiero Elder Paxman

My New Flaite Haircut

Elder Hotvedt and Victor

Stop signs here don't say Stop... Hahaha its funny

Baby Showers here in Chile are whack...

Chillin with the Boys

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