Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hello peeps. I don`t have very much ganas to write today sorry... I don`t know how to say that in English sorry x2.

We had a really blessed week. Bueno, Victor the 67 year old man... He moved back to our sector. He is going to be having surgery in about 8 months so for now he is here! What a miracle to see him. He wants nothing more then to get in the water. It's gonna happen on the 2nd of August. Pray for him that in these days nothing happens. He came to church the other day all by himself. 3rd time in a row.. I love that man.. His laugh is sooooo funny hahah We die every time we go to his house so hilarious. It' hard to explain..hahah. we taught him Lesson 2 about the Plan of Salvation.. I love that lesson... He loved it as well. I love the spirit.. There is nothing better. He feels it. 

We have another lady named Mirna. She has lots of problems in her house. Her son who is about 30 years old drinks every weekend, she can`t do anything about it and she is scared for the son of her son because he is not being raised like he should.. Anyways she accepted a fecha for baptism as well this past week. The only problem is she always stays up Saturday night waiting for her son to get home from drinking so she never sleeps on the weekends. She started crying because she really has the desire to get to know the church. She asked us `` am I allowed to be baptized twice`` haha I love that question!!!! She wants to know if it's true what we are telling her. She is an angel I feel so bad. She cried again Sunday night because she was up all night before waiting for her son and she couldn't come to church. She`s like 55 or so years old... Poor little woman.. I know a miracle will happen with her. I love these little Chilean people they make me happy. Sometimes haha. 

I was able to do another intercambio with the assistants this past week, Elder Galvez this time. He is from Mexico he has a month more in the mission than I do. He is fluent in English and is planning on studying at BYU after the mission.. (yuck) He is a great guy, super relaxed, amazing missionary. He taught me too many things to express... I love learning from people like that. 

The next day I did an intercambio with a new missionary in the field because his comp is District Leader. I stayed with the new missionary because he hasn`t been able to speak English in about 2 weeks haha. Poor Elder... I remember those days. He is struggling with his companion... It's hard not understanding what's happening. We had a great time in my sector with him, very quiet in lessons but when he talks, in his broken broken Spanish the people pay lots of attention. It's amazing how strong the spirit testifies in these new missionaries who don`t know the language. Elder Wooten from So Cal.. Great guy. He`ll get it soon! 

This past week we had interviews with President... I respect that man so much. He always is there to help me when I need it. I just want my missionaries to be using their time the best they can... On my way back from an intercambio with the assistants in the bus I passed the church of the other Elders in my zone and with some youth in the ward at 11 o clock on a Wednesday I saw them playing soccer.... I can honestly tell you sitting at that stop light, it seemed like eternity... Seeing these missionaries waste their time here... Playing soccer when they should be out working... My heart has never felt like that... I think that feeling was worse than when investigators tell me to stop passing by... Especially because one of those missionaries was my companion earlier in the mission... I literally just wanted to cry seeing that... I just don`t know what more to do. I'm trying to just show that I'm their friend, so they respect me but they just don`t get it.  I`ve given it my all, some people just won`t change. What hurts me the worst is that it's one of my previous companions.. Hard to explain.. but that's how the mission is at times... They are in the boat, enjoying the 2 years taking it easy.

Other than that we are teaching and talking with a lot of people. We are working with the Members. We had 10 lessons with members this week, that's really good for down here in Chile. The higher that number, the more people are going to get baptized. Members are the way to go. I'm happy. Sometimes my patience gets tested with my comp or the comp of Elder Sargent. But it's for the better. I'm happy and working my tail off.

I was able to work with my boy Elder JSarge for a bit this week as well. We snapped a photo after we finished baptizing the world... YOLO.. He`s a cool guy.. at times.. JK.. He`s gonna read this haha. 

There was a dead cat in the street.. dead things smell bad.. 

Another Pulga (flea) got in my sock and bit me 11 times... darn fleas... They`ll get ya. 

Les quiero mucho!!!
Elder Paxman


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