Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Me Amas Pedro?

For some reason the fleas here love me... I could probably count 397 bites all over my body... That might be exxaggerated (<--- I doubt I spelt that correct) but it's a ton all over my body.... I didn't take a picture because I'm an ugly person as of right now with all these bumps.... How sad my life... Anyways...
My boy Victor Araya is doing great. We weren't able to speak with him this week but none the less, without fault like always he came to church all by himself for the 4th time in a row... He has his walker in one hand and his Gospel Principals book and Book of Mormon in the other... I asked him how long he has lived here in Antofagasta and he said really fast since 1983, he paused for a second.... opened his eyes real big and then starts screaming laughing hahaha... I can`t explain how funny this old man is and how much I love him. We are pushing his baptismal date to the 9th of August due to not finding him in his house this week. We still have a little to teach him.. He is amazing.

Lots of walking this week... We are dedicated to only have lessons with a member present to show the zone how we need to work. Lots of the missionaries just like to work alone. We should never have a lesson with an investigator without a member present, so we are trying our hardest in the past 2 weeks we have had 17 lessons with member and only 3 without... We are going to see the fruit of this hard work soon, I know it. Our Bishop has changed so much. He loves us now. He sees how hard we are working in comparison to missionaries in the past and he is opening up to us and giving us references and stuff.. The stuff a member should do. The relationship between members and missionaries here is vital!!!! Without it we can`t work the way we should so we are on the right direction.

My comp and I are doing good. We have our differences at times. I'm the first companion he has had in about a year where I know how to be a missionary and have time in the mission, so at times we disagree with things and he`s not completely used to having someone tell him a different way of doing things that I like to do. I respect him and we have cleared up a lot of differences this past week. The companionship inventory is essential along with the communication in having a healthy companionship... We are on that road... He`s a good guy, I just need to learn to have more patience at times.... I am learning... But not perfect.

I am going to take my Dads advice and try my best to just understand that people have their agency whether it be not wanting to hear us, disobedient missionaries, companions that disagree, I'm going to be a new person and always look for the spirit of the present.. Not worry about the past and not look too forward into the future. I know these 2 years go by fast... I'm giving it my all for these Elders and people here in my area, but when it doesnt work out... It's okay... I don`t know If I explain myself.. but Im living in the present moment. I am going to apply the principals I have learned and not care what has happened or what others think only what I know is true and correct. I don`t know if that made sense But It clicked while reading advice from my dad... 

My personal study is something I cherish... I have been writing down all the thoughts that come into my mind in my journal lately... One day I will need these nuggets of wisdom that I am recieving... I'm reading El Libro De Mormon in spanish for the first time. I'm in Alma 19. Just read about Ammon... one of the greatest examples of a leader missionary. President Dalton every week gives me the support I need as a leader. I love the emails we are able to write to him. He is such a great man. He called me a ray of sunshine in his life today hahah. I love my Mission President. Something I studied today was John chapter 21 about the disciples going back out to fish with the famous ``Pedro, do you love me`` I learned and asked myself if Im really showing if I love Him... Or if I'm fishing like Peter... I need to feed more sheep. Something else I learned this week is that I need to listen to the Spirit more.. I had 2 experiences yesterday where I thought the spirit was telling me something but I blew it off saying its just me telling me to do that and that it's not a big deal... Something I need to do better is discern whether its my pride telling me to do something or the spirit... I still don`t know how to do that but I didn't listen to the spirit. and because of that I lost an opportunity to talk to someone that I know would have accepted to listen to us. I know that the spirit has spoken to me I just need to banish the fear and go do something with the precious time I have here... I don`t know if that made sense... but the spirit is real.. he speaks to us... he speaks to me daily. 

The companion of Elder Sargent changed drastically these past few days.... He asked to carry my grocery bag home today.... He actually says prayers now... I don`t know what happened... Literally a miracle.... I hope he stays like this. Elder JSarge is doing good... same ol Joseph... He`s leaving me in 2 weeks... he has 7 months in this sector... he needs to go... 

Other than my itchy body I'm aiiight... 
P.S. I have worn the same tie for 28 days... 4 more days... Maybe it's the tie that attracts the fleas... 1 tie July baby! Swaggy

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Oh my goodness Mason--I am so sorry about the fleas!! I really don't think I could handle that and am pretty sure you get extra blessings for enduring such torture. You are such a hard worker and devoted missionary. You are going to be able to look back at your mission and all of the challenges you are having and be so happy you gave it your all! You are in our prayers. Keep it up!

Aunt Julie(and Tom too)