Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lots of walking and rejection this week but it's okay. I'm out of the boat in the water fighting daily. I'm not just going through the motions. I'm giving it my all and the Lord knows the effort I´m putting in. A few weeks ago we had 7 people on date for baptism but now we are down to just 2 and both of them still need to get married and it's a long process... Saving souls isn´t easy... I know the Lord is trying to teach me something through this time here in my mission. I'm growing daily even if the people aren´t appearing like I would like...
The miracle from last week, Victor, 80 year old, who was waiting outside of his house last week for church did the same this week except when we passed by he had already left for church... by himself... so amazing he loooves the church and wants nothing more than to be baptized. I get so emotional hearing him try to sing the hymns even though he has no clue what the tune is hahaha. I love this man so much. His laugh kills me he only has like 4 teeth and when he laughs he screams as loud as he can and opens his mouth real wide hahah, I have only known him for 9 days but he is my eternal friend ... We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and he is so excited to be a part of this church.. Sad - Bittersweet news. Tomorrow he is moving to a different part of Antofagasta a little more south to go live with his family because he is sick and someone robbed his stove the other day so he can´t eat... So sad his situation. So we are going to have to pass the reference to the other Elders. I pray sooooo much that his family will allow the Elders to enter the house and help him get to know the church in his new area... Please pray for him... It was super hard for me to hear Victor tell me that yesterday... He still said he wants to come to this church here in Las Arenas, but it's better to get to know the church over there... Please pray that the Family will let the missionaries in.... Please.. I love this man.. He needs this... he needs baptism.. 

So many inactive people that left the church because someone offended them... I just don´t get it sometimes... We found countless of those people this week... My soul hurts for them... 

We had the zone meeting training this week with Elder Antonio and I relaying the message from President Dalton to the Elders and Hermanas in our zone... It went well. Lots of practices with how we need to use the Book of Mormon better in our teaching. The Elders have so much potential they just don´t get it. I called our district leader this morning to get the numbers of his district and he was sleeping... He´s training a new missionary... People just don´t get it... I have interviews with President tomorrow I need help with these Elders... I'm trying... It frustrates me... These past few months have helped me gain a different perspective of the man I really want to be. The future Priesthood holder I need to be and how to get there... I love serving as a leader but I need help. I know President will help me tomorrow I also have an intercambio tomorrow with the assistants to the President... The Best Missionaries... These 2 things came at the perfect time... I need this. I'm excited for tomorrow. So excited. I'm taking the lead. It's a different type of missionary I need to be with my new comp. We get along great. Just a little more relaxed compared to Elder Choque. I'm happy for this chance to take the lead. 

An inactive we met about 2 months ago in the Feria shining shoes we hasn´t came to church in 5 years did it!! HE DID IT!!! He came to church!! Best feeling to see him waiting in front of the church with his Book of Mormon for us. Made the week worth it to see him there. 

All week we were praying everyday, every prayer to find someone... just one person.. anyone who needed to get to know the church.... It's funny how the Lord works at times... 8:30 pm Sunday night... Our very last appointment of the week.. We found him... His name is José Rojas... Lesson 1 about the Restoration went great. His countenance changed drastically during our message... It clicked at the end of the lesson. He has 4 kids, single dad... It's funny how the Lord works like I said... Although it took us ALLLL week, we found him... we found the 1 we prayed for.. We had all the Faith in the world to find someone and the last door person we talk to. The Lord sent him. I'm growing daily I promise... Believe me haha I'm not wasting my time here.. I love the mission even though it's the hardest thing I have ever done.

There is a dead dog on the side of the road that has been there for 6 days...  But on the other hand this other dog was sitting down in a puddle haha (I took a picture) haha silly dog... made me laugh a little. I totally forgot my Papito (First Companion) gave me pajama pants that have Pacman on them... I find it more funny now because I actually get the joke when every person laughs at my name.. Pacman haha, The World Cup is finally over... Even though Chile wasn´t playing It was impossible to get in a house... This family in our ward bought the biggest T.V I´ve seen in 15 months (don't worry I didn't watch the game) ... Just for the World Cup... That's how crazy the people here are about soccer. I'm glad Argentina lost. We played soccer this morning with some Jovenes in our ward. So much fun. Crazy about the NBA news its funny how I heard nothing about that til today hahah thanks Chase. Chile doesn't like basketball very much ha. 

I'm happy.

Elder Mason Craig Paxman



Wayne Cable said...

I am happy that some of the rough times are past. I hope you will continue to be happy and successful. Pleased know that you are constantly in our hearts and in our prayers. Stay strong and obedient in the work, and you will be blessed. A little fun is good too!! I love you Mason.

Julie said...

Oh my gosh. The dog in the puddle. That just cracked me up!! Can I just say how proud I am to be your aunt? It would be so easy to join the slacker missionaries, but instead you are leading out and trying to be and teach obedience, diligence and hard work. So awesome. I love the experiences you are having and that you are sharing them with us. I hope Jose Rojas continues to progress so he can have the blessings of the gospel in his life and the lives of his kids. Keep up the good work!!

Love, Aunt Julie (and Tom too)