Monday, November 10, 2014

Gorgeous Iquique

Familia Y Amigo, Donde Empiezo?¿? 
What a great Semana of getting to know my new sector here in Lynch, Iquique even more. By far thee most gorgeous sector I have been in. My sector is literally on the beach. Our pension as well. We live on the beach. It smells like fish all the time, but its something I'm worth sacrificing. Right outside of our pension there are lines of booths selling shark, fish, other sea monsters. As we go more inland, like I said last week, I feel like I'm downtown Miami, or if you can picture Downtown Disneyland where all the small shops and stuff are with the train tracks in the middle of the street, with the happy, tourist feeling... That's how I feel as I walk down the Main Street in my sector. Giant English looking buildings that somehow turn into houses as you knock the door. I'm lost at times just because of the elequince of the sector. The feel of the big buildings, New York rush as we walk down the streets. 
Something I have noted is that the people are more happy, more outgoing than they were the past 6 months in Antofagasta. A different feel and attitude to the people, I love it. With living in downtown Iquique we do have a lot of crazies in the street, but that's nothing I'm new to from what Chile has shown me especially coming from such a Flaite-Ghetto sector in Antofagasta. The crazy people are our friends haha. The one thing about working here and living in this downtown feel is that the ward is a floating ward, which refers to members coming and going, Which means baptisms but a little bit difficult for the members to stay for a while, but that doesn't stop us from giving this ward the best with our time here. The members we do have are amazing, hungry to work and bring family members and friends to church without us asking. Great Member Missionaries which means lots of work for us to do. 

Our Papito (Person who cooks for us) is a recent convert of my companion Elder Còmena and his previous Companion. The hard thing with coming to a new sector is that the members and investigators are always super sad to see a new face and not the missionary they are used to, but that's where the Elder Paxman Charm comes into place;) Jk Jk Lol....... But ya, I would have to say that is the hardest thing about missionary work for me right now... hahaha, It just goes to show HOW much I love being a missionary and have no complaints, If that's the hardest thing for me.. I'm doing pretty good. MY ANIMO IS HIGH. My companion Elder Còmena is a baller... literally reminds me of my best friend Tyler... Literally exactly the same... Except Elder Còmena never stops laughing hahaha Never! it makes me Laugh even more.. It is so funny when In a lesson and He Switches Immediately from his normal laugh-joking self to a Spiritual Giant.... hahaha It's hard for me to take him serious when we are in lessons.... I love the kid. I know I always say that the first week of transfers and then sometimes at the end of the cambio I don`t feel the same, but it's impossible with Elder Còmena hahah. My Little Peruvian Pal Pe. 

We were able to see the fruits of working hard this past week with 7 investigators in church, with 4 Fechas Bautismales. We have a baptism coming up this 22nd of Nov. A 16 year old whose mom recently is getting reactivated, Her name is Thyare (In English Tiari) The family is awesome, Thyare is prepared. 

We were able to find 5 new families this past week, Miracles. A few of them are ready and waiting for this message we had. Once again the feeling of someone getting to hear this message for the first time will never get old. La Restauraciòn Del Evengelio De Jesucristo. I love being a missionary. 

About 30 minutes away from Iquique on top of the giant hill is a city called Alto Hospico and that is where you will find my best friend Elder Sargent. I was able to see him a few times this past week, I love that Kid. We are in the same mission for a reason, I need him and he needs me cause I`m awesome. ;) Te Quiero Elder Sargent, He`s a Zone Leader as well and on that daily grind. 

This past week was time for my favorite meeting in all the mission we have, the Leadership council where all the Zone Leaders and Hermanas Lideres Entrenadores go to Antofagasta and hear the revelation from our President Dalton. I love the meeting being able to spend some time with my fellow ZL`s seeing some of the greatest friends I have made here in the mission, We were able to clarify some new rules and Asuntos here in the mission, Now we are only going to be reporting 5 Numbers to our Leaders. Baptisms, Baptismal Dates, Lessons With a Member Present, Investigators in the Sacrament meeting, and New Investigators... This will help the Mission Chile Antofagasta focus more on the correct purpose that we have. I'm Super excited to see the Success that we are going to see here in the mission to help the missionaries really focus on the end goal for the investigators. I receive more revelation in the leadership council than any other meeting. It was also amazing to see the new assistant of the Mission Chile Antofagasta My Boy Elder Tanner Mangum. I love the mission. Looking for the prepared people to give this message to. I miss you all.

Elder Mason C. Paxman

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