Friday, November 21, 2014

Semana De Intercambios

Wow... What a week family and friends.... Drained from all the spiritual experiences I am having here in the great city of Iquique... I have to literally ask myself why I`m so blessed to have grown so much here in these past months everyday. I can only show a small portion of my love to my Father in Heaven through giving it my all. For that reason it came to a point a few weeks ago where it hit me that the mission ends.... Talking with a few good friends the thought came to my mind whether it would be better to plan for the mission after life right now, or the last month of my mission. As hard as it was for me, and with lots of prayer, I came to the conclusion... and now I`m free.... I`m free of that thought of what do I do when I get home... I'm free to work these last 4 months the best I can. No distractions of the future. Just finding, teaching, getting our investigators married, baptizing, confirming, and doing everything in my power to keep them active and progressing.... That's my focus right now. Plans are made, mind is clear. It's better that way I felt. I don`t know why I thought to share that with you, but there it is.

I would like to start this email to yal with a few of the experiences of some intercambios I had with 3 amazing missionaries this past week. Intercambios are where I grow as a leader more. It not only gives me the ability to share stories of success with some of the younger missionaries, but also its a time to reevaluate myself and if i`m really implementing my time and literally everything I do, every lesson I have, in the best way possible. And obvio to help the missionaries see if they are doing the same, and if they aren`t, help them, with all the love in my heart, to start doing it. We have some Baller District Leaders here in the zone Iquique. All it comes down to what I have to teach them is that If we are obeying what President Dalton has taught us or not. If we are implementing the tools our amazing President has given us, we will see success, we will reach our goal of 240 Baptisms monthly here in the mission Chile Antofagasta. And that is what I saw with my intercambios. That Elder Ngatai, a missionary with 10 months in the mission, first time as District Leader, from Orem, Utah, is doing. He has all the Animo to get the things rolling in his sector and also to help those in his district. The same with Elder Cloward, also from Orem, Utah. I live with him, and we have came  close these past few weeks. Baseball player and Golfer and A bowler like me... We are the same person.... He has 7 months in the mission and as well his first time as District Leader... I learn so much from these young guns here in the mission. I always tell myself, to be like them, Always be one of those missionaries with the young spirit, the faith of baptizing the city that they have, that's what I need, and I love working along side some of these Elders for a Day or 2 to see the Animo rub off on me. 2 amazing intercambios that I will apply now into my work as a missionary to become even more blessed and see even more success here in Lynch. 

The last Intercambio was a special one.... I was able to work with a missionary who has 20 months in the mission like me, one of the Assistants to our President, Elder Palomino, from Cali, Columbia... 27 year old, always smiling, Speaks Fluent English... Amazing amazing missionary.. I will cherish what he taught me and how I felt walking along side him Saturday and all of Sunday. The cool thing about that was that him and his companion Elder Mangum were able to sleep in our pension FridaySaturday, and Sunday night, spending lots of time with us... Soooo great catching up with my Amigo Eterno Elder Mangum. So great to see how far we`ve come, and the relationship we have. Great intercambios this week. We saw miracles, that will take too long to explain them all, but know that I am changed from this past week full of intercambios and learning experiences. Wow.... Just wow...

Our Sector is exploding. With the extra focus in the only numbers we will be counting as a mission of baptisms, confirmations, fechas, Inv. in church, Lessons with Member Present, and New Investigators... We had amazing Results this past week, and to finish off the week of hard hard work finding a complete family of a mom and 3 daughters who all accepted to be baptized the 13th of December.... Amazing... Just amazing... I`m happy... The Lord blesses us when we are obedient.. 

The Zone Iquique is amazing all 24 missionaries are full of Faith and Animo to see success. We will be seeing 3 baptisms in the zone this next week, and here in our sector Thyare will be baptized this Saturday. She is amazing, so prepared and ready to make this step in her life. We are excited to see another Baptism here in the Sector. I still love my Companion Elder Còmena, Such a funny little Peruvian. I still see my best friend Tyler Strehlow everytime I see him. Focused and ready to baptize this City. Love you all so much

Elder Paxman 

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