Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bringing the Faith to Iquique!!!!

Cambios... Gotta love em. I was transferred to by far the most beautiful city I have been to here in the North of Chile. The city is called Iquique. Google it. Gorgeous. Right on the beach. My Sector is insane, downtown, I literally feel like I'm in Miami. The beaches are insane, some of the best ones down here in South America. A huge tourist city. I fell in love with this city from the second I got off the bus. I'm still a Zone Leader and from the looks of it will most likely finish my mission here in Iquique. My companion is such a funny Guy hahah Elder Còmena. From Perù! I love the kid, He reminds me so much of my Boy Tyler Strehlow, IGUALITO. I'm so stoked for I hope these 2 cambios With him. The zone is the biggest zone in the mission, 24 missionaries. My last zone only had 16, so the good thing is, more Baptisms here in the zone.

As my President told me I was sent here to bring back the faith to the city of Iquique. Lots of missionaries lack faith that they can find prepared people, There is a reason I'm here with Elder Còmena and I are together. He`s got the vision and the faith and I learned from the best about that topic (Elder Mangum (The new Assistant of the Mission Chile Antofagasta)) WE BE BRINGING FAITH BACK TO IQUIQUE BABYYY. I am soo stoked to be here and can`t wait to get to know the sector - Ward - Investigators. I love Cambios for this part but Also was just as hard as it was to say goodbye to Tierra Amarilla as it was to say goodbye to Antofagasta... Especially Dayanna and Her Family and some of the families that I Grew to love... The Fomè(Lame) about the Mission. But The Mission must go on.

Straight Miracles happened these past few weeks in Antofagasta. Investigators popping out of nowhere, prayers said and being answered for them about the true church.... Amazing... Just amazing... I'm going to miss my home town Antofagasta. A total of 9 months there in my mission. But like I said, the faith is now here in Iquique and I am so ready to find those people that the Lord has prepared for Elder Còmena and I to find.

Chilean Halloween was lame. Just half the people fighting the other half of the people that Halloween is the Devils holiday. Obviously if we tell our kids its the Devils holiday they will believe it, but if we tell them it's about candy and dressing up it's not bad.... Whatever... It's not a very popular holiday here in Chile.

I'm happy, full of animo (excitement) for this new city, new comp, new opportunity. I miss you all and I'm focused! Mom you`re the best. 

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Julie said...

What a fun transfer!! I'll Google Iquique and am excited to see pictures you've taken of an area that is PRETTY! I hope you have a great time with great success in "bringing faith back" to this city.