Monday, January 19, 2015


Family and Friends.
First of all, what a great P Day today. Go look up ¨The Oasis of Pica¨ on google Images. Its about a 2 hour drive into the middle of the Desert from Iquique. Its a small... Oasis hahah gorgeous... We had a good time. There is too much to visit without a car but we were able to enjoy the calm Green town of Pica. Unforgettable memories. I want yal to go there someday, its an 8th wonder of the world.

A revelation that came to me this week was something I saw a ton, With all the investigators that just don`t see the importance of completing the committments we leave them they always come to us the next visit apologizing, and telling us why they couldn`t but really it came to me after hearing the same excuse-reason for the 4th time in the same day of why they couldnt read the Book of Mormon I came out and stopped them and explained that its not a committment with us... They shouldn't feel bad one little bit with us when they dont complete, we as well shouldnt feel bad knowing we gave them all the oppurtunities to complete. It's a committment between the investigators and the Lord. We are the tolos, I am a servant. I would like to see more people complete though...

The sector is getting better and better everyday. We had a lot of investigators but now the quality and quantity of investigators is going up, its truely a miracle. A new investigator this past week that bore his whole heart to us Alvaro (18 years old) is my life long friend and I`ve only seen him twice. Such a prepared heart wanting peace. He gave me a yellow card (cards used in soccer) signed by his favorite referee. That's friendship right there. So many other great things happening in the sector.  

If you ask me how to describe my Chilean Experience in 3 words it would be

Rice and Chicken.. Every meal... wow...

Elder Cloward (Roomate) was walking down the Street and found 2 baseball mits for 2 Mil each (about $3.50).... Oh the Miracle.... We played catch for our excersie one morning... I can`t say much more than that without getting too teary eyed.

If anyone needs help on getting legal here in Chile, Elder Paxman knows the whole process of making it happen... So many hours spent in the government building. It's a fun service really, I like it...

It really has been a blessing having my bestfriend here in the mission with me... Especially cause he lives only 20 minutes away I`m able to see and talk with him oft... Shoutout to my Boy Elder Sargent.

Here in Iquique in the middle of the summer you see a whole ton of tourists... The cool thing is lots of Gringos (White Homies) are here on vacations... Something that I have came to realice while talking to them in English is that a mission in the states and a mission in South America would be compleeeetly different.... I have never been rejected so hard in my life tan with these Gringos hahaha so direct when talking about Religión... Respect to the Missionaries in the states. But its still fun talking to them and asking where they are from. Like I have said before Iquique is like a mini Miami.... You find everything.... I love it.   

Preach my Gospel along with the Scriptures have been my focus in my personal and companionship study these past few weeks. I`m getting better... I`m learing... I`m changing I hope... I love that fact of being able to change through these inspired books. Dilligence is a necessity.

I feel like I say the same things week after week, I hope you aren`t bored of my emails yet. 


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Julie said...

I LOVE reading your emails! It's great to hear about what a mission is all about--A LOT of hard work with some payoffs mixed in there occasionally. This has made you a better man!!