Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Como un Chileno Po

Hola Familia, What a great way to start off the New Years. Bring it on 2015.
A few of my goals 2015
1. Baptize a certain number of Eternal Friends. between the Lord and I
2. Get Married
3. Finish my mission, worthy, Giving it all til the last. 
4. 3.5 GPA at my semester at The University Of Utah
5. Many Many more that have to do with Missionary work.... ETC.... 

Goals.... Metas..... They are necessary.... But something we (Elder Paxman) lack is putting them in a place we will see Daily.... a dedication - Dilligence to complete them. a purpose... Why do I want these things?¿? What will I Personaly Benefit from completing these goals?¿? Goals are the Desires of our Heart... Take it, Ponder on it, and act on it... Hace Lo (Chilean jaja)

To start off, I got a different New Years perspective here in the great city of Iquique.We had a very strong statement to be in our pension early... especially because we live in the center of Iquique... (More Danger than in other parts) But it was fun walking around wishing everyone a happy New Year. Not too many people that wanted to let us in, but I don`t blame them... I bought a nice Chinese dinner for us 4 Elders and we had a good talk in our pension while the mayham was going on outside, above us, next to us, all over jajaj. Here in Iquique there is a Beach that is Famous in the world (That's what they tell me... I`m not sure if its true) Where they have a huge firework show... We live Mas o Menos pretty close to the beach... Lets just say trying to sleep during New Years Night is pretty impossible... So we hugged one another when the clock struck 12 and even surprised the other Elders with some silly string... They didn`t like that all too much jajaj They`ll get over it soon.... I hope.... nah Jk good memorable night.. But the good thing about being a missionary is that breaks don`t exist so we were up and at it at 7:30 the next day and in the street at 10:00.. For some reason there happened to be hundreds of people that decided the street was a good place to sleep... I`m not completely sure why;) jajaja So many hammered bumms the next day... so sad, but a little funny at the same time. I´m so happy with living the Word Of Wisdom. The 1st of January along with this whole past week was a little slow with everyone enjoying being with the family and not taking too much importance in the religious side of things jajaj. But all is gooood. 

Mario, our recent convert, his dad passed away 2 days ago... I gave him a blessing 3 days ago... It wasn`t anything unexpected... The Family is sad. I stepped foot the first time in a Catholic Church today to give my sorrows to the family. Very sad, literally 7 Hours before the Dad passed away we said a prayer with the family and taught about baptisms for the dead. Mario is now very excited to get baptized for his Dad... The mom is sensitive now to the lessons... It's interesting how the Lord works... The Dad is the reason we found Mario in the first place... God has a plan of why things happen... It's interesting to have a front row seat of this plan... To see it in a perspective no one else can... I love my Job for that reason. 

The Familia C├íceres came to church again... So much Progress. A complete family. 

I went through my 5th pair of Shoes yesterday. I`m left with one.. I`ll be alright. I walk too much I guess... 

We had the Leadership Council This week... Most probably my last one. It went great, So great to see the Leaders of the Mission... I will Forever be Greatful for the Friendships I have gained with these Elders. The Meeting was good, other than the Practice on the LDM, but ehhh. You live and learn jaja. Too much good Info to explain it all. 

This past week we had to wake up 3 times at 5 in the morning to help the zone out with some Legal stuff... To be honest, I love it. I have so many good memories with these early morning trips, talking to the Bolivians and Peruvians in the line. I love being a missionary even if sometimes it's hard for me to show it at times... I´m a lame companion at times I know... Another goal of mine, to get better at... Hahah Silly Elder Paxman. I had an amazing Intercambio with an Elder Rundall from Somewhere in the North of Utah... Such a humble, Teachable Elder. Best Intercambio in a long time... We found a family of 5. Great Elder, Great Friend. 

Other Than that... I`m doing my best... I wanna see more baptisms. This week was the first week where we implemented only reporting 2 numbers baptisms and The Assistance in Church... 0 and 95... Time to get that number through the roof.

Un Abrazo 
Elder Mason. C. Paxman Senior

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