Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm Pregnant with my Second Son!!!

What a humbling phone call receiving my last transfer call from the assistants letting me know I will be finishing my mission opening a sector (Going to a sector where my companion and I don`t know anyone-streets-nothing) and training a new missionary, My Mission President wrote me saying ¨Thanks so much! Training a new missionary is a great opportunity to leave your legacy in someone else, become immortal as a missionary!¨ And Elder Mangum writing me saying ¨Enjoy training dude! I am so pumped for you. You guys are going to tear it up up there. Just remember, give it everything you got, every last drop. It will all be worth it. Enjoy every day! Your hijito is lucky to have you. I love you elder.¨ Im shaking of excitement and humbled with the trust the lord and president Dalton have showed in me. Having a missionary start off on the right foot, understanding how to be a real disciple of Christ, is necessary, Their first companion and first few months is something that will change the course of their whole mission-life... The responsibility of the Papito (Dad, or first companion of a new missionary) is vital. I can`t really put into words the excitement I have to finish my last 6 weeks with my second son, Giving it every last drop like Elder Mangum counseled me. I`m focused family, Even though I received about 15 Emails all telling me how excited they are to see me cause you received my itinerary, after a quick slap in the face and the thought of the new responsibility of my Hijito (son) I wouldn't want to be anywhere else these last 6 weeks.

I will be heading back up to Arica, which is a City at the VERY top of Chile. Right below Perú, I was there about 18 months ago, when I was just a young lad in the mission. I can`t explain how excited I am to see my convert Andrés who will be going on a mission to Perú on March 10th, along with seeing members and old Investigators in my Sector of Pukarani.

 I will be staying here in Iquique until Tomorrow night at about 2 in the morning, so technically Wednesday to head down to Antofagasta to have a great meeting- Presentation with all 18 new Missionaries coming in and 18 Trainers. to find out who will be companions with who. Its an experience that you never forget, I still can remember to this day the exact conversations I had exactly a year ago when I trained for the first time. With Elder Malan. Unforgettable. I will arrive to my Sector in Arica at 6:30 in the morning on Thursday and will get right to work getting to know the area, the bishop, the members, the Investigators, and finding new Investigators, along with my new companion. 6 weeks seems like such little time to do everything I want there. I have no time to waste. LETS GET TO WORK BABYYYYY BOO! I`m gonna work my kid to death, but a good type of Death don`t worry.... 

Its never easy saying goodbye, In such a short period of 3 months I have gained so many eternal friends here in Iquique, one of the most impactful sectors of my whole mission. The Converts, the Members, the Investigator, once again, impossible for me to describe my true feelings. Goodbyes stink.... (I was gonna write suck but then I thought that wasn`t a missionary word) I love these people, I love the mission. I am leaving so many great friends, but awaiting even more in Arica.

I dry cleaned my suit for the first time since the MTC, about 21 months... hahaha I`m so funny.... 

Well on that Note I will talk to you all Next week, letting you know how the sector is in Arica, who my son is, and more miracles that are bound to happen... This upcoming transfer will teach my son and I how to really trust in the lord. 

With lots and lots of Amor
Elder Papito Paxman

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Julie said...

What a great way to end your mission!! Your "son" will be very lucky to have you as his trainer. I love your enthusiasm and motivation to work hard until the very end. See you soon!