Monday, January 20, 2014


Not too much time today family sorry. We just back back from a beach called Bahi Inglesa.... Supposedly the best beach in all of Chile... I wasn't too impressed but ya it was fun none the less:) This week went perfectly as planned I will try to explain it all. The baptism with Andres and Mary went perfectly. The other Elders here in Tierra Amarilla had a baptism too so we had a great night with 3 baptisms. I was honored to have baptized Andres, even if it took me 2 times dunking him to get him all the way under the water and saying the prayer 3 different times..... hahaha silly Paxman. All that matters is that he is now clean! An Elder from the city next to us baptized Mary cause she wanted him to. He was the First Elder she met so it was awesome to have him come. Everything went well giving them both the Holy Ghost the next day in church! They are officially members! There is no better feeling than saving souls! During the baptism the family of Andres all the Bolivians were loving it. A few of them crying! They are next!!!!! We don't have a fecha with all them just yet because of a few problems but we will work it out. We are excited with the potential we have here in Tierra Amarilla!

We have doing quite a bit of work with the members to find their friends-family to teach and its going well but also we do a lot of door contacts to try and find new families ready to hear our message. There are always people who are ready to hear and accept the message, we just gotta find them! I think I figured out why its sooooo hot here... Air conditioning doesn't exist... I just found that out... it took me 9 months but ya... So basically our apartment is hotter than it is outside most times... so ya fóme (lame) I know. 

One of my favorite parts of the day (I have many) is definitely personal and companion study in the mornings. I love love love learning more in the scriptures, Preach My Gospel and all that other awesome stuff. I was reading in Alma 5... Go read it!!!!! Now!!!! And what I did was I wrote down every single question that comes up in that chapter and asked myself, What Do I Lack?¿ Do the same, it's a great chapter in the Libro De Mormon. We run every morning all 4 of us. Elder Peck ran Cross Country in High School he is super fast, I try my best to keep up with him every Tuesday we run the mile and record our times to get better for the Next Tuesday. Last Tuesday I got 5:45 my goal by the end of the cambio is 5:20... I love running!!!  My Boy Elder Joey Sargent is now In Antofagasta as Senior Comp!!!! He has been here 7 months sooo insane, love that kid #SargentAndPaxmanComps2014

I love the mission, seeing little miracles ever single day. I cant deny the push that the Lord gives me to make through some of these hot days. The Push he gives me to keep knocking on the doors. The Push to find more and more people who need this Gospel! I love my Mission.

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

What a great week! I did as you told us to and read Alma 5. What a great chapter!! So many thought-provoking questions. I just love the last verse:

"I speak by way of command unto you that belong to the church; and unto those who do not belong to the church I speak by way of invitation, saying: Come and be baptized unto repentance, that ye also may be partakers of the fruit of the tree of life."

How awesome that you are involved in the great work of inviting people to be baptized!

Keep up the good work.

Aunt Julie (and Tom too)