Monday, January 13, 2014

I'M LEAVING!!!!!!!!!!

Well we got transfers yesterday... and Elder Mangum and I are both leaving.... They are closing the Sector... and shutting down the Branch and telling everyone in the ward and with fechas for baptism that they can't come anymore....

JK I'm staying.... I'm so funny sometimes.... There are no changes here in Tierra Amarilla. Elder Mangum and I will be together for another Cambio.. Woot Woot.. We´re stoked. We are seeing many many miracles here in Tierra Amarilla and were able to see success this week with our investigators. We brought 9 investigators to church and had 3 great hours of amazing talks and lessons! Our President of the branch threw Palos in Sacrament meeting with 3 talks on The Word of Wisdom, The Law of Chastity, and Tithing... and Then in Gospel Principals we had everyone together and taught Lesson 1, The Restoration and watched the video, The Restoration... Our 9 Investigators basically got ALL the lessons in just 2 hours of church hahaha. I thought it was funny but it went sooo well. Especially watching the movie on the Restoration. Our 2 Fechas Mary and Andres both came and are super stoked for their baptism this Saturday. Andres asked me to baptize him. I love baptizing, especially men!!! That's something we lack... Priesthood. So we are super excited for him to get baptized and also Mary. 

This past Saturday the other 2 Elders here in Tierra Amarilla have been working on a couple that are convive and it took 3 months but they finally got married!!!!! We spent all of this past week working and planning a wedding... Ciera would be proud of me.... I never thought I would be planning a wedding and doing a reception with food and crap... quite stressful..... but they got married and the bride is getting baptized this Saturday also.. So Tierra Amarilla is excited to see 3 baptisms this Saturday... Doesn't happen too much here. The wedding turned out great. I´ll send some pics. I took some videos I´ll show yal in 2 years... 

We cleaned our pension the other day... I think its been a while since a DEEP clean has happened in that pension. And due to the fact that we live in a forest, we killed approximately 1,204 spiders in 10 minutes.... And our pension isn't that big... Very disturbing and now I have a complete hatred towards spiders.... We played soccer today.... I like soccer.... I'm basically Chilean now..

Cool quick story. So this youth in our ward he has about 18 years and we have been working hard for these past 2 months to get him to church but with his work it's super hard. He just started working and we were frustrated that he wasn't coming to church and we went over to his house the other day to visit. We were talking for a bit and then asked if we could share something.. He said, ¨Oh wait hold on I have something for you guys¨ and he comes back with a tithing slip and says ¨Do you guys mind helping me fill this out? It's my first time with a job and my first time I'm paying my tithing¨. I don't know it was just like... Wow... How cool is that. An 18 year old kid with his parents not active in church and he hasn't been to church in a looong time still has the faith and the knowledge that he should and wants to pay his tithing... It was a really really cool experience especially considering we can count the tithing payers in our ward on one hand. Such an awesome kid and we felt bad we were mad he couldn't come to church but after we realized that he is trying his hardest to do the right things and obey the commandments even with his circumstance of working on Sundays. 

We were talking the other day and just saying how the mission is sooo much of a personal journey... I can't really explain how or what I feel when I'm out here in e-mails or even face to face talking about the mission. There really is no 2 missions the same. My mission is shaping me for what I need to be later on in life and it could be the complete opposite for any other missionary-ex missionary I talk to... I wish I could explain EVERYTHING I feel, see, and crave for here in the mission. I just can't... hahah. 
Just know that I love my Savior, I love my mission, and wouldn't change anything that I have learned here. I love Mosiah chapter 27. Basically in a few verses Alma the Younger goes from destroying the church to becoming one of the greatest missionaries in church history. I feel a little like that for me. I love my conversion to this gospel and will never go back. 
Chase sent me an e-mail today about goal setting. It's one thing to set goals and say you are gonna change but its another to ACTUALLY do them.. Work on that. Actually act on the goals we have. Act on your faith. Faith without works is dead. We're here on the earth to prepare to live in the presence of God. If we can't keep the commandments here on the earth we will NOT be able to make a change when we die. Jesus Christ will be begging God to let us stay in the Celestial Kingdom but if we don't know how to obey, we wont be able to handle the obedience that the other people there have.We will have to go to a place where we do feel comfortable.... I hope that made sense sorry... all over the place but you catch my drift.... Obey... and do it cause you want to.... Not cause you have to. I´ll send a pic of my goals for 2014... Now I just gotta do them! 
Love you all so much. Happy Birthday Zack! I sent a picture of the money we use too. Just basically double it so the 20 Mil (orange) is about 40 Dollars. 10 Mil (blue) is 20 dollars..etc..  

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

So many exciting things happening! I can feel your growth and that your testimony is getting stronger with each letter. And who knew you would become a wedding planner!! :)