Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tierra Amarilla Swaggin Out

Well family and friends as much as I hate it, it came. The year mark. That's all I'm gonna say about it. I bought myself a cool red tie... I look hot.. That was random.

Well my good friends the Bolivians Luis Josè and Lizzeth are back in Bolivia for good. I'm not a fan of goodbyes and it was a tough one with them. Like I have said thousands of times before, you learn to love the people so much. I'm going to Bolivia one day to see them... They are good people...

We had some really good success this past week here in Tierra Amarilla. Not only our sector but the others as well. We are going crazy with putting the fechas with investigators. Without a fecha for baptism the investigators don`t have anything to work towards. So we were blessed to put 3 fechas and the other Elders 6 for the month of April. We are  working hard with the family of our recent convert Marianelal, Who lives out in Nantoco. (small town 20 minutes outside of Tierra Amarilla). Nantoco is so pretty compared to T.A. Grapes are a huge huge part of Nantoco and so there are fields of grapes out in Nantoco. I love the ride out there. Beautiful, comparative. So ya we put 2 fechas with her brothers, Jesùs and Juan, They want to get baptized sooooo bad it's just a rough situation because of the money to take a micro every Sunday. They have ZERO money and barely make it through the week with what they have let alone a ride to church every Sunday all 4 of them... It's rough but we are praying for a miracle. They are scheduled for the 26th of April

We are also working with the best friend of one of the members in the branch. Her name is Jenny Smith.... Second cousin of Joseph Smith.. Jk... But ya she looks gringa (white) and also her name. She also accepted a fecha for the 26th of April for her baptism. She is 16 and is going to need a little help quitting smoking and also not going out every Friday and Saturday nights until 3 in the morning... But hey... That's normal here in Chile so we just gotta get her on the right path. Her friend Alleen and the members will be a huge huge help with that. We are gonna be praying super hard for her these next few weeks. We are seeing the fruits of our labors here in Tierra Amarilla. 

We have a TON of investigators just not that many that want to keep our commitments. Chileans LOVE hearing the word of God and most think that is sufficient.. Acting is a big problem here but we are working hard with them all to realize it. Silly Chileans... Gotta love em... This past Thursday I went on an intercambio with my Zone Leader, Elder McCusker from Southern California. Probably one of my best friends on the mission, aside from Elder Sargent and Mangum of course. Elder McCusker has about 22 months on the mission and is one of my role models-heroes out here. It was so awesome working a whole day with him. He has a way of teaching and clicking with the people so well. I strive everyday to be like some of these veteran missionaries. I love love love intercambios basically for the reason to learn how to better teach a principal. I can`t really explain it to well of what I learned from this intercambio (change for the day) but I will always look up to my good friend Elder McCusker. 

The assistance in church is going up. We gotta keep it high and those families that come every now and again we gotta help come EVERY week. We have a lot of those families. But we are doing good. Working hard. Trying to be as obedient as possible. I love it. We had a great Noche De Hogar (Family Night) with the church about 30 people came. It turned out awesome. We played bowling.. I beat everyone ;) Still got it ;) and we also played musical chairs.

Chile has all their food-condiments inside of bags... I was squeezing my ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise from a bag and it finally hit me... How weird Chile is for putting their yogurt and milk and EVERY type of food in bags.... Silly Chile... Makes me laugh... 

I have been studying a lot of Spanish lately. I'm trying my best to become as fluent as possible. I love Spanish. Such a beautiful language... I know I didn't think that a year ago in my first few days in the MTC haha. All is good. Go read The scriptures. They answer whatever question you have in life... Love you all. I'm happy. My son is doing great. Better Spanish than I have ever seen someone with 2 months in the mission have. He is a good kid.

Con Mucho Amor Elder Pacman (Following what the Chileans call me)

My pen that lasted me 1 year and finally ran out of ink

Bowling for FHE

Bowling for FHE

Bowling for FHE

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Julie said...

Wow-one year already!!! This'll be over before we know it. Sad. I love reading your weekly emails and hearing about the progress of your investigators. Tom and I are headed to St. George for some sunshine and conference this weekend. I CAN'T WAIT. It snowed here again this week, and I'm ready to head South. General Conference is THE BEST TIME OF YEAR and I can't wait to hear the word of God from our leaders.

Take care and be good,
Julie (and Tom too)