Monday, April 28, 2014


Wow... One of the greatest weeks in my mission... I say that about every week but this one was great! The weekend turned out amazing, On Friday we had a little activity in the church called stop light. If you were single you had to wear a red shirt, dating a yellow shirt, and married a green shirt. There was a lesson behind it all, which I don`t remember but it went really well. A ton of people came and enjoyed themselves. I wore a green tie... I'm Married to the Lord:)! (Jk I wore a red.. I am ashamed)

Saturday was the day of the baptism and it went amazing. Bastian and Gustavo are the most prepared people ever... I felt like I did nothing to help with their conversion. But everything went amazing. In that moment after the baptism both of them were hugging and bawling with their family members it hit me that this really isn`t about me. It's all for them. I was so privileged to be a part of this amazing experience with these 2 amazing future leaders in the church. In my baptismal interview with Gustavo, which is still my favorite part of being District Leader, he opened up to me and told me about the times he knew the Spirit was telling him this is the truth and how he is very excited to prepare for a mission 1 year from now.... What an amazing guy! Almost all the Family members of them aren`t members of the Church and it was amazing to see that Cultrual hall full of non members crying after the baptism because of the greatest decision Bastian and Gustavo will ever make in their life. I love the Mission for these experiences. I love standing in that font. There is nothing greater than saving souls!

Yesterday in church the confirmation of the Holy Ghost went perfect and both of them also received the Priesthood. It was my first time ever giving someone the Priesthood. Gustavo asked me to do it for him and then he also participated in the ordinance for his younger cousin receiving the Priesthood!!! What studs.... Nothing more to be said....

Our Papito, the husband of our Mamita, has been inactive in the church for about 15 years.... Yesterday he came..... Mamita and her 4 daughters were smiling ear to ear just soooo content. It kills them so much that they can`t go to the temple. It's the biggest goal in the family and after 15 years they took a small step toward it. A member from Copiapò has helped Papito with enough faith to come back. Just shows no matter how hard the missionaries try... members are always better. Save a life. Go talk to an inactive this week.. 54 people came to church yesterday. One of the greatest Sundays in my mission. Just with all the little miracles that occurred. I love this Gospel. I have come to love Tierra Amarilla with all my heart... That sounds really cheesy but I don`t want to leave.... I love these people so much... I never thought I would get to this point but I love the mission and this sector so much.

I ate pigs face yesterday... It was really quite tasty until they told me It was a pigs face... Then It didn't fall too well with me hahaha Funny missionary experience haha. My shoes broke... And my other pair of shoes have a hole in the bottom of them hahah I have a goal that I will make it all 2 years with my shoes.... Pray for my shoes please... They need the help.. and no I'm not going to buy new ones.... Its a goal, and I will complete it...:)

The district meeting last Tuesday went great. We talked about baptism... Those meetings go the best the least I talk. Our missionaries here in Tierra Amarilla and Paipote have the vision. Saving souls babyyyyy! I was able to go on an intercambio with my Zone Leader this past week. He is going home in 3 weeks. I was picking his mind of how to be a true leader. I look up to him sooo much, Elder McCusker is my role model here in the Mission. It was a great time to work and see how he teaches. I'm stoked for my cousin Spencer for his mission call to Ciudad de mexico... #ProudCousin. #MasChilenoQueLosPorotos 
Love you all. I'm happy don`t worry about me. 

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Oh man--go buy some shoes!! Those are pathetic. Great week!!! How fun to participate in the work of serving our brothers and sisters in Chile. You are awesome.