Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fireworks, Fire, Beer, Riots, Chile....Viva Merica

Gooooooooooooooooal. World Cup fever has hit Chile. Literally this time here in Chile is INSANNNNE. I have never seen so many fires in the streets, people running around with the Chilean flag drunk out of their minds, yelling at the top of their lungs.... I feel like we are in a Pre School during recess time.... It's literally out of control at times hahaha. I`ll take some pics when they play again on Wednesday. I prayed that they would lose so we could get into houses.... The Chilean elder that is comps with Elder Sargent wasn`t too happy with that hahahahah... I found it pretty funny... But it's okay they beat Austrailia 3-0. I'm not going to lie the temptation was there to watch the game. The country shuts down when Chile plays. The streets are empty (until they score a goal). Every house has the game on.... I was praying for strength hahaha you all know me... Anything sports I'm there... It was hard but I had faith that we would find some people to teach. and we found her. An inactive in the ward who doesnt own a T.V had a friend over during the game so we taught her with her best friend. Found a new and also a reference. 
At 5 o clock during the preparation for the game we knocked a house and without hesitating the family that we talked to in the street let us in. They are Evangelical and love to talk about God. It was a great lesson and were able to find 3 new investigators with them. The day turned out with 2 lessons with members present and 4 news with 4 references. The day that I thought would be the hardest because of Chile playing actually turned out to be a miracle of finding 4 new`s. This week we were blessed to find 8 new investigators and receive 9 references and have 11 Lessons with a member present. All of them records for me in the mission. Obviously it's not about the numbers but it was a week full of success. Something I did feel bad about is that while we were in the house with the Evangelicals we went over 15 minutes on the lesson because they talked too much and during that 15 minutes they missed the first 15 minutes of the soccer game and during that time Chile scored 2 goals... If I were them I would have shot us in the face for making me miss 2 goals during the World Cup... hahah I felt terrible but they didn't care too much. 
Our sector is doing so great. We have so many potential people to teach. Found some prepared people doing street contacts and 4 people were able to come to church. Ester and her partner, Jorge, accepted to get married before the 19th of July so Ester will be baptized that day. Lets hope all goes well. She is so awesome and absolutely loved church she is so ready for baptism!!! 

I was able to do 2 intercambios this past week with our District Leaders in the Zone. Elder Church who is from Hurricane Utah and Elder Sargent who is from well.... you know... St. Geezy. I learned a lot and with Elder Church we had 2 amazing miracles happen. We put 3 fechas and 1 in pending until he gets married. When we're obedient we receive miracles. I testify of that!!! Elder Sargent and I had so much fun together. Lots of contacts with the people and even found a new who had a gauge in his ear and I told him hey man I like your earing and then he let us in hahaha. He said he wants to learn more but he only had 5 minutes... It seems like every Chilean doesn't have 5 minutes of their time for us... It's quite amazing how busy these people are not to be able to have 5 minutes hahaha. Silly Chileans.... Elder Sargent is such a good missionary. It was awesome to be able to work with him for 24 hours. Can`t wait till we're comps to finish my mission!!!! #EPandESComps2015 I love the kid so much... Ye ye shout out! 

My comp is great. Sometimes he doesn't think I know how to be a missionary and treats me like a new missionary but it's aiiiight. My comp has a huge goal of learning English because his goal in life is to be a Pilot. So we practice a lot I have taught him some words like dope, sick, awesome, awesome possum, and where she at. hahaha He is getting really good at English. 

With Elder Sargent and I we have been talking a lot of our future self. Not in a trunky way but a way to help us right now in the mission, establish good customs for our life. I have been focusing on the things I need to change to get to that point  in my life of being that worthy priesthood holder that I want. I am so scared of returning to be the Mason Paxman I was before the mission. Daily I pray not to go back to him. I feel like I'm progressing and the mission hasn`t changed me to the point where I'm satisfied. But I'm on the correct path. I'm moving in the correct direction. I'm happy where I am and cringe when I think of where I was or where I might be if I don`t keep to this gospel. All is good. Miss you all. The zone here is struggling with obedience. As a Zone Leader it's hard to know to what extent I need to involve myself. But the Zone isn't having the success we could. I just want the best for these Elders and Hermanas... 

Mom you`re the best

Elder Paxman


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Julie said...

What an awesome example of obedience bringing blessings!!! We usually don't get to see the results of our obedience right away, so I love this. Now if you could just inspire the other elders and sisters in your mission to catch that spirit of obedience! Hopefully they will and your area will have even more succcess. Your pictures are so fun, but Chili is just such a different place than the beautiful U.S. of A.! The sunsets are nice though and I'm sure there are pretty places. It just makes me so grateful for where I get to live.

I helped your family move back to St. George this weekend and I'm so happy they're back. It's just not the same there without the Marxman family. :)