Monday, June 23, 2014

....Mundial....World Cup....

Chile!!!! I can´t really explain to you the insaneness I experienced this week with these soccer games going on.... Our mission president talked with the Quorum of the 70 in charge of our area and they gave all the missionaries permission to watch the Chile vs. Netherlands game today.... I felt sooooo weird watching... Chile is tearing it up in the World Cup but today sadly they had nothing going for them. But nonetheless it was still a blast to wear my Chile jersey and cheer on the team. They got beat 2-0 but they are still advancing to the next round.

During the week Chile played against Spain who took 2nd last year overall and we won.... We weren't able to enter any of the houses that day and the streets were silent... Even the dogs were watching the game.... and every goal Chile scored people would run out into the streets light a few tires on fire, chuck some beer cans and each other, kiss random women, then go back to watching the game. I will forever have respect and take seriously this amazing sporting event that happens every 4 years... This is literally the Chileans and all of South Americas life right now... They have sooooo much passion and love for a game of Fútbol.... I have been hit with the soccer fever even though we cant watch the games... When we were in the streets silent as ever the game finished.... We beat Spain to advance to the next round and the streets turned into 30,000 Chileans acting like it's recess time at a pre school... but with beer... I'm sorry but I just cant explain the atmosphere in the street after that win... Cop cars getting tipped over. Fires in the middle of the street... soooo many insane people. Don´t worry we got out of there as fast as we could (after taking a few pictures and videos hahah) I´ll show yal in 2 years or so... sooo crazy....

Last pday I picked up a bowling ball for the first time in 15 months.... I don´t really want to explain how my first throw went hahaha. I blame it on the un oiled lane;) I bowled about a 300 or something like that can´t really remember hahah. I bowled with my 2 good friends from St. George and Hurricane Utah Elder Sargent and Church... I'm glad I found out Antofagasta has a bowling alley. So much fun! That night we went to contact we did in the street, 2 Bolivians who are from the same city as my companion so that was awesome. They let us right in and both of them were sooooo receptive we taught them Lesson 1 about the Restoration and also read a little of Alma 22. I´ll leave that for you all to read but I´ll just say that the wife was basically exactly like the King... go read it... Eric and Janet... they both are so prepared!! We put a baptismal date with them for the 26th of July. They weren't able to come to church though... Super sad but we have so much hope with them... They are convive. We gotta get them married but they are willing to do anything to follow God... I love finding prepared people. And to think we could have walked right by them like we do to a lot of people, something told us to go talk to them so we did... Street contacts are working so well for us... no more touching doors, all about dem street contacts. 

We had our Zone Conference  with President Dalton this week. What a great man. So humble. I came to realize this week that he is filthy rich hahaha he invented Turbo Tax... He is thee richest man I know and yet is sooo humble and loving towards us missionaries. I'm so happy with the new responsibility I have to be around him more, just to feel his spirit and learn more from our amazing Mission President. 

This past week was a little rough with getting into houses. Other than finding Eric and Janet on Monday We did a looooooooooooooot of walking... I woke up Thursday morning with so much pain in my legs... but hey... Just keep swimming just keep swimming.... Lots of walking but it was worth it to find even 1 person we was waiting for us. The zone is still struggling. Obedience... Some missionaries just like being rebellious... It's so sad to see them waste their 2 years... Just go home if you want to sleep in or watch t.v.... IDK I don't get missionaries like that... but we are working hard with them to help them get back on the right track... I won´t ever stop trying no matter how many times they keep disobeying... 

Sunday was great. 95 people came to church and 4 investigators. I gave a talk on a subject I love about humility and the heart. I tied them 2 together... It went really well I think... Elder Sargent said it sucked but he doesn't know anything ;)  haha I would be lying if I said we don´t talk a lot about back at home in St. George, the golf course, the bowling alley, the baseball diamond... I'm not trunky but... I just love the kid hahah, good Elder.. we ran to the beach the other day for exercise in the morning. 

Other than that... I forgot my agenda that says what I did during the week... so I probably forgot a lot of information oops... oh well... I'm doing good. They call us this week for Transfers, I think my companion is going to train to finish his mission so I'm gonna get a new comp... but that's just my guess.... President came up to him at the conference and said.. Elder I don't usually ask this question but what do you want to do this last transfer of your mission and he has never trained so he said, humbly that he would like to train... That's what you get for being an obedient missionary like my companion... He´s a great Elder. We´ll see what happens. I'm happy, working hard, I just want to see the Baptisms come and the zone have success too... Les Quiero, a Columbian just came into the internet shop and started screaming 2-0 because Chile lost today hahaha the Chileans got so mad hahaha they are still fighting... I love Columbians.
Love you mom you´re the best

Elder Paxman not Elder Sargent

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