Monday, June 30, 2014


It's true what they say. The older you get in the mission the less and less emails you get hahaha. But it's okay. I'm totally fine with it. First of all, gotta wish a Happy Birthday to my hermano Mayor Chase. Happy 22nd big boy. Go buy yourself a nice steak dinner or somethin...

This week has been a wild one. First of all, I think I might be allergic to chocolate so that blows.... Wednesday night I started having an allergic reaction. My whole life I have never been allergic to anything. So I woke up Thursday morning and my whole body was full of bumps and itchy and all that fun stuff... Actually it wasn't all that fun. We went to the hospital which actually surprisingly was pretty nice, and the doctor came in looked at my back for 4 seconds then left... He got 66 dollars for that hahah I wanna be a doctor haha. Anyways, they gave me a shot and put me on a diet for 3 days from anything that I could possibly be allergic to. They couldn't give me a test to see what I'm allergic to just yet. I think I might have to wait another 9 months for that test til i get home. Unless the allergic reaction comes back. Anyways that night I totally forgot chocolate was on my list of things not to eat. So Friday morning I woke up with the same pain, same bumps on my body, but I took my medicine that should have helped me and a few hours later the bumps went away.... It was a joyful experience.... So looking at the 2 things I ate Wednesday night and Thursday night the only things that matched up was chocolate.... Well that sucks.... No Oreos for 60 years..... I really hope it was something else... but I guess we will have to see when I get back or if it happens again...

I was blessed this week to do an intercambio for the day with the assistants of the mission. Elder Cazier came to my sector to work with me. Elder Cazier is so awesome from Logan, Utah, does the Decathalon for Utah State. He´s a cool guy. We had one of the greatest days in my mission together. We are focusing on a mission with our prayers. Lots of missionaries aren't praying to see miracles everyday and some don´t even have the faith that we will be led to those people. Elder Cazier said a great prayer to start off the day hoping for just 1 family that will want to listen to us. A couple appointments fell through quickly and we saw a little girl in the street that always calls us ¨Tio¨, Uncle in English. Basically anyone is a Tio even if they really aren´t your Tio. haha Silly Chileans. They make me laugh.. Ps. It's freezing here lately and air conditioners or heaters don´t exist, the internet shop is freezing and my fingers are typing super slow. It's actually quite amusing... Anyways Elder Cazier and I decided to contact the house where the little ¨Tio¨ girl always yells at us. Outside was the Grandma of her... We started talking and immediately the subject came up of her being baptized when she was 3 weeks old and it was her parents who chose, not her. (We hear that a lot. There are so many Catholics here... Basically everyone....) While Doing a street contact we asked this Lady if she would like to get baptized for her decision and not her parents. She was all for it and Elder Cazier put a baptismal fecha for the 26th while doing a street contact haha. It was awesome, a few seconds later the mom of ¨Tio¨ came out and was just as prepared as the Grandma... She didn´t accept a Fecha just yet but they both have been looking for a church to start coming to. We invited them to church and told them we would pass by Sunday morning to bring them... Sadly they weren't able to come this Sunday... BUT I still have so much faith for them. It was amazing to see that the Lord put his trust in us to talk to them and find that family that we earnestly asked to find.

We found another family to end the night that also has desires to come to church. 2 families who were prepared and put in our Path... I wish you all could have been there. It doesn't sound as cool through an Email... But it was just amazing to see these miracles happening right in front of our eyes. Elder Cazier gave me excitement and great counsel throughout the intercambio. I learned so much from him that I am very excited to apply. ALWAYS PRAY WITH FAITH, KNOWING THE LORD WILL PUT THE PERSON IN YOUR PATH. Something you all can apply back at home is really think during your prayers, and really ask the Lord what you WANT because if it's something he wants you to have as well He will give it to you... Please never stop praying daily but also give thanks for what the Lord does give you. We are sooo blessed with the situation we have. I see 90% of the people here and they just don´t get it, what its like to have carpet, have food for a day, own a car... I feel soooo embarrassed for the things I took advantage of... Please don´t stop giving to others. It's one of my hardest things to overcome. I love these experiences I am having. I just love these people so much, even if they yell at me and call me ¨Gringo 1, 2, 3, Hello Hello¨ hahaha I love these people. 

Sunday President Dalton visited our ward with Sister Dalton, They stayed all 3 hours. This was a once in a mission thing haha. President is always soo busy with all 250 missionaries and all the other hundreds of wards to visit. It was great to have him there, meet our investigators in person and show the ward the support the mission has for all of them. He gave an amazing talk on saving just one soul and Hermana Dalton gave a great message on the Sacrament. The Members loved it. The ward has so much potential... Just no one likes to go out and do their visits... Please... go out and do your visits family... It really does make a difference.

We are finding new people day in and day out. Sorting through the ones that don't want anything and working with the ones that do! Yesterday we received our cambio call. My Companion, Elder Choque is going to finish his last transfer training a new missionary in Arica!!!! He has not once in his mission trained so he is soooo excited. I'm happy for him. I'm going to be training a new Zone Leader, Elder Antonio, also from Bolivia haha 2 Bolivians in a row. I'm glad I get along with the Bolivians. Elder Antonio is from Cochabamba Bolivia. They have a gorgeous temple... He gets here tonight. I'm excited to lead the sector and help the zone get more animated for these upcoming months! I'm excited for this next transfer. Elder Sargent is going to finish the training of his companion so we are going to be together another 6 weeks.... BOOOOO..... Jk Im happy... sorta... not really... Jk I love him hahah we have too much fun together.

Chile is very sad right now. We lost in a shoot out with Brazil to get eliminated... so sad... I wanted them to win so badly... Poor Chile. They had a chance to win it all this year... Chileans are crazy about their soccer. 4 more years. Can´t wait to cheer them on for the rest of my life. It's okay life goes on. 

I'm doing great, making the best of the time I have. Love yal so much. Please don´t forget to do the Family Night... Its really important! Read your scriptures too!! Love you

Elder Paxman

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