Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le Viva Chile

Well.... mmmm..... yaa....... soooooo.... ya..... awkward pause....

Livin the dream here in Antofagasta Chile... This past week was lots and lots of finding. Any person that is basically a living creature we talk to them.. Or at least you could say try to talk to them sometimes they don`t like us... I'm not sure why. I'm a nice guy haha Jk. But seriously. Any person that isn`t walking we try and give them a brief 1 minute summary of the Restoration emphasizing the life of Jesucristo, the apostasy, the restoration and the Book of Mormon as evidence of all this occurring. Then we ask them the next time we can come to their house. Most people say never and they are OCUPADITA (a little occupied..) I can`t tell you how many times I have heard that word... Too many... But others who really are prepared give us their address and we set a date to return and about 80% they aren`t at the house when they tell us but we keep trying in hopes of sharing our message. We were blessed this past week with 3 amazing new people to teach that showed real interest in the message. 
Our 2 investigators that are progressing Ester Garcia, and Hector Figuroa. Ester (22 years old) told us this week about a dream she had. Her mother recently passed away and growing up she always listened and obeyed her mom. Ester wanted to know for sure that the Libro De Mormon was the truth and that she needed to keep listening to us. She had a dream that her mom told her to keep reading the Book of Mormon because it will help her in her life and to not stop taking the lessons from us missionaries. Hahah literally the exact words that she wanted to know her mom told her in a dream. Ester is now super extra ultra hiper mega (by the way the Chileans use all those words the same here hahaha silly Chileans) converted with the Book of Mormon. She is awesome all she needs to do now is what every Chilean needs to do, get married! But she`s on the right track. Go Ester Garcia!!! 
We knocked the door the other day of Hector and him and his soon to be wife and son in law, who is a great member of the church, were doing their family scripture study!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!! hahaha we were sooo pumped. He has been coming to church for 4 months straight without missing a Sunday. He is theee most ready person ever, He is just waiting on his papers for divorce to arrive from Santiago so he can get married... He is hoping this week they will arrive we will see. But Honestly he is so insanely prepared. Go Hector!!! Other than that we have a lot of menos activo work and we are reactivating a few great people who need the help and the invitation to get back on the right path.. I love this area. 

We did an activity this past week called Noche De Luz. We shared in the Bible Daniel 2 about the vision of the king and how the apostasy would happen and then how the restoration came to life. We all had candles and when the apostasy happened we all blew out our candles and when the restoration happened we shared our light. One person passed their light to the next. Us missionaries were in charge, and when I say us I mean my companion because he is a genius haha. We asked all the members (only 10 came) who they wanted to share their light with.. and we got some good references. It turned out good. If only more came... but its okay... 

On Thursday I had my First Consejo De Liderazgo, Leadership council for all the Zone Leaders in the mission as well as the sister Trainer Leaders. There are 14 zones in the mission so there are 28 of us and about 250 Missionaries in total. Our Mission is pretty big. The biggest in area here in Chile. The council is run by President Dalton and the assistants give us council for what the missionaries in the mission need and then tomorrow Elder Choque and I are going to have a meeting with all 16 missionaries in the zone to update them on the new changes, new rules, doctrine to help them be better missionaries and all that fun stuff. I'm super excited. I was soooo animated after the council with President, sharing success stories and learning new things... It's hard for me to explain but I loved it. I have all the energy in the world to make our zone la portada the best! 

Other than that nothing too big happened... Chile plays their first game this upcoming week in Mundial (The World Cup). The town shuts down when Chile plays.... It's gonna be rough during this next month trying to get into houses where the game isn`t on... I have a love for soccer now so its gonna kill me but hey... Gotta be obedient hahah. 

Its freezing outside.... I thought I was in the Atacama Desert the hottest desert in the world.... 

My Boy Elder Sargent and I are having fun hahah. Silly guy...
Mom you`re the best.

Love you all thanks for the prayers. Pray for Hector and Ester please.
Elder Sargent


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