Friday, August 8, 2014

Pucha Po

Well... I did it. 1 Tie July completed 31 days with the same tie. Go Elder Me! The Fleas have slowed their pace down a little. I still wake up with new surprises for me daily... But I´ll be alright. I'm a big boy.

We went to the mall here in Antofagasta... It gives me slight flashbacks of what an American mall really looks like, being back in the USA. It was fun being with my boy Elder Sargent doing a little window shopping. I almost spent 35 Luca (70 Dollars) on a soccer jacket... I'm glad I had Elder Sargent there to talk me out of it hahah. Antofagasta is fun. Go Chile. We get our transfer calls this Saturday I have a feeling after 7 months here in Antofa Elder Sargent is going to be leaving me. 

This week has been a good week. Not much to report. Our awesome investigator Victor Araya (67 Years old) is amazing. He came to church for the 5th week in a row all by himself again. We announced his baptism in Sacrament Meeting for this Saturday. He passed his interview and everything. He wants so bad to stay in this church. He´s very excited for his baptism this Saturday. Pray for him this week. The last week before the Baptism is always the toughest. I love this man so hilarious. Can´t really explain too well.

We found a few new investigators this week that are helping us fill in those times where we are walking in the street. The idea is to have a pool of investigators where our time is flooded with teaching.. If only if only. 
This Thursday we had Leadership Counsel. My favorite meeting we have here in the mission. We have the awesome opportunity to hear from President and Hermana Dalton and also the assistants. It's great to see some of the other Zone Leaders from all over the mission, some of my good friends that I don´t see much. I feel like in a month at the next meeting I will be seeing Elder Mangum again haha Such a stud, miss that guy. #Shoutout We received great counsel from our president. The mission is going to explode in baptisms soon. I love the vision we have. It's just a matter of time that we reach our goal of 240 baptisms monthly as a mission and to have 11,000 people assisting the sacrament meeting Weekly... Goals.... They are necessary.

At times I forgot I'm a missionary.. It's just a part of me now.. I can´t imagine sitting in peoples houses, dealing with their problems and excuses everyday. I'm so used to it. Chileans talk sooo much I sometimes go out of a 1 hour lesson and have said 35 seconds of words... They have no shame in cutting you off and just talk and talk and talk haha. I'm used to it, just funny at times... I like the lessons where they just listen... doesn't happen ever.

I have been studying and growing my knowledge in how really to teach the lessons better. Chapter 3 in Preach My Gospel is my best friend right now. Something that my companion has taught me is to really just teach the lesson so the people understand 100%... That's something I could have done better before in my mission. But... Everyday we improve and have to humble ourselves to realize that there might be a better way to teach... That's something I'm in the process of. I'm really focusing on being the BEST teacher of the Lords true gospel as of lately. When I look it like that it's got a lot more behind it, other than just teaching a few lessons to people... This is the Lord's teachings, and I like learning these new and better ways to teach it.

Sometimes during the day my excitement is tough to maintain. A lot of the time I talk about some challenges my companions have and stuff I don´t like but Something I´ve realized lately is that I'm not the perfect companion to have a lot of the time. I'm happy at times and others I don´t feel like talking to anyone.. It's tough mentally out here. 24 hours with the same person. Sometimes I need to realize what my comp is going through as well with me as a companion... I don´t know if I explained that well. I'm just trying to become better day in and day out... It's difficult. I pray for you all daily. Please don´t forget to do your Family Home Evenings.. They are really important.

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Your mission is making you a better man every day Mason. You will come home so much more prepared to take on life and succeed! We continue to pray for you.

Aunt Julie (and Tom too)