Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gringo Solo

Not much time. Perks of Being a ZL during Cambio Time. Not.. We were at the Giant Bus station all day yesterday 10 O clock in the morning til 8 in the afternoon. Cambios in the zone are crazy, we have 7 of the 16 Elders Changing... That doesn't happen... President took all 4 Elders out of the ward that we were having a little trouble with obedience and so my old companion from Argentina, Elder Cardozo, and also my son in the mission, Elder Malan, are going to be companions in that ward to ``Open the Sector`` (missionary terms). Elder Stratford (Ex Zone Leader is going to open the sector as well and train a new missionary... We are soo excited for the new changes that have occurred in the zone and President told me we have the tools do make things happen like they should.

Saturday was the highlight of the week, Victor got Baptised!!!!!!!. Although lots of things popped up last minute to try and hold the baptism from happening. There weren´t lights here in Antofagasta, only 10 people showed up (Chile Problems), the baptismal font door locked and we had no keys,... The usual baptismal problems but... We did it... I`ll tell ya more in a few years. Victor was as happy as a 70 year old man could be. During his confirmation in front of 97 ward members (new record for me in this ward) He started crying... such an amazing man. I have never felt the spirit so strong as I had this week. During a lesson with an investigator while my companion was sharing the first vision, something occurred that has never happened in my whole mission in a lesson... The Spirit hit me and I started crying.. I have been praying for help... something to strengthen my testimony... Something to give me a boost in this time of my mission... And it came during that lesson. I felt something I have never felt while listening to the First Vision... I really can`t explain.. but I'm struggling a bit with my comp.. He lacks humility... our communication is great, we talk about everything when we have differences. He just can´t see my side of the things.. He always has to win.. I'm gonna be better from this though. I'm pretty good at hiding things and getting through the hard times. It's been a lot of my mission.

Elder Sargent is leaving me.. He´s going to be a Zone Leader in a city called Alto Hospicio. I'm going to see him every month in the leadership counsel here in Antofagasta. Gonna miss my best friend. We had fun together haha. In the pension here is going to be a Chilean, Peruvian, and Bolivian and me.. It's gonna help my Spanish!  First time in my mission being the only Gringo. I'm excited for the new Changes coming. We´re gonna be seeing baptisms here in the zone...

We had activities everyday this past week in the church. On Tuesday we had ´´Minute to win it night´´ remember that video of me trying to shake the Ping Pong Balls out of a Kleenex box?.... Let's just say I´ve still got it ;) It was fun the members had a ton of fun. During all the games they were playing music in English... They obviously don´t understand what it says because its dropping the F bomb every other word in the chapel.... hahah soooo bad.... Elder Sargent and I felt a bit uncomfortable.. just a little haha.... Wednesday we had dessert night.. I made brownies... The edges got burnt there was about 20 different desserts and the judges told me I won... hahah I beat all the Chilean old grandmas with their secret Chilean desserts and my burnt batch of brownies won best dessert hahahaha... But they didn´t give me the prize because I'm a missionary and can´t go to restaurants.. hahaha So they gave it to 2nd place hahah. Soooo funny. Elder Sargent and I were dying hahah. Silly Chile

I bought a new bag.. 

The Zone Leaders in the center of Antofagasta came to our church to teach an investigator that they have been teaching over there that lives in our sector. Her name is Dayana, Her boyfriend of 2 years is preparing to go on a mission. She has been going to church for 2 years and has been taking the lessons from the missionaries for 2 months. She is straight prepared. She wants to get baptized.The sad thing is that in our ward here there are only about 3 active young women, so not too much support but its okay. She wants her mom and siblings to listen to us as well. We have another appointment this Friday with the whole family and we are bringing our Bishop and his daughter who is the Young Women's President.. We are taking such good care of this family because they are sooo elect. We don´t want anything bad to happen. Pray for Dayana and her family. They should be baptized in no time! Our sector is looking up, Jorge and Esther just took an hour out to get married!!!!!!! So we are going to prepare her for baptism, she needs to start coming to church again. A miracle for them that they are getting married. It made me sooo happy. 

Daily grind with the vision to baptize.
Love you with all my heart Ciera and Seth. Mom you´re the best.

Elder Paxman

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