Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Llego Mis Zapatos!!!! Andres Se Va A La Mision!!! Yo Estoy Refriado!!! Extrano Elder Sargent Y Mangum!!!

Como Están Familia y Amigos. Solid week. I just received the best email from a 19 year old convert in Arica. He was the only person I baptized in my 4 and a half months in Arica but this letter just made it all worth it.. He wrote me
``Querido Élder Paxman amigo le vuelvo a escribir después de tiempo, quería decirle que recibí mi llamamiento como secretario, confirmé a una niña :D el 8 de diciembre del 2014 estaría yendo a la misión, por pronto estaría yendo al templo para recibir la investidura con el barrio, estoy yendo a seminario estudiando el libro de mormón, y yendo a instituto he te cuento que: una joven futura misionera haha la he conocido en poco tiempo y la he llegado a querer :D y ojala salga todo bien, espero que tengas muchas visitas día a día trabaja duro en la obra del señor estamos en contacto, cuídate mucho te quiero amigo``.

I`ll do my best to Translate. 
Dear Elder Paxman. Friend. After a little time I write you again. I wanted to tell you that I received my Calling as Secretary, I confirmed a little girl a member of the church, and December 8th 2014 I will be going on a mission. Therefore I will be going to the Temple to receive my Endowment with the ward. I'm assisting seminary and studying the Book Of Mormon, and also going to Institute and  I also tell you, I met A girl, a future missionary  and in this little time I have come to like her a lot. I hope everything goes well. I hope you have tons of visits Day after day and work hard in the work of the Lord. We will be in contact. Take care, I love you friend.

That's what the mission is all about!! The temple being the end goal. My boy Andrès is going on a mission!!! so amazing (Here`s some pictures of him Last year at his Baptism) I hope you remember him. 

We were able to work with President Dalton this past week... what a blessing that was. The Assistants gave us a call Thursday and told us that President wants to get out of the office and visit with missionaries. He wants to be a member in a lesson, nothing more. I have only heard of 2 other times in the Year that our President has in the mission go out with missionaries... so that was a great little treat we got. We were able to get 2 lessons in with him before he had to go, He is such an amazing man. He testifies so well to the people and they listen! Such an awesome experience to have him in the lessons with us. I won`t forget this. It won`t happen again. 

Yesterday was like every other Sunday, full of blessings. I don`t know if you remember last week where I talked about Dayana. We were able to meet with her family yesterday. There were 4 Siblings and the mom in the house yesterday. The older sister, Barbara is 18 years old, Dayana 16, Juliana 12, Hugo 10 and the mom Alejandra. They were all sooo receptive to the message of the restoration. And all 5 of them accepted a Date to be Baptized on the 20th of September. We left a Libro De Mormon with each of them and they committed to read the Introduction. I have a good feeling about them. The Familia Jaime... Remember my friend Jaime... I miss him haha Silly Mexican friend. I like Mexicans. 

We saw like 4 Dog fights this week.. I hate dogs...

Our Recent Convert Victor is doing great. We are bringing him to a Family Night at a members house today... He is going to be receiving the Priesthood this upcoming weekend. Here are some pictures of his baptism from last week. 

We don`t have very many progressing investigators. We have about 11 different families that are investigating but only 2 of the families are progressing.. We have lots of finding to do this week! I am praying for at least 3 new good families this week!!! Pray for those 3 families that are waiting for us to contact them. I`ll get back to you next week about what happened with the goal I have! 

My 3rd pair of shoes just broke haha. Either I do a lot more walking then most missionaries, or Chile produces terrible shoes haha. But its okay because my Son (In the Mission) brought me my shoes that I forgot back in Tierra Amarilla, and those shoes are from the good ol U.S of A. and they are comfortable.. oh the blessings we have. 

Other than that... Pretty low key week... Got that vision to jump out of the Boat and Get those people in that water and into that Temple... A little refriado these past few days (I have no clue what that means in English) But I`ll be alright, nothing that a little hard work won`t recover. So weird to think that Zack and Juan are now in High School... That's just not right. Like my mom always told me, We aren`t supposed to grow up so fast... I'm still a little kid in my eyes.

Here are some pics from the past few weeks. I was lazy these past few weeks... The mission is killing my energy levels... but its a good thing haha.
Shoutout to Elder Mangum and Sargent... #RandomShoutouts  

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