Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spiritual High

Wow.... I haven´t wept like this in my whole time here... Hearing about Chase running the marathon and what he went through, the support my amazing familia gave to him, and his determination really just hit me... 3 different times reading it hahaha. I can´t express my love and how proud I am to have a brother who is a straight G. I have watched the video you sent me of you finishing more than 7 times and I cry even more every time I watch it.... I'm weird I know. I'm a missionary so its okay... #SwaggyMissionaryAwkwardCrying My companion probably thinks my family died or something. I should probably tell him or something..  HE PUT THE TEAM ON HIS BACK. I love my big brother. Role model.

I would like to start this email to my close friends and great family members expressing the love I have for my Savior. I believe in prophets, seers, and revelators more than I have in my entire life. This last special Conferencia General as a missionary spoke to me, The 10 hours sitting in the Gringo room with my fellow Soldiars was thee most rewarding, uplifting, spirit filling, junk food eating, testimony cemented experience. I love this church. I believe in revelation. Many South America inhabitants and other parts of the world look at the church as a North American church, Una Iglesia Gringa, as the people here always say. Being able to hear 4 different talks in different languages (2 in Spanish Holler) was straight revelation to the prophet and the QOT12 Apostles. Too many talks to write about but I do invite all of you to go re listen- re read. These inspired men and women give us what we need to endure these next 6 months in this world that is being overtaken by the adversary. Something that Tad R. Callister taught me was that I need to start praying for my future wife ;) The Priesthood Session, President Eyring made me think about my Compañero Hno. Mark Draper who did just that, Take care of the Aaronic Priesthood. Being a Home teacher I don´t remember a month not visiting my families with him... It didn´t hit me til Saturday the revelation the Bishop received putting such a strong worthy priesthood holder with such a weak, on the edge Aaronic Priesthood holder... Thank you Mark Draper for helping me complete my Priesthood responsibilities. 

At the Start of the week I was privileged to be able to go to the Leadership Council to hear how the mission can apply the Saviors tools in our daily work to reach our goal of baptizing 240 monthly... I love those meetings with all my heart.. Our President, President Dalton is a servant of the Lord who has all the confidence in us... Even when some of us show a lack of that. He receives direct revelation. The Mission is on the right path with him behind the wheel steering us in the right direction. I love my President so much. I also love the Leadership Councils because I am blessed to see some of my best friends in the mission that I can only see once a month. My 2 best friends in the mission and in my life Elder Sargent along with Elder Mangum #GoUtes make my life so much more enjoyable. I am so blessed. 

The Familia Jaime is Mas o menos no mas.... The 2 daughters Barbara and Dayana are doing so great they both were able to attend Conferencia General and loved it. They will be getting baptized on the 18th of October. The Mom is going to be a little more work and without the mom, the 2 younger ones will not be baptized due to a high rate of inactivation without a parent. So we will wait and pray. The Mom is sooo good but is just nervous. We will give it our all with her. COME ON ALEJANDRA. Hector Figuroa didn´t miss any of the Conference either... He´s ready... We find out about his last divorce paper tonight. Divorce takes soooooo long here. 

I bought these sick new Chilean Fútbol Sweats for 50 Bucks today #YOLO I love Chile. I have no complaints about the people, food, culture, nothing.... absolutely nothing... except for the divorce process ;)

No regrets like my Boy Elder Mangum encouraged me this past week in a note that will be with me til the day I die. No regrets. My ex companion Elder Rogers is doing so good right now... Soo good... I love him. 

Elder Mason C. Paxman

Mision Chile Antofagasta (MCA)
My Group at Leadership Council (Sorry its a bit blurry)


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Julie said...

I love how happy and enthusiastic you are! What a fun letter. And I really think it's awesome that one of your favorite companions is a Mangum. What a great name. I agree--conference was so inspiring! I was surround by little people so couldn't soak in the messages at the time, but throug the power of the internet I've been able to listen on my own time. We are so blessed to have prophets on the earth today. I believe in revelation too, and am more and more grateful for it as the world growns further and further away from God. Thank goodness for revelation!! Keep working hard!

Julie (and Tom too)